Title: Zebra Print
Rating: T
Warnings: Suggestive, but nothing else. Mild swearing.

She was icy. Icy and white. They called her the Ice Bitch. Mina didn't care what they called her, only what he called her.
And he called her his Snow Queen. Otis made her feel like a queen, even when they weren't alone.

Otis was her mentor, her first friend in the jungle, her man, her lover, and the true source of all good things in her life right now. He was the whole reason she opened up to anyone. He gave her the strength to simply feel.

And oh dear God, did that man make her feel. He broke through her hard walls and suddenly she was soft. He heated up the ice and suddenly she was warm. And she was really warm, not the kind of warm that came from a rushed and impersonal encounter with a stranger.

She no longer shared a room with Lily, and Dinner had been banished to the coop. Every morning she woke up with the most amazing view of the sunrise. She was surrounded with warmth; from they sun, yes, but mostly from Otis.

It gave her a simple thrill to open her eyes and see bare skin against bare skin. The simple contrast between the black of his skin and the white of hers. His fingers spread over her hip reminded her of zeebra print.

Well, at least it matched his sheets.