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A year later

Ichigo hissed as he felt claws dig into his soft flesh. He brought his sword down on the monster. Its scream pierced the air as it died, turning into black dust. His honey brown eyes looked behind him at his two sisters. He had to protect them, he had to. Poison raced through his veins, making it a race against time.

"Run, run now", Ichigo said loudly as another monster attacked.

Karin, the bravest of his sisters, refused but Yuzu grabbed her hand and dragged her away.

The monsters were called hollows.

They had arrived a year ago on the eve of Ichigo's sixteenth birthday.


Ichigo smiled as he heard his mother laugh. He had been complaining about his father's earlier antics.

They were alone walking the trail that led to Urahara's shop. Urahara was a strange man who had befriended his family a long time ago. One of the children Urahara took care of had fallen ill. So ichigo and his mother were going to retrieve his birthday present and say hello.

Suddenly a monster appeared on the trail.

It was a pitch black creature with two legs and four arms. A pure white mask adorned its face.

Queen Masaki's eyes widened in fear she hadn't seen a hollow in over twenty years.

The hollow let out an inhuman shriek before running in Ichigo's direction.

Ichigo stood frozen fear for a few seconds as his mother screamed at him to run. He did not have his weapon because he was behind the walls that protected the inner city of his kingdom. They should have been safe. Someone had let them in.

The will to survive and protect his mother kicked in, he ran intent on drawing the monster away from his tripped and fell.

Queen Masaki screamed before throwing herself in the monster's path as Urahara came to investigate the scream.

Ichigo was helpless to save his mother as she fell to the ground gasping her last breaths. He ignored his own safety and ran to his mother.

Urahara ran to them hoping to get them in time.

Ichigo unconsciously granted his mother's unspoken wish, for him to live.

Dark reddish black energy swirled around him and his dying mother before it touched the monster turning it to dust instantly.

Queen Masaki died in Ichigo's arms.

End flashback

Ichigo cursed as the hollow tried to follow after his sisters. He intercepted the hollow killing it. Pain raced through his veins as the movement made the poison move faster. Dammit I can't die now, he thought. He fell to one knee panting as his vision swam.

He heard footsteps and saw a dark blob moving toward him. He honestly thought it was another hollow but was proved wrong when the figure gently held him.

"Your highness? " The figure said worry evident in his voice. He knew that voice, it belonged to Byakuya.

"Bya.." Ichigo said weakly as the world faded away.

Five hours later

Unohana captian of the fourth division and the royal healer, was astonished. She was sure she had just witnessed a miracle. The young prince had been rushed to her division and he had been near death. She had done everything she could but nothing helped. She had been one hundred percent sure that the prince was going to die.

The king had sat near his bedside praying that his son would live. All of a sudden powerful energy filled the room in waves. Every wave pushed poison out of his body through the pores in his skin. Ichigo whimpered throughout the process but refused to cry even though he was in agonizing pain.

Unohana stood in the door way of Ichigo's room. She watched him sleep peacefully. The boy was special that was for sure.


Ichigo opened his eyes and found himself sitting under a blossoming cherry tree.

"Hello Ichigo", said a woman who had suddenly appeared next to him. Ichigo let out a manly squeak as he quickly stood up. "Ow" His head hit a low branch. "You almost gave me a heart attack", Ichigo said annoyed. The woman giggled much to Ichigo's embarrassment. "Why are you here…. Am I dead?" Ichigo asked.

"Your so cute", the woman said as she squished Ichigo into her bosom. "You're not dead I just came to tell you something"

"Let *muf* go *agh*can't *mrft*", Ichigo said against the woman's breasts. The woman giggled as she let him go. Ichigo gasped in much needed air, why did women always want to see if they could kill him with their breasts.

"What did you want to tell me?" Ichigo said with a frown.

"You have traitors within your kingdom", the woman said as she suddenly became serious. "They will not be who you expect them to be. One of them must be saved"

The news of traitors did not shock him. But what did she mean they wouldn't be who he expected… wait what else did she said. "What you mean I have to save a traitor?"

"Exactly what I saved.. oh our time is up", the woman said before disappearing..

"Wait you can't just leave", Ichigo said frustrated. The world went dark.

End dream and end chappie