Chapter 18: iLove Gibby…and Snicker Doodles

"Sam!" Carly shrieked as she ran into the labor room. I was sitting in the chair by the window, waiting for the doctors to come held Sam through labor. "I need your help! I'm so confused right now…"

Sam sighed and shrugged at me like what can you do? "Carls, I'm not Dr. Phil. And in case you haven't noticed…I'm in labor!" She patted her huge stomach gently. She looked like she was about to pop any second.

"But I need my best friend's advice!"

"Oh, for the love of God…fine!"

Carly laid down on the bed next to Sam, not noticing that Sam was glaring at her. I learned a long time ago that if you shared Sam's bed…you didn't live to see morning. But Carly hadn't figured that out yet. "Sam…Gibby told me he loved me."

Sam snickered. "That would have been fun to watch. So what did you tell him, Carls? I know you're a priss…but you did laugh in his face, right?" Carly didn't say anything. "Carly! You have to destroy his feelings! If you don't…he's like a lost puppy. He'll keep following you and licking your face. Seriously, he did that to me one time. I called the cops."

Carly avoided looking at Sam. "Well…I told him I didn't know if I loved him. But not because I'm worried about his feelings. I know I should love him. We've been dating for three months now. But how will I know when I'm in love with-"

"You and Gibby coupled up?" Sam screamed, looking shocked. Then she screamed in pain. The baby was coming. I really don't know how we got to this point in our lives. Sam is pregnant with my baby and Carly is dating Gibby. We're going to have some interesting high school memories to tell our kids.

Carly nodded. "We agreed not to tell anyone until we were sure we were really dating." She said. "But now he says he loves me. What the snicker doodle am I going to do?"

"Well first…you need a new swear word. Snicker doodle. Really, Carly? Really?"

"It's my favorite type of cookie!"

But they didn't get to finish the rest of the conversation (Sam was happy about that) because three nurses came in, ready to deliver the twins.

"Ready, Sam?" One asked as she pulled on a pair of plastic gloves.

"Wait!" Sam looked over at me. "Can I get a burger first?"

The nurse probably thought it was a joke. She just looked at me and asked, "Are you the father? Only you can be allowed in here right now." She pointed at the door for Carly.

"I'm staying." I whispered confidently. I wasn't going to leave Sam all alone again. We'd already been through so much…raping, prom Queen and King, pregnancy, jealousy…and even a bottle of whispering lotion. We could handle anything. "Sam, I'm staying." I promised as I ran over to her bed and grabbed her hand. "I'm not going anywhere."

Our eyes met. "Yes you are." Sam whispered, frowning at me but smiling at the same time. "Someone has to get me a cheeseburger."


"Push!" I told Sam an hour later. "You're almost there, Sam." She squeezed my hand harder and started yelling that the hospital's cafeteria burgers tasted like cardboard. "Oh my God, I can see his head! Push!"

"Don't tell me what to do!" Sam shouted angrily.

"Push, Sam!" A nurse told Sam.

Sam nodded. "Okay, Dr. Rein!"

Oh, so that's how it is.

Carly comes running in with a video camera. As she recorded Sam giving birth, she screamed, "I told Gibby I loved him!" Is it just me, or does she have really, really bad timing? "

"We got him!" A nurse announced as she held up a squirming red baby. "Say hello to your little boy, Mr. Benson." I tried to remember every detail of him before they pulled my baby away to clean.

"Give him to me!" Sam demanded, ignoring how tired she was. I handed him to Sam, hoping my son wouldn't be mistaken for a meatloaf. If Sam ate our son… that would really ruin our chances of being Parents of the Year.

Oh God. Sam's mouth was getting closer to the baby...but she wasn't eating our little boy. She was kissing his forehead. "He's beautiful." Sam whispered. "Like a little meatloaf."

"Nurses, take the baby!" I yelled nervously. "Before Sam eats him!" What? It could totally happen. It's Sam.

"Just one more push to get the other one out." The nurse told Sam.

Sam groaned loudly. "God, she's got my mother's hips!"

Oh, great. We were going to be here a while.

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