"Tails? What are you doing here? I-"

"Stop it! I know what you're doing. You'll be arrested if you keep doing this." I looked down at my feet. It was my fault. He grabbed my wrist hard. "Come on princess!" and he pulled me out.

How did I forget about our last meeting? Our necklaces turning into glowing gold crowns, or the fact that the one grabbing my hand was a ROBOT! I hated myself. Wait…Where was my siblings?

He pulled me to the castle, using of course our passageways. Who had told, Rebecca? No, she knew too much. She would never tell…right?

I was thrown into the dungeon. I cried my eyes out. I felt 2 hands; a boy's and a girl's. "No need to cry sis, we're here."

"Yeah, we all got tricked. Although, you were the one who forgot the whole day." Michael chuckled at his statement. Ashley slapped him. He was right, I was a failure.

"We have to get out of here! Looking at the shadows, it's around 2 am. They check on us at 5. If we use our combined powers, we'll be trice as strong! " Why was Ash so smart? We nodded, trying to get the chains off. We got the off and headed for the walls. As much as we tried, though, they wouldn't budge. I then thought of something.

"Robotnik's bots can break through walls, but can they fly over them?" I pointed up to the windows. Although they were barred, we bent them. Looking out the window, we found the sun rising. As we were going through the window, we heard a fragile voice.

"Wait," the girl coughed terribly. The light shined on her, showing off her bruised face. We came down to help Rebecca.

"I'm so sorry, I-" Ashley started shushing her, fixing her wounds. She had a large blood stain on her dress. "Ash, her stomach. Michael, the sun's rising. Go stand guard. If they come, stall them."

Michael did so as Ashley fixed Rebecca up. "Now who did this to you?" Rebecca just started crying. "They told me they would hurt your parents if I never surrender. I did, but they attacked me so I couldn't fight back. They took my amulet in the process."

"Guys, We have to put our escape route on hold. We have to get Rebecca's amulet," Ashley said bossily.

Michael counter-acted that with his statement. "Uh, I think we got bigger problems than that."