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Chapter 15: Disrupted

"I need more sabot rounds here!" Kade Burns jerked his head back behind cover with a curse to avoid the answering peppering of plasma shot from the Decepticon that had him and Adrian pinned down near the commissary.

Beside him Adrian slammed another clip into her M16 and dared to peer over the partially demolished concrete wall they'd sheltered behind. "Sonsabitches." She snarled and ducked back down as the Con fired at them again despite the thick smoke hanging in the air. She could feel her anger and humiliation growing with the realization that it wasn't even a proper Con that had them so effectively pinned down. It was a damn minicon. Abso-freakin-lutely awesome. "You know those guns that can shoot around corners?"

"Yeah." Kade glanced at her and reached back to draw a 9 mil. handgun from his belt, wincing at how laughably ineffective it was going to be.

"One of those would be great right now." She muttered sourly.


"We're not fleeing- we're just not getting shot!" She yelled back, thrusting her gun over the barrier and squeezing off a couple of rounds in the direction the yelling had come from. An explosion sounded somewhere behind them and they both hunkered down as chunks of dirt peppered them.

The Con snarled something she had no doubt wasn't complimentary in Cybertronian and opened fire, giving Kade the chance to pop up and shoot back before quickly ducking back down. "You know it's just a matter of time before it decides to rush us."

"Well, somebody told it we were out of sabot rounds." She shot him a filthy look. His tanned skin was streaked with caked on dust and dirt. No doubt she looked just as wild-eyed and bedraggled. She made a mental note to get a shower before Drift saw her if she managed to survive.

Something big and yellow suddenly thudded around their barrier and both humans nearly fell over themselves trying to bring their weapons to bear. Bumblebee warbled, holding up his hands palms up in a placating way as he glanced around.

"Jesus, Bee." Adrian gasped, scowling up at the mech. "Way to give me a heart attack."

Bumblebee gave a contrite trill, his weapons forming up from his armor and he nudged his head at where the minicon was lurking. The scout mimed firing with his guns and tilted his head questioning as he crouched down with them as though asking permission.

"Feel free to stomp the little bastard." Kade muttered with a shrug.

Bumblebee gave them a thumbs up then jumped over the barrier, firing wildly at the minicon.

"Gotta love the big lug." Adrian raised up on her toes to peer over the barrier at the ensuing chaos. She shot Kade a grin and hauled herself up onto the wall, more confident now that one of their bigger allies had their backs. Drowning Pool blared from Bumblebee's speakers as he chased off the minicon.

Kade blew out his breath in a huff, pausing to scowl at his handgun.

"Maybe you can beat one of the little ones to death with it."

His head jerked up to glare at Adrian as she disappeared after Bumblebee.

"Aw, hell." Gritting his teeth, Kade hurried after them. "Wait up!"

"I'm way the hell too old for this shit!" And not just the saving the world part, Fowler mused as the two younger soldiers flanking him urged him along. In his late forties, he had always imagined by now he'd have been happily retired from the military, but it hadn't taken him long to realize he needed the excitement and active lifestyle. Though maybe not as active or exciting as running through a damn battle field.

"I'm only twenty-two and I'm way too old for this." The young soldier beside him spared him a grin, before shoving his oversized glasses back up his nose as they slid down again.

"Raf! On your twenty!" Erin snapped.

The young man swung his weapon up and squeezed off three shots, driving back an Insecticon that had started to scrambled over one of the metal buildings.

"Pay attention." She muttered as she scanned around them.

"I've got this." His lips quirked as he spotted several Bots crouching behind the smoldering remains of a hangar.

"Heads up, Bots." Fowler slapped Cliffjumper's leg and the red minibot huffed in annoyance, sidestepping as his optics narrowed at the humans.

"Humans under-ped." Cliffjumper grumbled.

Ironhide and Wheeljack both looked over at their small companions, nodding acknowledgments that they were aware of the humans enough to not accidentally squish them.

Wheeljack eyed them curiously and rumbled softly. "Try these." The big engineer opened a panel on one of his legs and withdrew a couple of a oversized guns.

Fowler held up his hands warily. "Thanks, but no thanks. Word gets around."

Erin and Raf exchanged a look. Nearly every human drafted into Nest had been debriefed on certain alien allies that they had to be exta careful of. Wheeljack and his inventions had been at the top of the list. "I'll bite." Erin gingerly picked up the gun. It was warm to the touch after being so close to the big mech and it was heavier than it looked. The metal too felt strange under her fingers.

Raf saluted her. "Godspeed."

"Fuck you." Erin examined the gun while Cliffjumper and Ironhide both resumed returning fire. Wheeljack waved one big hand encouragingly. She squinted at him as she thumbed a switch on the side and the gun hummed to life. "It isn't going to blow up, right?"

"It'll just blow Cons up. Bot's honor." Wheeljack looked offended by her suspicious scowl.

She took a deep breath and lunged around the makeshift barrier, squeezing the trigger and was nearly thrown backwards as the gun kicked into her shoulder with bruising force. It was a laser weapon like some of the aliens used she realized in shock as a crater appeared in the hangar across the road and startled two Insecticons into scrambling for shelter.

Erin grinned widely and stared at the big gun in her hands. "Now this is a gun."

Wheeljack's vocal panels flashed brightly, lighting up the dim and smoky area. "Glad you approve. Miniaturizing Cybertronian weaponry to suit human needs was a real challenge. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to-"

"Yap science later." Ironhide snarled, cutting off Wheeljack. "Do something useful like blow up Cons."

"He should have that down pat. Primus knows he blows himself up all the time." Cliffjumper muttered as he leaned to peer around the makeshift shelter.

The red Bot jerked his head back as a smoldering form lunged at them. All of the Bots pointed their weapons at the intruder, before Ironhide grunted and turned back to scanning for Decepticons. She supposed that meant the mech was one of theirs. The humans backed away nervously as the new alien shook himself slightly and swatted at the armor on one of his arms that was still glowing with heat.

Blinking his optics, he peered down at the tiny female and smiled faintly. "Nice shot." He pressed his back against the wall. "I'm Smokescreen."

"Erin." She muttered as she fought a sigh. It was bad enough that normal humans made her feel short, but the aliens made her feel downright tiny. The Bot was white and blue with a red chevron that hugged his helm. The Insecticons had been cooking him alive, she guessed as segments of his armor looked burnt.

"I don't blow myself up that much." Wheeljack grumbled without much heat as though Smokescreen hadn't just interrupted their conversation. He withdrew his swords from their hidden sheaths nestled between the blade-like wings on his back.

"Three times this week." Ironhide bared his dental plating, joining him in trying to nail Thundercracker as the Seeker tried to get over them. "And you melted Red Alert to a wall."

"That one was intentional." Wheeljack whispered, winking an optic at the humans.

Erin yelped in surprise as a sudden blast of displaced air knocked her on her ass. Her head slammed painfully into the wall they'd been sheltering behind and she stared in wide-eyed fear up at the Seeker that had just materialized behind them.

Raf was there before she could react to push her and Fowler back as one of the Con's large peds slammed into the dirt feet from them.

"Con!" Erin howled even as Cliffjumper was grabbed by an arm and slung out of the way.

"Nice hiding spot-not." The purple and black Con grinned revealing sharply pointed dental plating and lunged. Wheeljack snarled as the Seeker slammed into him, its arms looping around him as though he were giving him a hug trapping Wheeljack's arms at his sides.

Erin struggled to bring her heavy weapon up, faltering as she realized the Seeker was using Wheeljack as a shield.

Ironhide lurched toward the Seeker with a howl. "Skywarp!"

Skywarp winked an optic broadly at him. "Later Autoscum."

Just as suddenly as he'd appeared, Skywarp disappeared. With Wheeljack.

Cliffjumper was back on his peds in an instant, optics nearly glowing white in fury. Erin glanced around at the Bots feeling confused. She hadn't even known they could do that- whatever that was. Teleporting, maybe?

Behind her she could hear Ironhide speaking rapidly in Cybertronian, the language sounding more like noise than speech to her ears. Her wandering eyes lit on Smokescreen and she blinked as her eyes met his optics. He was young for a mech she supposed, his face didn't look as mature as some of the others' did anyway. He looked lost she thought.

Adrian stepped into her restroom and sat on toilet so she could unlace her boots and toe them off. Her clothes quickly followed to make a dirty pile on the tile floor. A little humorless snort escaped her as she spotted her reflection in the mirror. Her face was liberally caked with dirt and ash as was her short spiky hair. She reached up to ruffle her fingers through her hair and grimaced as dust billowed off her hair.

Once again thanking God she hadn't run into Drift, she turned the shower on and stepped under the hot stream. She made a face as muddy water sluiced down her body. Oh yeah, that was attractive, she thought sourly.

She snatched up her wash rag and squirted some vanilla scented body wash into it. She stared at the little blob for a second before adding more just to be safe. Sighing in pleasure, she started soaping up her arms.

She nearly screamed when two huge hands landed on her bare hips and dragged her back against a hard chest. "Drift!" She nearly shrieked in protest when he easily snatched the wash cloth away and turned her toward him. So much for him not seeing her dirty..

He tenderly wiped the caked on dirt from her face with such reverent care that she suddenly wanted to cry. "There's my beautiful girl." He murmured as he cradled her face.

"Yeah." She muttered sarcastically, glancing away. Her face flushed when she became aware of his stiff interface pressing against her belly.

His grip tightened on her jaw, forcing her eyes back to him. "What's wrong?"

"No man wants a bone when he can have a steak." The words tumbled out of her mouth giving voice to her insecurities. Her arms looped around herself.

His brow ridge quirked before his optics narrowed. "What does that mean?"

"I'm a stick." She wanted to retreat, her nerves tore up but with his big body boxing her in there was no escape. "What could you possibly find attractive about me?" Her fears just kept pouring past her lips, unable to stop.

"You're you."

Her mouth opened and then shut.

"I used to be a Decepticon. I killed without mercy or compassion," he said softly. "Do you think less of me? Do you despise me?"

She gaped again. "Drift, you're one of the most compassionate mechs I've met." She touched his chest armor gently, fingers tracing the seams. "I've never doubted you."

"Then don't doubt that I love you." His arms wrapped around her, lifting her as easily as if she were a child.

"I love you too." She reached up to loop her arms around his neck, offering up her mouth eagerly.

His lips pressed gently over hers in a teasing slow kiss. His lips and glossa teased her as he occasionally nipped and tugged at her bottom lip with his dental plating.

She trembled feeling his straining interface nudging her inner thigh. "Don't be a tease." She murmured as his big frame pinned her against the shower wall.

His mouth chased water droplets as they trailed down her slick neck. His glossa trailed along her collar bone as he lifted her even higher so he could reach her breasts with his mouth. A low snarled escaped his lips as his warm mouth sealed over her breast sucking hard.

Moaning, she arched into him. She could only whimper helplessly when he switched his attention to tormenting her other breast. "Driiiift..."

His dental plating scraped over her taut nipple, before he soothed the little sting with his glossa. "I don't want to hear anymore of this insecure nonsense."


He nipped the side of her breast hard enough to make her gasp and squirm. "No buts." One of his big hands reached down to cup her ass, squeezing gently. "Don't make me punish you." His voice dropped to a low purr.

She bit her lip wandering what he meant by punish. Temptation was a bitch, she decided. "But-"

She squeaked and squirmed in protest when he lightly swatted her butt, the little slap sending a perverse thrill straight to her core. "He-hey!"

"Keep it up and I'll put you over my knee." He crooned making her flush. His lips quirked when she couldn't formulate a response to that threat. His hands shifted her and she gasped as the thick head of his interface pressed against her slick sex spreading her. "So tight..."

"Oh... oooh..." She mewled helplessly as he slowly pressed into her. Her nails scrabbled at his armor. He felt so big inside her it always secretly amazed her that he fit. But it felt so good.

His hips slapped against hers with every hard thrust. She tossed her head back with a cry as he sped up the tempo, pounding into her urgently. Her legs locked around his waist and she buried her face against the cables of his neck. His lips brushed her ear as he huffed roughly. The feeling of being pinned and so helpless was thrilling in a feral way. She writhed urgently as every hard thrust pushed her closer and closer to the edge.

"Drift... please...More..."

"Perfect..." He ground out the word as the head of his interface nudged her womb over and over again.

Adrian tossed her head back as she came hard, her hips bucking. Drift snarled in her ear as he jerked and stiffened with his own overload. She could only whimper softly as he shakily nuzzled her jaw, feeling his lubricants trailing down her thigh.

He pressed his forehelm against her forehead, revving softly. "You're mine."

She quivered, nodding limply and feeling blissfully boneless.

A figurehead. A leader. Optimus Prime had never wanted any of it, but he had never really been given a choice. The title of Prime and the Matrix had been thrust upon him and he'd had to change. Had to become what the Autobots had needed him to be.

Optimus Prime rumbled deep in his chassis as he walked through the silent battlefield. The burnt out corpses of a few Insecticons littered the charred ground, and a macabre assortment of Cybertronian parts were scattered everywhere to the point where it was impossible for him to take a step without something crunching under his peds. His head turned to watch a few human soldiers quietly bagging a body. The men glanced up at him as he passed, before somberly turning back to their grim task.

His optics dimmed briefly.

He hadn't seen resentment in their eyes, but he could almost feel the weight of unspoken blame falling heavily across his shoulders. His kind had dragged their world into a war they had no reason to be a part of. He wouldn't have faulted the humans for being resentful, but the soldiers of N.E.S.T. had taken up arms alongside the Autobots without complaint. Several of the human taskforce members had tattooed the N.E.S.T. symbol onto their bodies wearing it as proudly as the Autobots wore their own badge. A few had even incorporated the Autobot symbol into their tattoos.

He knew a few Bots took offense to the humans wearing the emblem, but they were a minority. Most of his soldiers accepted their human help with their whole spark and with so many of his soldiers claiming mates among the human females, it made him feel that the two species could have a future together someday. That they could find a new home on Earth.

It would never be Cybertron of course, but it could be home.

He huffed out air from his vents, clearing the lingering smoke of still smoldering buildings from his systems. The human's cafeteria, the hangar that he pretended he didn't know was a Cybertronian bar, and several other concrete bunkers had been leveled in the chaos. It made it all the more urgent to go underground. A sprawling network of tunnels had already existed under the base, but his engineers had started widening and reinforcing them to accommodate Cybertronians. After the move was complete, the human task force would take over the above ground base.

He rumbled as he spotted Topspin and Sideswipe moving a concrete wall with a team of humans assisting to look for bodies. He felt so useless. A figurehead, he thought again wearily. It was his job to embody hope. Sometimes he really resented that fact. He huffed, flicking out his armor panels to shake off the ash that had settled on him and retreated back to his office to collapse heavily in his reinforced chair. A glance at the datapad on his desk showed he had several meetings scheduled for him since he'd gone out to try and clear his processor. Several more requests beckoned as well.

He tipped his head back to stare at the corrugated metal ceiling over his head, studying the crisscrossing of reinforcing metal struts. Like a cage. Gritting his dental plating, a wild impulsive idea flitted across his processor. Doing anything but be what he was expected to be would bring down the disapproval of all of his officers.

But what about a human?

He carefully accessed the subsystem, amused by how long it had been since he'd used it. Very carefully he started constructing a holoform from a collage of human male images he borrowed from their information network. The holoform would be solid and real enough to fool a human or a Bot unless closely scrutinized. Some things like scents or tactile feels would be wrong or altogether missing. But if he was careful...

On impulse he added the N.E.S.T. emblem to the holoform's inner wrist. For the first time in a long time he allowed himself to give in to the feeling of mischief. He walked the holoform around the room and played with his vocal tones until he was sure he could pass for human.

And he set out to explore.

Anonymity was a wonderful thing, Optimus mused as his holoform moved outside of his office and into the corridor. A couple of human soldier hurried past, not even sparing him a look. How odd to be on the same level as the humans and to be able to see things from their point of view. He glanced around noting dimly how huge everything looked from his new vantage point. First Aid hurried past and Optimus pushed back against the corridor wall as the mech's huge peds stomped fast.

No wonder so many of their new human recruits were nervous of them. He glanced down at the painted red line running along one side of the corridor. It was what some of the soldiers jokingly called the no-squish line. His head tilted to examine the groove cut into the wall about eight feet high to create a safe walkway embedded into the wall itself to protect smaller humans from a careless mech. The humans had taken the measure onto themselves after Ironhide had accidentally stepped on one soldier's toes crushing them and resulting in the poor man having to have part of the limb amputated.

That had been a PR nightmare in of itself. Surprisingly, the human had been good natured about the whole fiasco, refusing a settlement and only asking to stay with the team.

A flurry of activity caught his attention and he paused in the doorway to the human medical wing.

"Do you need any help?"

June gasped and spun around, coming face to chest with a tall dark haired man in jeans, boots, and a red shirt that was stretched tight over hard muscle. Soldier beef cake everywhere, she thought weakly. And I don't need a man though, she reminded herself forcefully thinking of her ex-husband. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. "Do you have any medical training?" She asked hopefully, wondering if she looked as stressed out as she felt.

"I'm a fast learner." He had an earnest, strong face.

Beggars can't be choosers, she thought unhappily. "Wash up and put on gloves."

"Darby, we have an emergency incoming!"

She whirled toward the harried looking intern and paled as two other men pushed a gurney forward.

"Believed trauma to the throat." One of the men beside the gurney reported.

She recognized the man strapped onto it and her heart ached. The interns didn't stick around once they delivered the patient, they were scrambling back out in active triage mode. Too many wounded and not nearly enough medics. She swallowed and forced her expression neutral as she leaned over the gurney and looked down at her friend.

Lennox's eyes were bulging and his lips were already tinged with blue in his pale face.

"Will, I need you to stay calm." June swallowed the fear building inside her before she calmed and went into work mode. "Cabinet to your right. I need the blue bag." She snapped at the soldier since he was still standing there apparently eager to help.

The soldier didn't even balk at her tone, simply turning to grab what she'd asked for. Lennox's eyes were wild as he tracked her, trusting her to help him. She thought about his wife and daughter. He was gasping, trying to get air and the rasping sounded painful. She quickly moved around to lean over his head, yanking on gloves without a second thought. Her hands didn't shake as she carefully tipped his head back to help open his airway.

The brown haired soldier quickly set the bag on the table beside her, opening it without her even having to ask.

"I need the Macintosh blade. It a long metal tool with a curving bit on the end."

He grabbed the tool and pressed it into her open palm. She used the tool to press Lennox's tongue down flat and gently started inserting it into his throat to open his airway. "Will, do me a favor. Don't vomit." She ordered as the tool met resistance before sliding past and she let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding.

"I need an endotracheal tube. It looks like-"

"Is this it?"

She blinked in pleased surprise as he pressed one into her hand. "Thanks. Sure you don't have medical training?" She asked as she inserted the tube through the blade. He took a wheezing, shuddering breath as she removed the blade. She yanked off the gloves with a snap as a harried looking intern rushed over. "Get him on a ventilator immediately."

The intern nodded as he wheeled Lennox away. June turned toward the soldier who'd helped her giving him a once over. "Thanks for the help, Mr..."

"Um... Pax."

June raised one eyebrow. "Do you have a first name Mr. Pax?"

He blinked, hesitating. "Orion. Orion Pax."

Weird name, she thought forcing a smile at the dark haired man, before looking around at the chaos in medical. "I don't suppose I can borrow you a little longer, Mr. Pax? We need all the help we can get."

"Of course."

Erin gritted her teeth wondering how exactly she'd been wrangled into clean up detail. Of course it was infinitely better than tagging and bagging the dead. She winced and kept shoveling broken chunks of concrete into a reinforced bag. She'd stripped down to her tank top and her ABU bottoms and it still felt like she was roasting alive. She could feel sweat trailing down her face and pooling between her breasts to plaster her top to her.

Which certainly explained the glances she kept getting from Kade and a couple of other men who were working alongside her. She didn't even have to look to know her breasts were most likely showing through her shirt. Her eyes narrowed when she spotted Kade sidling up to her.

And here it comes...

"Hey, Erin..."

She reluctantly looked up. Not that he noticed since his eyes were glued to her breasts. "Can I help you?"

He grinned, glancing at her face before returning his heated stare to her breasts. "I haven't seen you since high school. You look good."

Really want to hit him. Really do. She ground her teeth together. "Thanks. You too." She plastered a polite smile on her face.

His hand gripped her upper arm and she raised an eyebrow staring at the hand and contemplating ways to remove it that would hurt him the most. "Maybe we could hang out. I have some movies we could watch at my place."

She felt the other eyebrow raise of its own volition. "Um, sure. Maybe..." Never.

Kade brought his eyes up from her breasts long enough to grin at her, but the expression quickly wavered into a frown. Erin blinked as a shadow fell across her. She glanced over her shoulder and blinked up at a Cybertronian.

She grappled with her memory for a moment. What had his name been? Fog? Smokey? Something like that she was sure. They all had weird names. "Er, hi.."

At her hesitance he smiled slightly. "Smokescreen." He supplied without rancor.

"Smokescreen." She echoed feeling a slight blush.

"And you're Erin." He bobbed his head slightly as though agreeing with himself. She blinked trying to decide if she should be flattered he'd remembered her name.

"That's right. Sorry." She shrugged slightly. Remembering names had never been her strong suit.

"No worries." He waved one large hand vaguely. "You were busy with the whole surviving in a warzone thing." He smiled again.

Kade made a sound in the back of his throat, glancing between them.

She decided to ignore him and talk to Smokescreen. He was charming. For an alien. "Yeah, that kind of tends to preoccupy one."

Chuckling deep in his chest he rumbled at her. "I guess it's a full time job around us." He ducked his head at her questioning glance. "Surviving."

"Pretty much. Just avoiding getting stepped on takes up most of my thoughts."

He winced slightly, his optics running down her frame and back up again in a far too assessing way. "You're tiny."

"I'm not that short." She snapped out of habit and his optics widened slightly.

"Not you personally. Humans." He looked so sheepish she blushed.

"Sorry. Habit." She fidgeted with the collar of her dress shirt. "You heard anything about Wheeljack?" She asked tentatively.

He rolled his shoulders slightly, armor panels flaring and then settling as though he were uncomfortable. "Nothing so far. Not even any indication why they grabbed him. They seem kind of lost without Megatron though."

Kade scowled up at the mech. "Can we help you?"

Smokescreen frowned in response. "I'm just talking to my friend." His armor panels flared out slightly as his optics narrowed in speculation.

Kade's jaw clenched as he glanced from her to Smokescreen with obvious disapproval. "I'll catch up with you later." He gave her arm a squeeze before stalking off.

She blinked in confusion watching him go.

"What an unpleasant human." Smokescreen muttered the words so low she almost missed them.

She nodded, not really sure what else to say. The silence that stretched between them wasn't uncomfortable though she decided as she listened to the steady humming rumble from the big mech. It was weird she decided finally. Humans had been looking for intelligent life so long and it had found them. And the aliens were nothing like she would have imagined. So much for little green men. She amused herself with studying him as he relaxed beside her. He was so alien to her and how strange was it that the aliens weren't organic?

"Do you want to do something?" He asked suddenly glancing her way.

She startled, caught off guard by the question. "Sure?" She replied warily. "Um, I'm supposed to be cleaning up though." She hefted her shovel.

Smokescreen glanced over at where Kade had stalked off with a group of other men to frown at them. "I think they have this covered."

He bent with a whir of mechanisms and fell forward into his alt mode. Her eyes widened as she watched him rearrange and transform to become a car in rapt fascination. She'd never get tired of seeing that she thought as she studied the sports car he'd become. The car was sleek and solid, the seams where the car body would come apart if he switched forms again were invisible to her eyes. She took a step forward and glided her fingertips along the sleek paint without even thinking about it and the warm metal quivered at her touch.

His driver side door opened and waved slightly. "Want to go for a ride?" He asked and for a moment she could have sworn his voice had gotten deeper. The question seemed innocuous enough, but she still hesitated with indecision.

Nibbling her bottom lip, Erin reached out to grip the open door as she stared in at the dark leather interior. She probably needed to report back to Fowler. This was hardly her home assignment and the old bastard was more than likely already seething if he'd had to go look for her. She mentally winced at the mere idea of listening to another rant. Smokescreen's offer of a ride suddenly felt like a life preserver tossed out to her promising escape from her life. At least for a little while.

"Let's go." She got in the car.

Erin absently fingered the tooling on his steering wheel and Smokescreen revved softly despite himself. He wasn't entirely sure why he'd offered to take the human for a ride, but she'd looked so small and lost standing out there by herself. Maybe he'd been around Bluestreak too much lately, but the little human had seemed to need rescuing.

Which was a resoundingly fragging stupid idea in of itself. She wasn't some stray animal, he could just adopt and take home like the little petro rabbits he'd find and smuggled back home when he was much younger. He bit back a chuckle at the memories of his eternally patient paternal batch initiator having to explain to him again and again that the little creatures needed freedom not cuddles.

Of course petro rabbits couldn't manage to look half as forlorn as the little human female did. He had been certain she was lonely and even though she'd seemed a little defensive, he'd thought she'd enjoyed his company.

He'd enjoyed talking to her and he wondered if maybe their small, kittenish appearance was what had attracted a few of the other mechs into claiming human femmes. The subject had always made him a bit uneasy, but suddenly it seemed very interesting to him. The little human femmes were just so small and helpless compared to a mech that they seemed to need a mech's protection.

It was instinct he reasoned. Mechs had heavier builds for a reason and femmes were much smaller for a reason. Then again the Pit would freeze over and Unicron would take up ballet before he'd ever dare tell Arcee or one of the other surviving femmes they needed a mech's protection. No, he felt reasonably sure one of them would try to tear off his interface and feed it to him if he ever dared to even suggest it.

The little human femmes were soft though and it would have been very hard to really take any kind of threat from them seriously. They were... cute and kind of helpless. At least compared to a mech anyway. It was almost fun driving the little female around base.

"We have another one!" June gritted her teeth, but turned toward the two interns pushing a gurney her way. Her new helper had stayed with her for three hours diligently helping before she'd ordered him to take a break and the man had disappeared. It was just a pity he wasn't part of her team, she thought tiredly as she studied the body on the gurney. Her eyes widened with recognition as she stared down at April.

June quickly checked April's vitals. "What happened?" She quickly lifted the woman's eyelids and checked her pupils.

"She just collapsed." One of the interns hesitated before handing over a chart. "She has a very strong Cybertronian energy signature."

Frowning, June took the chart and flipped through it. "How strong?"

"She could be Cybertronian for what our readings show." The intern squirmed when June stared at him.

She stared at the readings and felt her stomach bottom out. "Watch her." She snapped, slapping the chart back into the intern's hands and nearly running from medical.

She ran across the paved street and into the bustling Cybertronian med-bay. It didn't take much effort to spot Ratchet leaning over Skids doing repair. Getting to him without getting stomped was more of a challenge. She darted across the concrete floor, avoiding stomping peds.


The mech turned to stare down at her. "Kind of busy."

"We have an emergency with April!"

"I have my hands full with Cybertronian injuries." Ratchet gritted his dental plating as he stared down at the human nurse.

June's hands fluttered nervously at her sides. "I understand that, but we don't really know what's wrong with her. She collapsed before the battle began."

Ratchet rumbled in his chest, glancing at Mikaela while she busied herself repairing small energon leaks on Ironhide while the mech grumbled about how unnecessary it was. "What makes you think I'd be able to tell what's wrong? I'm still learning human physiology- most of it might as well be in Junkion for all the good it does me."

"Her energy reading is... funny." June shoved her hair back looking frustrated. "And I know we all register as carrying alien energy signatures. It comes with the job, but she's off the charts."

Ratchet hesitated. "We still haven't determined what effects being exposed to energon radiation might have on organics long-term." He admitted glancing again at Mikaela in worry, before lowering his voice. "You suspect some form of radiation poisoning?"

"It's possible." She whispered. "Especially since she was in... close contact with one of you."

He reached up to pinch the bridge of his nose. Yet another human gesture he'd picked up from Mikaela he thought uneasily. The idea of harming Mikaela even accidentally simply through contact made his spark constrict in its chamber. The fragile little female had wormed her way under his armor much faster than he would have believed possible.

"Where is she?" He asked softly feeling dread settle over him. "First Aid. With me."

The mech sighed as he let the human female lead him into the busy human med-bay.

His dread increased when he spotted the pale form of the human female sprawled on a berth. He quickly scanned the female and gave a startled rev of his engine. His optics widened as he ran another scan only to come up with the same results.

"She's sharing a spark with Trailbreaker," he said slowly.

First Aid hissed through his vents, taking a step backwards that sent several human staffers scurrying out of his way. "Impossible!"

"She needs Trailbreaker." Ratchet shook his head in irritation. "This shouldn't even be possible."

First Aid peered down at the confused human staff. "Spark sharing only occurs between mechs and femmes and even then it's very rare."

"I thought a spark was like a soul." June gingerly touched April's limp arm. "How can you share a soul?"

Ratchet ground his dental plating. "It's not the same thing. It's... hard to explain."

First Aid ran his own scan, wincing visibly. "Before the war, mechs and femmes would form family units. Femmes are designed to be able to accept part of their partner's spark within their spark chamber and mechs are designed to be able to give up a part of their spark." The mech glanced at the humans warily.

"A newly created spark bond requires constant stimulation," Ratchet said slowly.

June carefully gripped April's limp hand. "What kind of stimulation?" She narrowed her eyes suspiciously up at the mechs. "And why would he do this to her?"

"Interfacing." First Aid muttered looking embarrassed.

"So sex?" Her eyes narrowed even further when First Aid squirmed.

"He wouldn't have done this on purpose." The big medic abruptly shifted size, startling the humans. "Its instinct to bond a femme to us. I doubt he even realized he did it, because he wouldn't have thought it was possible."

She stared down at April in worry. "So what do we do?"

"Pray to whatever god you worship that his team returns soon." First Aid whispered.

Several hours later, the others were already waiting for him when Optimus stepped into the war room as the humans called it. He'd been reluctant to leave medical- there had been something thrilling about actually doing something again. When the little human medic had insisted he take a break though, he'd found a secluded place and deactivated his holoform. He'd saved all of the information for the form thought first.

He'd almost felt like a youngling up to mischief. Especially since none of the mechs in front of him would probably understand or approve of his clandestine activities.

"We haven't been able to catch any traces of Wheeljack's energy signature," Ratchet said without preamble as he fidgeted with a datapad.

"Most likely the Con's are jamming the signal." Prowl offered sounding as tired as Optimus felt.

Optimus Prime's optics briefly dimmed before he sighed. Optimus looked around the table at the Officers that had shown up in the debriefing room. Judging by their dour expressions, no one had any good news today. "Has anyone been able to establish contact with the scouting team?"

Prowl rolled his shoulders with a whirr of hidden mechanisms, his expression stoic. "There appears to be some sort of interference."

"Decepticons." Red Alert glared around the room, daring any of them to contradict him.

"Maybe, maybe not," Jazz said. The saboteur met security officer's optics briefly. "The interference is... strange."

"Strange how?" Optimus frowned behind his faceplate.

"It definitely isn't human in origin. It doesn't appear to be Cybertronian either though." Prowl waved a hand dismissively. "I highly doubt it is Decepticons."

"Did Teletran have any record of encountering anything similar?" Optimus asked hopefully.

Jazz shook his head. "We already ran it by Teletran. No matches, Boss-bot."

Ratchet flared his armor panels slightly with a low rumble. "We need to think about sending a team after them. Especially given recent developments."

Optimus tensed and stared at the medic warily. "What's happened now?"

"One of the females claimed by one of our mechs is suffering from an unstable spark-bond."

Jazz, Red Alert and Prowl all started talking at once. Optimus felt his own spark shudder in its casing as the implications started piling up in his processor.

"That is impossible!" Red Alert was all but trembling with outrage, his armor flared aggressively. "Human lies!"

Ratchet growled softly. "I saw it myself. It's true."

"You were tricked obviously." Red Alert sneered. "You're too close to the humans."

Jazz bared his dental plating with a warning rumble. "I guess I'm too close to humans too then."

Prowl added his own two cents in the form of a low growl.

"Since you're fragging one of them, that's a yes."

"You're just pissed you're not getting any!" Jazz snarled.

"Enough!" Optimus roared, slamming a fist down on the table.

His officers instantly fell silent. Optimus glared around at the group until they'd all reluctantly sat back down. "The last thing we need is infighting. Red Alert, we're all well aware of your stance on interspecies relations."

"Which is why Ultra Magnus isn't here for this meeting." Red Alert muttered as he picked at his finger joints in irritation with little scraping sounds. "Or Rung."

Optimus pulled in air through his vents harshly.

"They're both busy and you know it." Ratchet huffed at Red Alert.

"Again. This rift among our forces has reached my attention." Optimus sent a silencing look at Red Alert when the mech opened his mouth again. "Given this newest development, the matter will have to be analyzed and I leave that up to the medical staff."

Ratchet nodded grimly.

Optimus turned toward Jazz. "I want a team put together to go after the scouting team."

Jazz grinned tightly. "I'll make sure we pack some heavy hitters. I'm sure Grimmy would like to kick some ass."

Optimus fought a wince at unleashing Grimlock on the world, but nodded his approval. "Let Ultra Magnus have the lead. We need you here."

Jazz gave him a quick salute.

Jazz started to stand up with the others, but Prowl tapped a finger against the table until he had his friend's attention.

"We need to talk." The SIC couldn't help the frown.

Prowl watched as Optimus and the others left leaving him and Jazz alone. He felt uneasy in the large space with the saboteur, which in of itself was an alien sensation. He and Jazz had always gotten along as odd as it was, though most of the friendship's effort had been on Jazz's side.

The easy going mech had always had an earnest intensity in his insistence in keeping close to Prowl that he'd never quite been able to understand. If they'd have met in any other circumstance he doubted they'd have been friends. To be honest, he doubted they'd even have spoken to each other they were so different.

"Ya wanted to talk?" Jazz braced his palms on the steel table.

"I like Maggie." Prowl had never been one to, as the humans said, beat around the bush.

Jazz blinked his optics slowly behind his visor. "I do too. She's a good kid." His head tilted questioningly.

"Yes, but I like her. I think I might want to keep her."

Jazz's armor twitched slightly, the only outward sign that he'd taken offence to the words. "What makes you think I don't?"

Prowl sighed heavily through his vents, trying to think of a tactful way to phrase what was on his processor. "I know you," he said slowly. "I've seen you go through so many femmes and I don't want Maggie to... sour on mechs in general once you get bored and find a new toy."

The saboteur leaned his hip on the table, his expression going blank. "A new toy?"

"You know I'm right." He growled in aggravation. "I don't want you hurting her. It... bothers me."

Jazz surged forward suddenly, jabbing a finger against his chest armor. "You don't know how I feel about her. She's only with you because I felt sorry for you and shared. She's mine."

Prowl slapped his hand away with a warning snarl. "You'll end up hurting her."

Jazz's lip twitched to reveal dental plating.

And then he lunged.

Optimus paused as a loud crash boomed from the debriefing room. He, Ratchet, and Red Alert turned in time to see Jazz and Prowl crash through the door in a tangle of fists and legs. Gaping, he tried to figure out just what the Pit was happening.

"Cut it out this minute!" Red Alert scowled, his armor panels flaring in agitation a second before he had to dart out of the way to avoid Jazz as the saboteur was slung into the wall. "This is ridiculous!"

Prowl snarled and lunged after the black and white mech.

"Stop it!" Ratchet grappled with Prowl, yowling in pain as the SIC jerked his head back to smash Ratchet in the face.

Optimus gritted his dental plating and stomped toward the two fighting mechs. He ignored Ratchet's angry cursing and Red Alert's shrill demands. Growling to himself he scruffed Prowl and Jazz and yanked them apart. He lifted both mechs by the back of their necks and had to hold them apart as far as he could to keep their flailing limbs from each other.

"What in Primus' name has gotten into you two?" He demanded thunderously.

His booming voice had the desired effect. Both mechs calmed somewhat, but they were huffing angrily through their vents.

"Perhaps they need a session with Rung." Ratchet suggested furiously with energon dripping down his chin.

Optimus narrowed his eyes at the two still dangling from his grip. "Go report to Rung and I don't want to hear about you two brawling on the way there."

Ratchet gingerly touched his face wincing at the energon on his fingers. "I'd be happy to come up with a punishment if they do." He muttered darkly.

Jazz and Prowl exchanged murderous looks as they were set on their peds. Optimus let them go and tensed to separate them again if they started fighting. Both mechs seemed disinclined to further invoke Ratchet's wrath though and after a tense second they started walking toward the shrink's office.

Ratchet growled after them, muttering as he headed for medical. Red Alert had disappeared in the chaos, Optimus noted without surprise. What a miserable day, he thought in aggravation.

"Optimus, Sir!"

Optimus turned to see Smokescreen darting after him with several datapads clutched tightly to his chassis. And it just gets better, he thought tiredly as he eyed the youngling.

"Sir, I have the reports from Medical."

Optimus resisted the urge to grimace as he turned to fully face the younger mech. "Go ahead."

The smaller mech shuffled the datapads nervously and made a grinding sound deep in his chest. "Twelve Bots are listed as in critical, but stable condition, Sir."

"What about the humans?"

Smokescreen's optics flickered slightly as he hastily consulted the datapads. "Er...we have three human casualties, several of the organics in critical condition as well."

Optimus nodded silently. "If anything comes up, I'll be in my office."

Smokescreen glanced at his datapads, before nodding. "Yes, sir."

She just couldn't sleep. Erin stared up at the plain white ceiling of her temporary quarters. It had nothing to do with her neighbor though- who by the sounds coming through the wall was getting her brains blown in a good way- and everything to do with her own restlessness. Okay, so maybe the sexed screaming wasn't helping. It certainly wasn't doing anything for her mood.

She was lonely.

Exasperated, she threw back her covers and padded quietly down the hall. She had half the thought to pound on her neighbor's door and remind the woman that this was the women's dorm and men weren't allowed, but it didn't seem worth the effort. She took the elevator down to the lobby, wincing when she spotted a couple of guys watching the big screen. She glanced down at her oversized t-shirt and the fuzzy fleece pants with smiling puppies she'd had to buy from the BX to keep from sleeping in her uniform. Oh hell no, she wasn't hanging out wearing that.

Erin stepped outside of human housing and nearly groaned as she spotted Kade. The man grinned and stalked her way while she contemplated fleeing back inside and pretending she hadn't seen him.

Kade smiled slightly as he shifted slightly to effectively cut off her escape making her want to cuss. The guy was handsome enough, but he was such as asshole. He really did think he was God's gift to women, she thought sourly.

"So I thought we could catch a movie in town." He flashed his perfect toothy smile at her and gripped her wrist. His thumb rubbed up and down her pulse making her quiver.

"Are you asking me on a date?" She raised an eyebrow, looking pointedly down at his hand.

"You're going to say yes." He replied with a sly smile, his other hand landing on the wall behind her to box her in. "You know why?"

"I have a feeling you're going to tell me whether I want to know or not." She tugged lightly at her trapped wrist in annoyance.

His eyes lit up in amusement and he leaned forward to whisper in her ear. "You go from shy to defensive in an instant. I love that." She could smell mint as his warm breath fanned her cheek.

She could feel her face reddening. Her mouth opened then shut as she eyed him. The guy was a jerk and she knew damn well he was jerk, but she was lonely and it had been a long time since her last serious boyfriend. She licked her lips uncertainly. Was she that lonely though?

He reached up to brush a hank of her brown hair back behind her ear, his eyes skimming down her body to linger on her breasts. "We don't have to watch a movie." He murmured.

He was too close. She knew she should try to put some space between them, but she stayed where she was. His hand lifted to cradle her jaw, his thumb feathering over her bottom lip. She knew he was going to kiss her, but she felt helpless to stop him. She wasn't even sure she wanted to stop him. It wasn't like she had anyone else, but Smokescreen's face came to mind. They were only friends she reasoned as Kade leaned in and she swallowed. It still felt like she was doing something wrong, though.

Which was ludicrous.

Kade's lips came down on hers in a hard kiss. Her hands moved almost unconsciously to rest on his shoulders, torn between the urge to shove him away or cling to him. His hand gripped her hip to yank her up against him and she startled to feel the hard ridge of his cock pressed against her belly through their clothes. His mouth moved demandingly on hers.

And a shadow suddenly fell across them blocking out the midday sun.

Her eyes widened in shock as she saw what was in front of them. Her hands bunched on Kade's shirt, pushing at him until he pulled away with an annoyed look before looking up and frowning.

Smokescreen loomed over them both, his optics nearly white as he stared at them.

Erin felt her face reddening like she really had been caught doing something wrong.

"I was looking for you." The mech said slowly as he watched her idly. She could have sworn she'd seen anger on his face when she'd first spotted him, but his expression was carefully blank now making her even more uneasy.

Kade scowled. "We're kind of busy." His hand landed on her hip possessively and the mech's pale optics cooly followed the gesture.

"I noticed."

She winced wondering why his tone was so icy. "Is something wrong?"

"Very." Smokescreen muttered glancing at her face. "I need you to come with me... unless you're too busy." He shot Kade a frown.

The man scowled right back before leaning closer. "Tell him we're busy." He whispered sounding annoyed.

She hesitated glancing between them. "I'll catch up with you later." She finally muttered, pushing away from Kade and walking toward Smokescreen. She thought she caught something like triumph on the mech's face right before he fell into his alt mode and the driver's side door swung open.

The big mech was oddly quiet and she had the thought that this was twice he'd saved her from Kade. Not that she was entirely sure she'd needed saving. Smokescreen drove up to the gate and she gave a startled blink. They were leaving the base? The human guard on duty, Epps, glanced at them before waving them through.

"Where are we going?" She asked warily. She wondered if she was even allowed to leave base. Probably not without telling Fowler.

"My favorite place." His deep voice rumbled from all around her. "On Earth anyway."

She looked around at the nondescript forest surrounding this side of the base. "Okay."

Smokescreen was silent as he drove, and it wasn't long before he turned off on a dirt road. She had to grip the seat and brace a hand against the dash as they bounced down the rutted out road. She had to grit her teeth to keep from snapping them together from the rough ride and risk biting her tongue.

"Sorry. Not too much further." The mech muttered as they pulled off the road and onto grass. He kept going, squeezing between trees and generally freaking her out until she caught a shimmer up ahead.

Her eyes widened in appreciation as a lake came into view through the trees. A few ducks startled as he pulled down toward the water's edge unto sand. His door swung open before she could even reach for the handle and she stepped out. The cool grass and gritty sand were cold on her bare feet and she had a moment to thank that his favorite place was far from other people considering she was wearing her pajamas.

"It's beautiful," she said softly as she wrapped her arms around herself.

Smokescreen transformed behind her and shifted sizes. "Are you cold?" His optics ran down her body, pausing on her bare feet with a frown. "You don't have enough coverings on."

"I wasn't really planning on going anywhere." She gently reminded him as she bent to pick up a smooth stone and work it through her fingers. "I just wanted some air."

"Can I ask you something?"

Erin blinked and glanced up at Smokescreen. "Yes?"

"Why are you so guarded?"

Her mouth opened and shut as she stared up at him at a loss for words. "I'm an open book." She shrugged slightly and avoided his too bright optics.

"No, Bluestreak's an open book." Smokescreen prodded her shoulder and she swatted at his big finger. "A nonstop yammering, obnoxious book." He added with a disarming smile.

"What makes you think I'm guarded?" She asked as she flexed her arm and sent the stone skipping.

His head tilted as he watched it bounce with interest. "Did you really go outside for air?"

She eyed him warily. "That's what I said."

He nodded as he bent to pick up a rock and tossed it. It splashed into the lake. "But I think you were lonely."

She scowled at him. "What makes you say that?"

"You look lonely a lot."

She hesitated, pressing her lips together in annoyance. "I'm not lonely."

She looked away, her face flushing slightly. He liked when her skin reddened he decided as he studied her profile. It had been such a long time since he'd felt free to open up and especially to a femme. Female, he corrected himself almost instantly as he let his optics drift over her small frame. There was definitely something appealing about the female form and they almost resembled tiny organic femmes in build. And their tiny stature only made them even more endearing. They just looked so helpless, like they needed protecting.

Which wasn't true. He'd seen Erin in battle and the little female had been downright fearsome wielding one of Wheeljack's weapons. He still couldn't shake the almost unconscious urge to be protective though. It was a mech's prerogative he supposed.

Which made the idea of her leaving soon enough extremely vexing. His optics flared slightly. He'd see her occasionally as long as she stayed with Fowler's security team as his pilot, but what if she transferred out? Even as part of Fowler's detail, he wouldn't see her every day. The crabby male only visited sporadically to check in on human-alien relations and to check the progress of the N.E.S.T.-Autobot joint underground facility.

Then again, maybe he could convince her to transfer to N.E.S.T. He rumbled, pleased with the idea. She seemed to like piloting though, so he'd have to find a suitable carrot to dangle in front of her. He thought about the Aerialbots and their two human assistants. Would she trade actually flying an aircraft for working with an alien one? He flexed his fingers feeling agitated and uncertain.

He couldn't stand the idea of her leaving. Who would he talk to then? Primus knew that he knew several of his fellow Autobots thought he was full of himself. He'd heard it often enough from Tracks. He ground his dental plating. He wanted her to stay with him. He wanted...


He froze as he considered the idea. Yes, his spark sped up in its chamber whenever she was near and when she smiled... He shivered slightly as he stared down at her.

She shot him a confused looked, frowning and he realized she must have asked him something.

"Sorry. What?"

She hesitated. "I said thanks for rescuing me from Kade." She blushed again.

His temper instantly flared in irritation. That male. Stumbling upon her nearly pinned to the wall by that male had sent a flare of jealousy straight through him and scenting the male's urge to mate had nearly pushed him over the edge. He generally liked humans, but in that instant he'd wanted nothing more than to tear the male away from her and grind him into the dirt with one ped until he was only a greasy red smear.

"I wasn't sure if you wanted rescuing." He replied carefully as he watched her expression.

She glanced away looking discomfited. She was silent for so long he didn't think she'd answer. "I don't know." She shrugged slightly.

He stiffened slightly with a low rumble. "I can take you back." He offered even though it made a feral part of his processor snarl a negative. She was his.

She smiled up at him after a moment. "Probably better if you didn't. I have a habit of picking real winners." She muttered as she picked at invisible bits of lint on her pants.

His head tilted. "Winners?"

She shot him an amused glance. "Meaning losers."

He huffed softly filing that bit of confusing jargon away. "I imagine picking a mate would be hard."

She raised an eyebrow before snorting softly, her lips quirking. "I don't think I was looking for anything beyond a one night hookup with him anyway."

His optics narrowed slightly, the urge to beat on the human male returning. If you need a male, then pick me, he thought moodily but he kept the words to himself. "I see."

She fidgeted her hands in her lap before reaching to pat his armor companionably. "He wasn't really my type anyway."

He leaned forward, audios perking. "What is your type?" At her bemused glance he rumbled. "Just curious about human mating practices." He shrugged awkwardly.

She laughed softly. "You are too weird."

His jaw clenched slightly. "But in a good way?"

"In a never know what's coming out of your mouth way."

"So I'm interesting." He leaned back looking pleased.

"You're weird." She grinned at him and he felt his spark thrum in its chamber.

As much as he hated it, Smokescreen realized he needed advice on what to do. The time he'd spent with Erin out by the lake the night before had stirred up a longing deep down in his spark. He just wasn't sure how to act on it though. He'd known some of the other mechs were intimate with human females, but the hows had eluded him.

And the only mechs involved with human females his age were unfortunately the twins.

Smokescreen frowned slightly as he tried to make sense of what they'd told him. "Stupid question, but why?"

Sideswipe grinned broadly at the other mech. "Why do you think?" He laughed and glanced at his twin. "Though you've probably never had a femme in your berth have you?"

Armor panels flaring in irritation, Smokescreen huffed through his vents. "I bet I've had more femmes than you have."

The red Lambo rolled his optics and threw a companionable arm around Smokescreen. "In your dreams maybe, but seriously. Interfacing with a human female is very different from interfacing with a femme."

"Like how?" Smokescreen shrugged Sideswipe's arm away.

"They're wet and tight."

Smokescreen raised an optic ridge. "Wet? Aren't they... squishy inside?"

"But it's in a good way." Sunstreaker muttered.

"They grip your interface- you can feel every little muscle twitch when they overload." Sideswipe shot him a grin, running his glossa over his dental plating.

Fidgeting in discomfort at the conversation in general, Smokescreen glanced at the concrete beneath his peds. "Even mass displaced... I mean they're so fragile how do you keep from... squishing or breaking one?" He rubbed at a spot of armor on his neck.

Sideswipe started laughing. "Frag, you can't just rut on one of them like a couple of petro rabbits in season. You have to finesse."

"Finesse?" He echoed uncertainly as Sunstreaker rolled his optics.

"Mind your strength."

"And they like words," Sideswipe said looking pleased that he'd managed to remember that fact.

"Words? What kind of words?"

"Just tell them whatever they want to hear." The yellow twin rumbled in irritation. "You have to flatter them to get sex."

Smokescreen raised an optic ridge, but decided not to contradict Sunstreaker. "What kind of things do they like to hear?" He asked.

Sideswipe grinned suddenly. "Aurorah likes dirty talk." The red twin's optics dimmed slightly, his expression softening. "She's so soft and wet inside. I love the feel of her little hands on my protoarmor and the soft sounds she makes when I touch her."

Shifting and looking uncomfortable, Sunstreaker huffed through his vents. "I think the pink color of her port is attractive."

"Just say pussy." Sideswipe glanced at his twin. "Maybe a visual example would be a good idea."

Sunstreaker shrugged indifferently. It wasn't as if the twins were strangers to performing for a crowd, but the idea still embarrassed Smokescreen faintly. And yet, he let the twins lead him back to human housing. He shifted size with them and walked into the lobby, trying to ignore the curious or annoyed looks some of the humans lounging around the TV on one wall were shooting them. They went up the stairs slowly to the second floor, Sideswipe leading the way and humming what sounded suspiciously like the Jaws theme the entire time.

Neither mech bothered to knock once they reached their destination. Sideswipe simply shoved the door open and let himself in. Smokescreen brought up the rear and blinked to see a little human female tossing her arms around Sideswipe with a delighted squeal.


"We brought a friend." Sideswipe ducked his head to nuzzle his cheek to hers.

"Just because I agreed to a threesome, doesn't mean I'll do a foursome." The female stiffened and her eyes narrowed warningly at Smokescreen.

Sunstreaker cast her an annoyed look. "I'm not looking to add a fourth. He has his optics set on a female of his own."

Aurorah turned her searching stare on Smokescreen. "So why's he here? He need advice?" Some of her iciness faded as she gave him a once over.

"He needs a little show and tell." Sideswipe slipped behind her and looped his arms around her waist, dragging her up his chest. When she turned her head with narrowed eyes to snap at him his mouth covered her. The little female stiffened, clutching at his arm before she responded with a moan.

Her eyes were hooded as she trembled in Sideswipe's arms once he let her breathe. "I'm not a voyeur." She protested weakly as the red twin twisted her in his arms to nuzzle her neck. Her arms and legs instinctively locked around him as he teased her sensitive skin with his dental plating.

"Tell me you're not wet thinking about him watching us. Watching you." Sideswipe crooned teasingly. "Think of his optics watching your every move. Watching us claim you."

Smokescreen would have blushed if he could have. They didn't seriously mean- His optics widened as Sideswipe slid a hand between their bodies and wiggled his fingers down her pants.

The female mewled and squirmed in his grip as the red twin rubbed her. "Damn it, Sides..." She arched in his grip to nip at his dental plating until he ducked his head to claim her mouth again.

"So wet already." Sideswipe purred, trailing little kisses up to her temple. He carefully set her down and gripped the hem of her shirt. The girl cast Smokescreen a shy look before lifting her arms to allow the mech to tug her shirt off over her head.

"You're such a bastard." She muttered without heat as he undid her bra, seeming mesmerized momentarily by the sight of her bare breasts.

"You love me for it." He retorted with a grin as he dropped to his knees and ducked his head to suckle and nip at her belly. She gripped the horns on his helm as he tugged her jeans and panties down, baring her to all three mechs.

Smokescreen fidgeted feeling like he was intruding as Sideswipe pressed her back against the wall still on his knees. As he watched, Sideswipe guided one of her legs over his shoulder and Smokescreen stared. The female's port was in the same place as a femme's, but there the similarities ended. Her port was soft and pink, and he couldn't tear his optics away as Sideswipe carefully spread her with his fingers.

"She's soft and wet. They only get wet if they're ready for you. Don't try to interface with them if they're not ready. You'll hurt your partner." Sideswipe spared him a glance.

"How would I get her ready if she's not?" Smokescreen looked from Sideswipe to Sunstreaker.

"Show him," Sunstreaker said.

Sideswipe grinned suddenly and ducked his head between Aurorah's thighs. The little female gasped suddenly, her grip on his helm going white-knuckled. Her head thumped back against the wall as she whimpered. He was using his mouth on her, Smokescreen realized in shock as he edged closer to watch. The girl moaned, her hips moving to press closer and grind against Sideswipe's mouth. Abruptly she stiffened and keened, her hips bucking. Alarm spread through Smokescreen as she thrashed until he realized she was overloading. He shivered. Femmes never reacted so strongly when they overloaded. Come to think of it, he'd never heard a femme respond so readily to a mech or make sounds like that either. The red twin groaned softly, gripping her hips to steady her as she trembled violently.

Unbidden, Smokescreen imagined himself kneeling between Erin's thighs, his glossa pressing into her tight body until she cried out his name. He imagined her flushed face and her eyes hooded with satiated pleasure right before he mounted her. His interface stiffened painfully behind his codpiece.

Sideswipe purred, glancing at Smokescreen as he carefully supported his mate. Once again spreading her slick folds his fingers, he rubbed and pinched her clit between the thumb and forefinger of his free hand making Aurorah whimper. "This is something very important. It's called a clit."

Smokescreen peered obediently at the slick little bundle of nerves Sideswipe was caressing. He watched the female shudder and moan. "She's very responsive." He managed.

"They're much more responsive than femmes." Sideswipe muttered against her belly. "They love to be touched here and inside them is another bundle of nerves they call a G-spot. Try to hit it with your interface when you mount them."

"Why's it called a G-spot?"

Sunstreaker shrugged slightly. "No idea but they'll scream your name and pretty much worship you if you find it."

Aurorah shot him a dirty look that made Sunstreaker growl. Rumbling in annoyance, the yellow twin crooked a finger at her. "Come here."

"Or what?"

"Don't make me get the belt." Sunstreaker growled under his breath.

Her face and neck slowly flushed and the tell-tale hint of pheromones reached Smokescreen. His optics widened slightly. She was aroused by Sunstreaker's treatment, not embarrassed.

"He gets off on dominating others." Sideswipe spared him a coy grin that made Smokecreen uneasy.

"But you two are twins..." He said tentatively as he glanced between the two mechs.

"I don't fuck Sideswipe." Sunstreaker snarled disgustedly, sitting up from where he'd been lounging with his large hands skimming possessively over Aurorah's naked body.

"On your knees." Sunstreaker demanded softly as his optics raked over her body.

Aurorah's dark lashes stood out against her flushed cheeks as she cast her eyes down at the floor and stalked closer to where Sunstreaker was lounging. Smokescreen felt his own systems pick up as the small female dropped to her knees to nuzzle his codpiece. A low eager mewl escaped her lips as her small fingers delved teasingly into the seams of his armor. The yellow twin threaded his fingers into her hair, tipping her head back.

"What do you want?" Sunstreaker all but purred the words.

"I want you." She answered immediately, fully in the role of submissive.

Sunstreaker trailed his fingers along her jaw with surprising tenderness, his expression softening. Sunstreaker really did care about the little femme, Smokescreen realized with a start.

The little female delved her fingers into the seams around Sunstreaker's codpiece before he finally removed it for her. Smokescreen watched in fascination as she nuzzled her face against his thick interface. Her lips parted and a small pink tongue skimmed from his base to his tip before she took the head of his interface into her mouth.

Smokescreen felt his optics widen slightly in shock as Sunstreaker snarled softly. The female's little hands fisted the mech's interface and worked him. A hitching whine escaped Sideswipe and Smokescreen glanced over to see the other twin had removed his codpiece to stroke himself. Smokescreen ran his glossa over his bottom lip as he watched the female work Sunstreaker with her mouth and hands. The yellow twin was huffing loudly, his optics dim as he gritted his dental plating with an expression of almost pain.

Growling softly, Sunstreaker jerked as his systems momentarily whited out with pleasure.

"An honest, untrained submissive is a thing of beauty." Sunstreaker crooned as his revving systems struggled to cool. One large hand reached out and cupped Aurorah's ass making her whimper in protest.

Smokescreen rumbled feeling revved up himself. His codpiece had become almost unbearably tight just imagining Erin touching him. He didn't care if it was her soft hands or that pouting mouth of hers- he just wanted her to touch him. He wanted Erin.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker exchanged a long look before the yellow twin's lips quirked indulgently. Sideswipe lifted Aurorah so Sunstreaker could grip her hips and carefully pull her down on his still-hard interface. The little female squealed softly at the intrusion while Sunsteaker held her hips and moved her almost lazily on his length.

Grinning wickedly, Sideswipe walked over to her bedside table and pulled out a tiny plastic bottle. At Smokescreen's baffled look he chuckled. "Lubricant. You might want to invest in some." The mech opened the top and pressed his hand against Aurorah's back. Crooning lazily as he kept bucking into her, Sunstreaker let Sideswipe heard them back to the bed and carefully sat down with Aurorah straddling his thighs, his interface still buried inside her.

Sunstreaker leaned back slightly, tugging the female with him and Sideswipe drizzled some of the lubricant between her ass cheeks. The little female hissed softly but didn't protest.

Smokescreen's lips parted as he watched Sideswipe gently stroking her. "Some females like this. Some don't." Sideswipe explained softly as he pressed a finger inside her testingly.

Judging by the way she gasped and moaned, Smokescreen supposed the female liked it. Sunstreaker kept up his slow thrusts and as Smokescreen watched in rapt fascination, Sideswipe gripped his interface and started slowly working it inside her.

Smokescreen bit back a whimper at the sight before him. Both twins strong protoarmored forms flexed as they thrust carefully into the female pinned between them. Her growing cries were of pleasure not pain he realized. Her tanned, lithe body looked far too small to accommodate one mech let alone two. Between Sunstreaker's harsh snarls of pleasure and Sideswipe's steady reassuring crooning, the little human's whimpers and moans for more were barely audible.

Revved up from his lesson, all Smokescreen could think of was Erin. Both Sunstreaker and Sideswipe adored their human- and she loved them. It had been obvious in the gentle touches and smiles they shared. He wanted that more than anything. He wanted someone to want him and need him.

He could be a good mate if given the chance. He walked down the hall of the human housing building and down to the lobby. To his surprise, the object of his growing obsession was sprawled on one of the leather couches watched TV by herself.

A low rumbled escaped him as he stalked up behind her. His entire frame felt tense, his spark heavy in his chest. "Erin.."

She gave a little start and peered up at him in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

He hesitated. Telling her what he'd been doing probably wouldn't have gone over well he thought. "I wanted to see you."

She blushed slightly, looking pleased and it made him want to purr. "Is everything okay?"


Smokescreen just kept popping up in her life. Erin smiled up at the big mech feeling at a loss. Sometimes it really did feel like he was stalking her. Or hunting her and that thought shouldn't have been as appealing as it was.

He abruptly sat down on the floor, bringing him to her eye level. "Better? Now I'm not talking down to you."

She felt her lips twitch, touched that he even cared. "I can't even imagine how our world looks to you guys. We must seem like ants to you."

"It's different, but not bad."

Smokescreen paused, seeming to debate something. She managed to resist the urge to lean away when he reached for her.

"What?" She asked warily, one eyebrow arching.

"I've just never seen hair this color. I like it." He ran a fingertip from the top of her head down, pausing where her hair grew darker halfway down.

"I dye it. It's not that way naturally." She laughed, sobering quickly as he wrapped a few strands around his finger.

He was unnervingly close and his big frame radiated heat. It wasn't enough to burn her, but it was definitely noticeable. She had the sudden impulse to touch him. His expression was intent, his gorgeous blue optics were focused on her. She suddenly felt sure he was actually looking at her and seeing her.

She blushed and bit her lip before laying her palm on his armor. The big mech's metal skin seemed to shiver under her fingers and a low rhythmic rumble escaped his chest. She glanced at his face, seeing his lips had parted slightly. He seemed surprised that she'd touched him, but he didn't look annoyed.

She hesitated before tracing along one edge of his armor. He definitely shuddered that time making her feel mischievous. "Are you ticklish?"

Smokescreen revved loudly, scooting away on the couch to make the leather groan. "I'm not ticklish."

"Yes, you are!" She gasped in pleased surprise, crawling after him.

His optics widened slightly in alarm as she went for the seams in his armor. His engine snarled as he jerked away from her teasing fingers, sending the couch rocking backwards. Erin squealed as the couch tipped over, her arms thrown out to catch herself as her eyes squinted shut.

But she never hit the floor.

Hands grabbed her waist and she sucked in a startled breath, her eyes snapping open.

"Primus." Smokescreen groaned, before he lowered her to his chest. "Are you okay?"

Erin blushed as she found herself sprawled all over the big mech with both of them on the floor behind the overturned couch. "Er... Sorry."

His optics dimmed slightly as he huffed loudly through his vents. "I'm not ticklish." She froze as his large hand cupped the side of her face. He growled softly as his blunt fingers traced along her jaw, his thumb rubbing over her bottom lip. "You have an effect on me." His voice deepened until it was only a rumble.

Her face flushed and she braced her palms on his armor, trying to push herself up. One heavily armored arm draped across her back keeping her pinned on top of him. His optics flared as he sought her eyes. "What kind of effect?" She tried to push his restraining arm off, smiling brightly at him to hide her sudden nerves.

His lips suddenly quirked into a dazzling smile. "The good kind."

She felt her face heat. She knew she really needed to put space between them, but he didn't seem all that inclined to let her up. "Good as in I make you happy cause we're friends or good as in-"

His hand fisted the hair at the back of her head to drag her down to him. His mouth covered hers demandingly and the arm draped across her shifted until his big hand gripped her hip. His own hips lifted slightly, his codpiece rubbing intimately against her. His glossa swiped her lips, claiming her mouth as he deepened the kiss.

She whimpered softly as he broke the kiss to let her gasp in air. "Oh... that kind of good." She mumbled a little dazedly. She grinned despite herself as she traced the cables in his neck. "I like that kind of good." She blushed, knowing she was babbling.

His fingers caressed her cheek, his other hand curving possessively around her thigh. "That's not even the best part."

She shifted against him, feeling her face heat as a needy ache started up between her thighs. "Care to explain the best part?"

He huffed loudly, his optics dimming again. "You smell so sweet when you're aroused."

She cleared her throat, squirming in embarrassment. "Shit. You can seriously smell that?"

He smiled lazily, his strong fingers kneading her thigh. Her eyes widened as his hands ran to her front and started undoing her jeans.

"What are you doing?" She gasped as he pushed her jeans and her panties down over her hips.

"I want to see you." He rumbled softly as he shifted to roll her under him. His big form caged hers, making her very aware of how much bigger and stronger he was even mass displaced.

It was odd, but she wasn't worried about him hurting her. His big hands tugged her shirt off and she resignedly helped him remove her bra when it looked like he might just rip it off. The big mech leaned back to stare down at her. A low thrumming purr escaped him as he lowered his head to suckle at her neck, his glossa trailing over her skin down to her breast.

She gasped as he enthusiastically suckled one of the soft mounds. Moaning, she was dimly aware of his hands guiding hers to his codpiece to have her free him. Even though she couldn't see what was going on, she felt the heavy length of his interface laying on her belly. Her hand reached blindly to grip him, stroking him to the thick tip to make his hips buck slightly.

She pushed at him wanting to do some exploring of her own and he rolled onto his back, dragging her to straddle his chest. She ran her palms over his warm armor, aware of his optics hungrily watching her every move. She felt like a stranger, a sexy stranger who wasn't afraid to take what she wanted. She peered over her shoulder to spot his interface laying proudly against his armor and she shivered.

What would something that big and long feel like inside her? She glanced at his face, floored by the utter reverent adoration on the mech's face while he waited for her to make the first move. He was her friend. Her Smokescreen.

She reached back to catch his interface, feeling it twitch in her grip. Blushing she shifted over him, guiding herself down on him. Her eyes widened as she felt the thick head spreading her. He was too big, she thought and she gasped as his hands suddenly gripped her hips and pulled her further down his length.

"Oh... Oh, God... You're too big..." She hissed feeling her pussy burn slightly as he pressed deeper.

One of his big thumbs feathered over her clit, homing in on the little nub to stroke her urgently. "You can take me." He whispered as he kept circling the sensitive bundle of nerves until she reluctantly rocked her hips.

She felt herself sink even further on him and she whimpered feeling his full length stretching and filling her. "Smokescreen..."

"That's it.." He mumbled encouragingly as he gripped her hips to move her on him.

A blissed shudder clawed through her as she braced her palms on his chest armor and started hesitantly moving. His interface seemed endless as she rode him slowly at first, but with growing confidence. Pleasure coiled and burned inside her as the head of his interface butted against the mouth of her womb again and again.

He snarled and started working her faster on him until he was huffing and she was moaning weakly.

"Please... please.. harder..." She groaned, squirming urgently. She was so close to coming it hurt and she couldn't help but dig her nails into the seams of his armor. "Smokie..."

"I found Perry."

Her eyes snapped open and she shrieked as she spotted an embarrassed looking Raf gawking down at her and Smokescreen.

"I kind of wish I hadn't, but yeah. Hi, Erin." The human soldier gave a little wave, averting his eyes. "Fowler is looking for you."

Smokescreen tensed under her, his lips peeling back from his dental plating with a snarl. "Get the Pit out of here." He growled, his arms looping around her protectively. "Leave!"

"Miss Perry." That stern voice made her want to bash her head into Smokescreen until she passed out. Anything but be seen naked on top of Smokescreen getting busy by Fowler. "We have an appointment with the SecDef I'd like to keep."

Smokescreen rolled suddenly, dumping her on the floor with a yelp of surprise. He lurched upright, snarling in rage. "Get out or I swear I'll start ripping your limbs off and beating you with them." What armor he hadn't discarded flared slightly in threat. His optics glowed bright white.

Raf cleared his throat. "I think he's serious."

Fowler pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation. "The Autobots are sworn to not harm humans."

Erin grabbed Smokescreen's arm as the pissed Bot started to come over the couch after the men. "You should really go!" She gasped as she curled her body around the mech's arm trying to keep him from attacking.

"I'm trying to. My pilot's busy shagging one of our allies, though."

Her face flushed and she put serious thought into letting go of Smokescreen so the Bot could kick some ass. Of course it became abundantly clear that she in no way could restrain him when he stood up with her clinging to his arm like a gecko. A buck naked gecko, she realized with mortification.

"She stays." His words were nearly unintelligible as he snarled at the human men.

"Who says shagging anymore?" She muttered as she tried to least wrap around behind his arm so she wasn't flashing the men. "Give me five minutes to calm him down!"

"You're not leaving with them." Smokescreen's optics narrowed angrily as he looked down at her with an accusing expression that made her wince. "You're mine."

Erin's eyebrows rose. "Say again?"

Smokescreen turned his scowl back on the men when Raf tugged off his flight jacket with a bright red blush and tossed it her way. She snatched at it gratefully, trying to cover herself, but Smokescreen swatted it away with a snarl.

She sighed. "Really?"

Just when Erin didn't think this humiliating experience couldn't get worse, one of the other soldiers stepped into the lobby off the elevators. The woman took one look at the scene and paled.

Moving with quick strides, Verity headed their way with a grim expression on her face. "Public sex. Kinky." Verity averted her eyes as she fished in her pocket and pulled out a set of keys. She chucked the keys at Smokescreen's peds. "Why don't you two lovebirds get a room? Since you don't have one, you can borrow mine and I'll just send you the laundry bill."

Fowler glared. "Now wait just one minute. I am not missing my appointment so you two can screw around." He jabbed a finger at Smokescreen accusingly.

Smokescreen snarled shifting to go after Fowler again. Verity grabbed the human's wrist, tugging. "Sir, no offense but don't poke at the animals." She smiled brilliantly up at the agent. "I know a pilot who'd be more than happy to take you where you need to be."

Fowler's eyes narrowed at Erin. "You can expect a disciplinary action, Miss Perry." His spine stiffened when Smokescreen made an angry sound.

"Don't talk to her."

"She's my subordinate." Fowler's face darkened with anger.

"She's mine."

Verity was still smiling brightly as she pushed Fowler toward the door. Raf shot Smokescreen and Erin an embarrassed look before following. Fowler sputtered indignantly as he was pushed out the door.

"You kids have fun!" Verity called out as she left the lobby with Fowler and Raf. "Room seven on this floor!"

"Well, that was-" Erin gasped as Smokescreen snatched up the keys and tossed her over a shoulder. She wheezed as the breath was momentarily knocked out of her, his jarring footsteps making it hard to breathe. "Hey!"

Smokescreen growled as he paused at a door and fumbled the key in the lock.

Erin felt dread settle inside her and she retreated nervously the instant Smokescreen set her down. She half expected the big mech to pounce her and screw her senseless, but he seemed calmer without the others around. He was still huffing angrily though while he watched.

"I'm sorry."

Erin shrugged slightly. "I think that was both of our faults." She mumbled sheepishly. She'd never in her life been so wound up that she'd even think about having sex in a public place. Lord, knew her other boyfriends had come nowhere near making her feel so sexy either.

Smokescreen huffed softly. "I scared you."

She smiled slightly looking at her bare toes peeking out from under the edge of the sheet. "Actually... it was kind of flattering in a caveman sort of way." She blushed.

The dubious look he shot her way made her want to laugh. The big mech looked as if he was trying to decide if he'd just been insulted or not. "I kind of lost my head. You must think I'm an animal."

Rubbing at the back of her neck awkwardly she smiled up at him. "Seriously. It was really flattering that you were willing to kick some ass to defend my virtue."

Smokescreen managed to look embarrassed as he huffed through his vents. His optics brightened to white again as he revved softly. "You're aroused."

Erin felt her face grow hot again and she knew she had to be bright red. The fact that he could pretty much tell what she was thinking just by how she smelled was just downright unsettling.

He grinned suddenly, touching one finger to his nose. "Olfactory sensors don't lie."

She bit her bottom lip before saying the hell with it. Even though her face was flaming, she tossed the sheet and laid back on the bed, shifting one leg to flash him in a bold move that even surprised her.

A scary snarl escaped Smokescreen's parted lips as he stalked closer. One large hand wrapped around her thigh to drag her closer to the edge of the bed making her suck in a breath at the reminder of how much stronger he was than her. He stepped between her thighs and leaned over her with a hungry glint to his optics. Her eyes flitted down his armored form, pausing in appreciation at the sight of his thick interface resting against her belly. His protoarmor was silvery for the most part, but darkened and took on a reddish tint on his interface. The blunt, mushroomed head was weeping lubricant to slicken her skin.

"How did that fit?" She mumbled, flushing when she realized she'd said the words out loud. "No offense."

Smokescreen rumbled softly. His lips curved in amusement. "You think I'm impressive?"

"I'd be lying if I said no." She chewed on her lip again, squeaking when he carefully pinned her under him with his bulk.

He made a low thrumming sound that startled her as he shifted away making her wonder if she'd said something wrong. To her surprise the big mech slid off the bed to crouch between her dangling thighs. She swallowed thickly, suddenly nervous. As alien as the idea of them having sex had seemed, it certainly hadn't occurred to her that he might try to go down on her. Hell, the one time she'd managed to convince a boyfriend to try it as a bit of tit for tat had only been memorable in how awkward and unpleasant the sensation had been.

"How much do you know about mechs?" His deep voice brought her back to the present as his large hands massaged her thighs. It was the second time he'd asked that she thought dimly as she tried to figure out what he was really asking.

"A little." She replied warily. The intent way he stared at her exposed body was starting to make her self-conscious.

"We're possessive." He muttered the words almost absently as though he were talking more to himself than her. "When you're at war... when you're constantly on the move, you don't keep many belongings. When I say we're possessive of things we feel are ours you need to understand." His bright optics flickered up to her face.

"I'm not a thing." She couldn't help the way her eyes narrowed.

His lips twitched as he leaned forward to vent warm air over her exposed sex. "I know that. I want you to be mine though. I want you in my berth." He pressed a kiss to her belly, peppering soft kisses down her body before swirling his glossa around her clit.

Her hips lifted as a whimper nearly left her lips. His big hands pinned her thighs open so his lips could seal over the sensitive little nub. A low snarl escaped him to startle her and she threw her head back as he attacked her clit with his glossa and lips. "Oh... Oh!"

The thrumming sound grew louder until it was almost like the big mech was purring. His broad glossa swiped her exposed pussy before he rested his chin on her belly to stare up at her. "I know I can't, but I keep thinking that you're so small I could just carry you to my quarters and keep you. You're not strong enough to get away."

She shivered in a mixture of aggravation that he'd stopped the heavenly torment of his mouth when she'd been so close to heaven and annoyance at the arrogance in his words, before she finally settled on humor. "You keep doing that I might just let you."

His optics dimmed as his large frame shivered slightly. "Don't say things like that." His lips curled in amusement, but the stark hunger in his stare took her breath away. "I'll start believing them." He made that curious thrumming sound again as he lowered his gaze to her breasts. He was purring she realized in shock. "I've wondered what these would feel like." One big hand lifted to grasp and gently squeeze her breast. His thumb rubbed lazily over her taut nipple as he nuzzled her other breast. "Soft..."

"Smokescreen..." She moaned as his warm mouth latched onto the peak of one breast to suckle. The strong tugs sent molten jolts of pure need straight to her clit until she clawed at his free hand and urged it between her thighs. "Please..."

He was a fast learner, she thought wildly as his thumb lazily circled her clit and one thick finger pressed inside her. Her eyes closed in bliss as her hips bucked at the intrusion. He growled against her breast, encouraged by the needy mewling sounds she was making. She felt so wanton rocking her hips against the slow thrusts of his finger. She gripped his helm to keep his mouth where she wanted it.

Her sweet taste and her soft cries were nearly overwhelming. "Easy…" He crooned more to himself than her as he explored her sex with his tongue and lips. He couldn't resist the urge to dip his tongue into her tight channel, making her arch against his mouth. So tight…

She was already so wet for him, but he wanted to bring her to overload with a desperation that was frightening. He felt her fingers dig into seams, tugging as her hips bucked against his mouth. Every little panting breath she took ended on a whimper that drove him a little crazy.

His interface was painfully hard and ground his hips against the side of the bed trying to relieve some of the discomfort. Tending to her was his priority and judging by the sounds she was making he was doing a good job. He nuzzled her clit, and pinned her hips open when she wouldn't stop squirming. Purring to himself he suckled the little bundle of nerves and carefully pressed a finger inside her. He smiled as she shuddered and he curled the finger seeking the spot the twins had told him about.

She gasped, stiffening in his grip and he rumbled as he found it. He rubbed inside her until she thrashed and screamed. He crooned to her as he watched her hips buck in orgasm. Her eyes closed in pleasure and he couldn't help but smile as he crawled up her body.

"Are you okay?"

"Uh huh." She murmured unintelligibly, her lips curling with satisfaction.

He leaned in to nip at her jaw, before he reached between them to grip his interface and guide it to her slick sex. "We're not done yet." He admonished when her eyes snapped open. He ground his dental plating, pressing against her slowly to let her adjust.

His optics paled in pleasure as he carefully sank into her. Nothing had ever felt so good. Or so right. He gripped her hips, adjusting her so he could press all of his interface into her. He watched her moan, her fingers scrabbling at the sheets for something to hold onto.

"Don't torture me. Move." She demanded as her eyes snapped open to glare at him.

He smiled indulgently, reaching to caress her clit just to hear her whimper. Crooning to her in Cybertonian, he started bucking into her. She was perfect. So tight and wet. She was his own personal haven and he had half the thought to wonder how the other mated mechs managed to drag themselves away from their mates long enough to get any work done. And she was his mate, he decided as he adjusted the angle of his thrusts to find that spot she liked so much.

Her harsh cries of pleasure were music to his audios as he worked into her faster, mindful of his strength as he rode into her soft body. All he had to do was convince her she was his. He grinned tightly as she kissed over his chest armor, moaning his name. If all else failed he could just mount her over and over until she was too sated and exhausted to argue with him.

The idea revved him up and when she suddenly stiffened under him and her slick muscles milked his interface, he tossed his head back and roared with his overload not caring if every fragging human in the building heard and knew she was his.

Misfire and Spinister both looked up at Skywarp materialized in their midst. Spinister snarled and his arm instantly came up to shoot. Krok and Fulcrum both grabbed one of Spinister's arms.

"That's a Seeker. We don't shoot Seekers, remember." Misfire admonished as Skywarp slammed the struggling Autobot in his grip against the wall.

"I just want to shoot the Autobot."

"We discussed this. Do you remember?" Krok growled softly as Spinister shook him off.

"Not really."

"We need him alive."

"And functional." Fulcrum muttered as Skywarp proceeded to slam the back of Wheeljack's helm into the wall repeatedly until the engineer slumped with a groan.

"It's called anesthesia." Skywarp hissed at the other four Cons as he started dragging the limp Autobot by an arm down the corridor to the sound of scraping metal.

"Uh huh. Something tells me he needs his medical license revoked." Misfire watched Skywarp drag the Autobot away. The Seeker only flipped him off before he rounded a corner.

Spinister grunted softly. "I could have taken him."

"True, but that sort of thing usually warrants the DJD coming after you." Fulcrum mumbled as he made a show of examining his hands.

Misfire, Spinister, and Krok all shuddered.

Wheeljack's systems came back online in stages. He groaned in protest, raising a hand to rub his aching helm only to come up short. His optics flared to life and he stared blankly at the glow of the energy restraints he was bound to a berth with. Uneasy and tense he looked around, his spark plummeting as he realized he was in a medbay, just not Ratchet's. The metal cabinets lining the walls of the space were littered with a macabre assortment of Cybertonian anatomy as though the medic had gotten bored in the middle of an operation and simply walked off. The stains catching the light from his restraints and tossing it back in dizzying rainbows could only be energon.

"Oh, you're finally awake."

Wheeljack bit back a growl as he located the source of the voice. Knockout smiled lazily at him as he swiped at his gleaming red armor with a polishing rag.

"I do so hate doing surgery without my patients' input." The Decepticon medic carelessly tossed the rag away on a worktop. "Though it's usually just screaming and uncouth begging." He pitched his voice higher as he stalked closer. "Oh, Primus why!? No, please! I need that to live!" He chuckled, dismissively waving a clawed hand.