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Robin had the perfect life and he knew it and so did everyone else. Robin had an ego and he knew he was great, Of course he couldn't just let everyone know how badly he ego was so he pretended to didn't have one. Robin loved himself and his achievements so much he kept every article with his name in it in a box somewhere so when he had children someday they would know just how great their father was. Aside from this collection of all things about him he also kept a list that he made for himself about why he is in fact so great, this list included many things

-Was the sidekick of Batman

-Amazing martial arts skills

-Leader of the Teen Titans

-Very Attractive

-Respected by everyone

-Has great hair

-Having a Girlfriend (Raven) who was so smart and had very good skin! (Perfect for if they had children)

Those are just a few things, That make him great, Especially the part about being with Raven because it looked good to have an intelligent speaking girlfriend by his side when they did press conferences and Raven liked books and café's so the paparazzi would always take pictures of him in these types of places which made him appear more educated and cultured which is why he loves being with Raven, Does he love her? No. He only loves the attention she brings him and how she makes him look better then he is to the public eye.

"Friend Robin, This is wrong" Starfire told him as he directed her into his bedroom "You are dating Friend Raven"

"You like me don't you?" Robin asked her "You know I like you and I would do anything for you"

"But Raven is my friend" Starfire told him as she sat down on his bed "I could never do that to her!"

"She did it to you" Robin told her "Let's face it, everyone knows you like me including Raven but did she consider your feelings when she started dating me? No she didn't so you shouldn't care either! Besides Raven is never going to find out"

Starfire felt horrible about this but at the same time she did want Robin all to herself and Raven should have really been more respectful for her feelings. She didn't want to hurt Raven which was why when Robin told her Raven would never find out she felt this was a good enough reason to do it. She found herself meeting Robin in his room every night and still managed to keep a straight happy face whenever she saw Raven.

That's her secret that she's the other woman and that she knows that's all she'll ever be and she's okay with that as long as she gets a piece of Robin and Raven never finds out.

That's her secret and she'll never tell anyone.

So…Yeah we learned two things here including Robin has a big ass ego! I would have added a sex scene or make out but I'd rather just leave your minds to picture everything and let your own mind tell you the side story. Not everything is going to be about Couples and some secrets may even be a bit more ridiculous then others.

I have the next chapter planned.