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Chuck and Sarah Vs. The Strong Swimmer

"…don't puke on the C4!" Agent John Casey said, looking at the pale face of Chuck Bartowski.

'don't puke on the C4, don't puke on the C4, don't puke on the C4...' Chuck kept repeating to himself as he tried to get his heart rate to slow down. After standing up and backing slowly away, Chuck tried to lighten the mood.

"So…stopping a 'bomb' bomb with a 'sex' bomb, something you do everyday?"

John Casey frowned in Chuck's general direction and then grunted before he turned away as he pulled his phone from his pocket.

Turning to the other side, he thought he caught a hint of a smile on Sarah's face. "No, not everyday" Sarah said as she took his elbow in her hand. "C'mon Chuck" Sarah said as she headed towards a service bar that was located on the far side of the room. "Have a seat, Chuck. Casey and I have to file quick reports and make sure everything is under control here. After that, I'll take you home."

"Ok, Sarah. Whatever you say." Chuck replied as Sarah turned and walked back towards the center of the room, pulling her phone form her pocket as she went.

Chuck had been sitting with his head in his hands for almost twenty minutes when an unfamiliar woman's voice caught his attention.

"So, what did I miss?"

"I'm sorry…what?" Chuck asked, looking confused.

"I left to take my break and I get back to find this…so, what happened?"

"Sorry…I can't really say…Katie" Chuck said after noticing the bartender's name tag.

"Oh… ok. How about a shot? You really look like you could use one."

"A Jager would be great, thank you. I'm Chuck, by the way."

"Well Chuck, nice to meet you. Here's a double. Cheers!"

"Thanks Katie. Cheers!"

Putting the empty shot glass on the bar, Chuck turned to his side and caught sight of Sarah, walking towards him. Reaching into his pocket, Chuck pulled out a couple of dollars and tossed them on the bar. Chuck stood up just as Sarah stepped to the bar.

"Ready to go home, Chuck?"

"Actually, Sarah, I think I'm going to use my soaking wet feet carry me to the hotel bar and have a couple of cocktails. Care to join me?" Chuck asked as he started walking towards the exit.

"That sounds like a good idea. I'll use my wet feet to join you. Please, no shortcuts through fountains."

"Not a problem. I never do two fountain shortcuts in one night" he answered with a big smile as he offered his arm for Sarah to take, which she happily did.


Chuck and Sarah had been sitting at a small table, talking quietly for almost an hour when a striking brunette, who looked familiar to Sarah, approached their table and sat a full shot glass in front of Chuck. Sarah looked up, trying to remember where she had seen the woman before. Chuck looked up and smiled.

"Hey Katie, you off duty?"

"Yeah…I just got finished and figured I'd have a cocktail. Imagine my surprise when I spotted you sitting here. Would you like to dance?"

"Well…I'm here with Sarah and …."

"I understand, Chuck. Your girlfriend is a very lucky Girl."

"Sarah isn't my…uh.. she's just a friend."

"Well then, she won't mind if I borrow you for a dance, will she. Drink your shot and then we'll dance."

"Ok, Katie" Chuck said before draining his shot, "one dance. I'll be right back Sarah, ok?"

"Sure Chuck" Sarah said through clenched teeth, "I'll order us another round while you go dance."

"Thanks" Chuck said as Katie pulled him towards the dance floor.

'Yeah right' Sarah growled to herself as she signaled for the waitress to bring another round of drinks. Sarah noted that the music had slowed down just as Chuck and Katie got to the dance floor and she found herself growling when she saw Katie pull Chuck into a close embrace. The waitress delivered the drinks and Sarah thanked her before returning to her observation of Chuck and that…that…girl who was holding him, much too tightly as far as she was concerned.

Sarah reached for the shot in front of her and tossed it back when she saw Katie whispering into Chuck's ear. Slamming the empty shot glass down, Sarah grabbed the second shot when she saw Katie reaching for and then squeezing Chuck's ass. Just as Sarah was about to reach for one of her knives, the song ended and Chuck stepped away from Katie. By the time Chuck had retuned to the table, Sarah had two more shots of Jager sitting in front of her.

"Are you planning on sharing those?" Chuck asked with a smile.

"Of course I was, Chuck. I was just waiting for you to get your ass out of her hands."

"You noticed that, did you? "

"Of course I did. I'm a spy, noticing things is what I do. And speaking of miss 'handsey', her she comes now" Sarah said in a low voice.

Chuck turned to find Katie standing right at his shoulder. After clearing her throat, Katie thanked Chuck for the dance and looked like she might ask him again but decided not to after seeing the look that Sarah was shooting her way. After giving Chuck a quick kiss on the cheek, Katie beat a hasty retreat to the table she was sharing with a couple of her friends. Seeing the glare in Sarah's eyes, Chuck decides that it's time to drink.

"Here's to saving the day" Chuck says, raising his shot in Sarah's direction.

"To saving the day" Sarah echoes before making her shot disappear. "Smooth" she gasps out, slamming her glass onto the table.

"Yeah, you gotta love the Jager. Two more?"

"Sure, sounds good."

Chuck stood and after picking up the empty shot glasses, headed towards the bar. Sarah watched Chuck as he made his way to the bar and came to the conclusion that Katie had the right idea. 'He definitely has an ass made for grabbing' Sarah said to herself and then chided herself for her improper thoughts about her future asset. Moments later, Sarah was roughly pulled from her internal debate on the merits of Chuck's butt versus the proper aspects of handler/asset relations by the sight of the 'ass-grabber' making her way to Chuck's location at the bar. Sarah was almost ready to get to her feet as she watched the 'grabber' whisper into Chuck's ear, again. Five seconds later, Sarah was on her feet when she saw the 'grabber' squeeze Chuck's ass, again! Sarah had taken her second step towards the bar when the 'grabber' slipped a piece of paper into Chuck's back pocket and then turned and left.

'Calm down, Walker' Sarah said to herself as she turned around and sat back down at the table.

Chuck sat the two shots down on the table and looked at Sarah, curious about the look on her face.

"So, Sarah. It's your turn for the toast."

"Here's to skanky brunettes grabbing your ass!" Sarah hissed, raising her shot.

"What?…Sarah, what?…"

"Never mind Chuck, forget I said anything. Here's to a nice night" Sarah mumbled before tossing the shot down her throat. Chuck quickly followed her example, putting his empty glass right next to hers. As soon as Chuck set his glass on the table Sarah noticed that a slow song had started and that the 'grabber' was making her way towards their table.

"C'mon Chuck, let's dance" Sarah said as she grabbed his hand.

"Oh…ok.." Chuck stammered as Sarah pulled him towards the dance floor, asking himself what had gotten into Sarah and answering himself with one word, 'Jager'!

Sarah had an arm looped around Chuck's waist and was silently laughing, realizing that she had beaten the 'grabber' to the punch. Upon reaching the dance floor, Sarah pulled Chuck into a tight embrace and let the music lead them. It took less than thirty seconds for her to realize that being in Chuck's arms was a wonderful place to be and that being there for the rest of the night was her new mission. Letting the 'Jager' help with the mission parameters, Sarah let her hands drop and soon had two handfuls of Chuck's ass.

As soon as he felt Sarah's hands on his butt, Chuck looked at her in shock and tried to take a step backwards. Sarah's mission had a different objective and she pulled him in tighter.

"Sarah?" Chuck asked, the confusion evident on his face.

"Hey… what's good for the brunette is better for the blonde" Sarah said with a snort. "I can feel why she came back for seconds! Chuck Bartowski, you definitely put the 'ass' in asset!" Sarah finished, giggling to herself.

"Sarah…Agent Walker. Are you drunk?"

"Chuck…agents don't get drunk! I'm…I'm glowing"

"Yes…yes you are! I think I'd better take you home."

"I couldn't agree with you more" Sarah said, "this works perfectly with my mission.". Looping her arm through his , Sarah lead Chuck towards the exit. Catching sight of the 'grabber', Sarah smiled a self-satisfied smile and snuggled closer to Chuck, glad that her plans were coming together so nicely.


The next morning found Agent Sarah Walker smiling and wrapped tightly in the arms of Chuck Bartowski. The sun had been up for several hours but Sarah just didn't want to move. It felt too good, basking in the afterglow of a successful 'mission'. She knew that she'd have to wake Chuck up soon and have 'the talk' and after that she would have to report to Arthur Graham about the future plans for the intersect. She already knew that she would recommend staying here in Burbank so she could keep a close eye on Chuck . Looking down at their nakedness, she remembered what she said to him last night and smiled. 'yep, he really does put the 'ass' in asset' she told herself as a big smile lit up her face.


Team Intersect had been up and running for close to six weeks and their success rate was unbelievable. Chuck was proving to be a huge help with their missions and both General Beckman and Arthur Graham were happy with his performance. Even John Casey seemed pleased with the way things were going, although he would never say that to Chuck.

Sarah was , of course, very happy and spent as much time as she could with Chuck. She had met his family and friends and seemed to be fitting in well with all of them. She wasn't looking forward to the next week because she had to report back to Washington for her annual physical which would include updating her birth control implant. She had been telling herself that being two weeks late was nothing to worry about and that her doctor would confirm that. After all, the implant was almost the perfect birth control and so what if she had put off replacing it by the recommended date. She was still under the five years that the implants were good for.


Chuck and Sarah were standing together, waiting for the call for the boarding of Sarah's flight.

"I'm gonna miss you , Sarah. Are you sure that I can't go with you?"

"I'm sure, Chuck. I'll only be gone a week and then we'll see about taking a couple of days of and going out to Lake Mead. Now, promise me you won't make Casey's head explode while I'm gone."

"I promise that I'll try to keep the head exploding to a minimum" Chuck said with a smile. Pulling her close, Chuck whispered into her ear, "See you soon. I'll miss you!"

"I'll miss you too" Sarah whispered before she turned and headed for the plane.

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