Well the first request was May. So here we go. Also, a review will be posted at the end of this story. So that way you don't get confused. It's actually a 4 part saga, but the last one is in third omniscient.

The children of royalty were given everything they asked for: Love, wealth, music. But one girl wanted nothing more than a family. The brunette haired, peached skinned hedgehog was nothing greedy, although she was almost blinded with fame.

"One two three, one two three, one two-" I repeated to myself. I was doing Swan Lake. All the twirls and the spins amazed me. I lowered my pink toes to the ground. I heard a small applause from a rabbit a fox. "Thank you, thank you," I bowed. Tails whispered something to Cream. She slapped his shoulder. "What?"

"He wants me to do ballet, but I could never. I'm too shy." I scoffed at her. I grabbed her hand and made her dance with me. It was only Tails. She closed her eyes so she didn't think about being there. I walked down off the stage quietly and watched her. Tails put his arm around me. I put my head on his shoulder.

"She is good. Maybe she's even better than you." The sly fox asked. I looked at him, then at her. Was he serious? Cream was good, doing perfect Tours en l'airs. Was I getting jealous? I couldn't be. Cream opened her eyes and came down from the stage. We heard clapping from the back of the room. We all turned in shock.

"Oh, wonderful, just wonderful. Oh, I'm sorry, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Theodore. Theodore, Theodore Smith, How do you do?" He said all of that in one breath. Talk about a fast talker. "I watched both of you perform, silently of course, and you were both magnifique. And you're a natural ballet dancer," He was looking at Cream. Her skin got slightly pinker. I rolled my eyes. "And You, you could be a big star. Will you please consider performing in front of my boss?" I couldn't believe what he was saying. I nodded and said cheerfully, "Lead the way, Theodore!" After Tails talked some sense into her, Cream agreed to go as well. Great…

Alright, well I thought since May was a flier, she could do ballet as her talent. Ashley is more like a no time person instead of having a hobby like M&M. I really like this, lol. So Did you like It? If your wondering who the heck I'm talking about, read part 1: The speedies in my profile. And here are the Oc's like you wanted. Sorry It took so long. Well Bye!