Warning!: Rated for older teens only. Contains spoilers for the final game. Contains torture.

POV of the Trilby that Chzo keeps.

Chzo Mythos belongs to Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

I can't remember exactly how I got there. In fact, that was one memory that hardly mattered to me.

I wasn't sure of anything anymore. All I could recognize was pain. The fantasy of death was gone, and I was trapped within harsh reality. This was never going to stop. I'd be here forever.

I, at first, had hope. I thought someday, I'd be free. But that faded as the suffering became harder to bear. I tried not to scream through any of the torture, but it was too much. I gave them what they wanted. Surrender weakness, and suffering. Eventually, I no longer screamed. I was sure I'd never let a single tear fall for him. For Chzo. He kept me here, alive forever. Tortured forever. I prayed I was a clone, that the real me would never be here. That I died of old age and picked up the pieces of my shattered life. However, always in the back of my mind, I couldn't release the idea that I was the real Trilby. That I was just another victim, despite being alive. Despite surviving, In fact, I silently wished I would have died in the hotel. That the man in the red robe would have never saved me. I cursed his existence, along with my own.

I wanted to believe those thoughts were not true. I had too much pride to think that the original Trilby would suffer this much and be broken. However those very same denials convinced me even more, that my fear was true. I felt weak and defeated. The past seemed like it was right in front of my eyes, but so distant. I was ready and willing to die.

But death would never return my call. I was in his mercy now. But Chzo has none of that. And I am trapped. Trapped within this agony for all time.