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The Teen Titans seemed like they all got along really well to the general public and to their friends. They themselves even believed that they had this amazing friendship and would do anything for each other which would be true. Everyone had told them that relationships would break the team up and that it's all for the best not to date people on your team so everyone was surprised when Raven and Robin started dating but they seemed happy so of course all their friends were happy for them and they claim this brought them all closer together.

Since Raven and Robin started dating you would see Raven socializing more and Robin became just a bit more laid back even though he still focused on working a lot and putting his team first the other Titans all considered this a really good thing and they embraced the relationship. Everything was great lately for the whole team or so they thought anyway.

The team just got back from a battle with the Hive Five and they managed to catch them all except for Gizmo who managed to get away with a little over 2,000 dollars which was not much but it was still a minor defeat for Robin and the rest of the Titans. Cyborg was currently driving the T-car looking for Gizmo while Starfire took the others to jail which gave Raven, Robin and Beastboy the chance to come back to the tower, Beastboy immediately went to play video games and wait for Cyborg to come home and join him while Robin went to take a shower and Raven was about to change into a clean uniform and go read on the couch.

"Hey Rae" Robin appeared behind her

"Hey, Robin" Raven replied kissing him on the cheek

"That was some battle" Robin told her "We could have had him if you didn't let him get away, You know I hate losing and especially to someone as weak as Gizmo"

"Technically we didn't lose" Raven told him "Cyborg will catch him"

"He never should have gotten away" Robin told her "You should have dodged his attack way better then you did"

"Are you blaming this on me?" Raven asked "I'm not the only one to blame, Beastboy picked the wrong animal to attack mammoth with and then See-More completely trapped Starfire and you also missed Gizmo when you tried to hit him, This was not completely my fault"


The next thing Raven knew was she was pinned against the wall and Robin was screaming at her. This usually takes place after he slaps her. Raven didn't flinch or even cry she just took it just like she always did.


"Raven, you need to start getting your shit together" Robin informed her "Do you know how bad this looks if my girlfriend looks like the worst fighter on the team? If the press gets a hold of that then everyone will see how you fail all the time in battle and if you're a failure that makes me a failure because you're my girlfriend, Next time we battle someone I want to see you single handedly take whoever it is out! Do you understand me?"

"I understand" Raven agreed.

Robin then kissed her and left go of her walking away like nothing ever happened. Raven could have easily taken him down after all she had powers and he didn't, But she wouldn't take him down and do you know why that is? Raven allows this because

-They Have a Bond

-He says he loves her

-He's just giving her tough love because he loves her and he looks out for the team

-She doesn't want to feel alone forever

These are the reasons Raven mentally tells herself all the time why she stays with him. She's sure that he's just giving her "Tough Love" and not abusing her and that's what gets her through everything, She puts on an act that makes everyone believe everything is just fine. Everyone think she and Robin are perfect together and nobody knows how Robin treats her when they're alone and to Raven that's okay because

That's her secret and nobody needs to know.

Like? Dislike? Let me know. If I continue It's going to be about every Titan and the secrets they keep to themselves.