A/N: It's hard to believe that this is the very last chapter, but it feels like the right time and place to end this story. I've enjoyed writing it very much and it makes me happy to know that you've all enjoyed it as well. In addition, I would like to give a veryspecial thanks to Steve aka cygnusx1 for being a great listener and for his helpful feedback. Thanks again, Steve.

Please enjoy the final installment of Call me.


Six months later…

LL: Hey, you (softly kisses the side of his neck, then his shoulder). Time to wake up, sleepyhead.

CK: Mmmm (sighs contentedly). Do I have to? (yawns)

LL: (punches him lightly on the shoulder) Someone has to make me breakfast after all.

CK: I don't feel like making breakfast this morning.

LL: Neither do I because I'm too tired after last night.

CK: What if I'm too tired after last night? (sits up and stretches)

LL: I've never seen you tired before (looks curiously at him).

CK: I am after last night (blushes).

LL: You are so cute when you blush (kisses him on back of neck).

CK: I wasn't the only one blushing last night.

LL: I was blushing all over.

CK: I noticed (teasing tone).

LL: Nothing gets past you (she teases before her tone turns serious). There's something I need to tell you.

CK: What is it (sounds concerned)

LL: (long pause) I know you had concerns about possibility hurting me when we became intimate for the first time, but I just want to tell you that you had absolutely nothing to worry about (softly presses her lips to his).

CK: Thank you, Lois (voice full of emotion).

LL: You don't need to thank me.

(He has a far-away expression on his face)

LL: What are you thinking about? (looks curiously at him)

CK: (sighs) I was just remembering Valentine's Day about five years ago when you were infected by that love potion-infused lipstick.

LL: I wish I could remember what happened that night (sighs).

CK: It's better you don't because it wasn't one of my finer moments. I disrespected you and you didn't deserve to be treated like that. If we had been together that night, it would have only been about lust and not meant much. Last night was about love and meant everything.

LL: I feel the same way (lightly touches his cheek).

CK: (smiles back) I also remember what you said to me in the loft the next morning.

LL: Refresh my memory because I said a lot of things that morning.

CK: (continues) You were so worried about whether or not we had sex that night - even though you didn't actually come out and say it in so many words. When I said I would have remembered it, you smirked that it would have been the highlight of my life and you were right. Last night was the highlight of my life (smiles).

LL: And don't you ever forget it (wags finger at him).

CK: I won't (sounds of rustling sheets and little giggles).

An hour later…

LL: You were amazing, Smallville.

CK: I aim to please (smirks).

LL: (rolls eyes slightly) So I want to know more about that thing you did with your tongue.

CK: You liked it?

LL: It felt as if there were thousands of tiny butterflies fluttering throughout my entire body.

CK: It's a sexual technique I read online called the Venus Butterfly.

LL: Really (sounds curious).

CK: I'd tell you more, but my lips are sealed (eyes twinkling with mischief).

LL: Not for long I hope (more kissing).

CK: What was that thing you did with your tongue?

LL: You'll have to be more specific.

CK: You traced a figure eight around my…well…you know.

LL: Say it, Smallville.

CK: I'd rather not.

LL: (looks at him curiously) So is dirty talk a weakness you didn't tell me about?

CK: Of course not (scoffs). What about all the flirting we did over the phone? Doesn't that count for something?

LL: (shakes head) I wasn't flirting with you. I was flirting with the Blur.

CK: (sighs) I guess I felt more confident flirting with you as the Blur.

LL: I think it all comes down to you needing more confidence as Clark Kent. I'd be more than happy to give you some lessons.

CK: Are you offering to be my tutor? (quirks brow)

LL: You bet your sweet ass.

CK: I knew you loved it.

LL: No, I don't (crosses arms against chest).

CK: Yes, you do. Just the other day, I bent over to pick up a folder you dropped and I felt your eyes on me.

LL: Keep dreaming, Smallville (smirks).

CK: You dropped it on purpose knowing full well I would pick it up for you.

LL: I did not (snorts).

CK: When I turned my head, I caught you licking your lips and staring at my ass as if it was a maple donut (pushes her down on bed and holds her down).

LL: Let go of me (struggles beneath him).

CK: Not until you admit it.

LL: (sighs) Fine. I'll admit it after you admit to using your x-ray vision to sneak a peek at my unmentionables.

CK: I freely admit it.

LL: (stares up at him with astonishment) You do?

CK: What's wrong with admiring my girlfriend's assets?Nice thong by the way(smirks mischievously).

LL: You are un-believable (chuckles lightly).

CK: I'll take that as a compliment (grins confidently).

LL: (rolls eyes) Fine. I admit to loving your ass. Now let me go already.

CK: Say the magic words, Lois.

LL: Please let me go? (batting eyelashes)

CK: You had me at please (winks as he rolls off her). I'm gonna get dressed and pick up something for breakfast (stands up next to bed).

LL: My mouth is watering already.

CK: (changes subject) So when is my first lesson? Do I need to bring anything to class?

LL: It's tonight and all you have to bring is that sweet ass of yours (playfully slaps his backside).

CK: (laughs) I'll go to our favorite diner. What are you in the mood for?

LL: Surprise me.

CK: (quirks brow) You don't usually like surprises, so I'll just give you a call when I get there and tell you what the specials are.

LL: You can call me any time (teasing tone).

CK: I know what I'd like to call you.

LL: (looks curiously at him). What do you want to call me?

CK: What if I told you I wanted to call you Mrs. Kent?

LL: (stares at him in shock) Was that a proposal?

CK: (smiles and kneels down in front of her) Lois Lane, will you marry me and become my Mrs. Kent?

LL: (long pause) No.

CK: What do you mean no? (jaw drops)

LL: I'm sorry, Smallville, but I can't tell our family and friends that you proposed to me while we were both naked.

CK: I can't believe I'm hearing this (still stunned).

LL: I know you may find this hard to believe, but I'm an old-fashioned girl when it comes to something as important as marriage (leans forward to softly kiss his lips). I have faith that you'll come up with something a bit more creative. Are you up to the challenge?

CL: I'm sure that I can come up with something that would satisfy your delicate sensibilities, Miss Lane.

LL: (grins) Now how about that breakfast?

CK: (gets back into bed) Breakfast will just have to wait a little while longer (rolls her over).

LL: What do you think you're doing? (cranes her neck to look back at him)

CK: I'm admiring your sweet ass.

A couple days later…

LL: Hello?

CK: It's me.

LL: I know it's you (rolls eyes). Can you tell me why you wanted us to meet at the phone booth?

CK: You'll find out in a few seconds. In the meantime, why don't you look up at the sky?

LL: Alright (hangs up).

(She looks up and smiles at the thousands of white rose petals drifting down on her from above)

CK: You make it hard to ask a simple question.

(She turns at the sound of his footsteps)

LL: You know I like keeping you on your toes (teasing tone).

(He walks over to her and gets down on one knee)

CK: Lois, I guarantee we'll have tough times. I also guarantee that at some point one or both of us may even think about getting out of this thing. But I also guarantee that I'll regret it for the rest of my life if I don't ask you to be mine - because I know in my heart, you're the only one for me.

(She gazes at him with glistening eyes as he takes her hand)

CK: (takes deep breath and holds out the ring) Lois Joanne Lane, love of my life. Will you marry me?

LL: Yes.

CK: (slips ring on her finger and stands up) I love you.

LL: I love you more.

CK: Not possible (lifts her off the ground and lays a passionate kiss on her).

LL: So how do you want to celebrate?

CK: I already have something special in mind, Miss Lane.

LL: That's Mrs. Lane-Kent to you (lightly punches shoulder).

CK: I love the sound of that (kisses her again).

LL: Uh…Smallville? (pulls away)

CK: (looks concerned) What's wrong?

LL: Why didn't you tell me that you're able to defy gravity? (punches him on the shoulder)

CK: I can't defy gravity, Lois (confused expression on his face turning to astonishment as he looks downward).

LL: (stares up at him with eyes wide open) You really had no idea?

CK: No (shakes head).

LL: Does this mean you can finally fly?

CK: I don't know.

LL: Why don't you give it a shot?

CK: I can't (sounds unsure).

LL: Why not?

CK: It's just that whenever I acquire a new power, it always takes a little practice before I'm able to master it. I went through five scarecrows before I was able to get my heat vision under control.

LL: I understand, but you told me that you've flown once before.

CK: I did fly, but it was only because I had fully embraced my Kryptonian heritage.

LL: I have every confidence that Clark Kent can fly us home so we could have our own private celebration before we announce our engagement.

CK: I would love nothing more (continuing to smile down at her).

LL: Are you waiting for an invitation or what? (quirks eyebrow)

(He sweeps her into his arms and launches them into the star-filled sky)

LL: I told you that you could do it (holding on tightly).

CK: You were right as usual (sounds amazed).

LL: So do you have any idea why all of a sudden you're able to fly?

CK: (thinks for a moment) Maybe loving you has given me the confidence to just go ahead and do it.

(She smiles at him as he lands on the front porch and carries her inside)

LL: Home sweet home (closing door behind them).

CK: I think you should change into something more comfortable while I open a bottle of champagne (setting her down).

LL: Aren't you going to change?

CK: It only takes me a micro-second to change into my boxers, Lois.

LL: I would much rather see you wearing what you wore the night we first met in the cornfield (blushes).

CK: It's funny you mention that because I was just thinking about you wearing the same thing (says in a husky tone).

LL: You can count on it, Smallville (using sultry voice).

CK: I think that's the first time you've called me Smallville since we got engaged.

LL: (grins) I think we should forget all about the champagne and get you out of these clothes instead (sound of buttons popping off).

CK: Impatient are we? (pulls dress over her head)

LL: I'm not the only one (pulling down his zipper).

CK: Not for long, I hope (sounds of ripping).

LL: That was my favorite pair of panties (scowls at him).

CK: They were in the way (smirks).

LL: You're gonna buy me a new pair from Victoria's Secret (more ripping sounds).

CK: Look who's talking. You just ripped my favorite pair of boxers.

LL: Fine. I'll buy you a new pair from Sears (smirks)

CK: (rolls eyes) I hope we're even now because we have better things to do (whooshing sound).

LL: I just love super-speed (grins widely).

CK: I know you do (sound of drawer opening).

LL: (stares up at him) If you think I'm going to let you use those on me-

CK: Too late (smirks).

LL: Damn you, Clark Kent! (scowls)

CK: I just love super-speed (smirks again).

LL: Now what are you gonna do to me? (stares up at him)

CK: I'm gonna let my fingers do some exploring through Little Lanie.

LL: Little Lanie? That's what you called it?

CK: I figured that if you can call my…you know…Clark Jr., then I can call your special spot Little Lanie.

LL: Special spot? Why can't you call it what it is?

CK: My parents didn't raise me to use such explicit words (laughs).

LL: You definitely need more lessons (shakes head sadly).

CK: Are you sure you want me to talk dirty to you?

LL: To be honest, just the mere thought of those naughty words coming out of your innocent-looking mouth is turning me on big time.

CK: I can tell (smirks).

LL: Very funny (rolls eyes).

CK: If you really want me to talk dirty to you, then I demand a sexy nickname.

LL: Such as?

CK: Kal.

LL: I'll call you Kal if you untie me right now.

CK: (thinks for a moment) Alright, I'll take them off, Miss Lane.

LL: That is sooo hot (teasing tone).

CK: That's why I said it (wiggles eyebrows as he gently massages her wrists).

LL: So can we talk about something else now?

CK: Sure (starts to kiss her behind the ear). What do you want to talk about? (moves down to her neck)

LL: (short pause) I've been thinking lately that you need a better name than the Blur.

CK: Something tells me you've already have something in mind (makes his way down to her shoulder).

LL: I was talking with Carter the other day and he reminded me about something that Nietzsche once said.

CK: (looks up) You were talking with Carter? (quirks brow)

LL: We get together once in a while for coffee and stimulating conversation.

CK: I used to read about Nietzsche in high school. What about him?

LL: (continues) Nietzsche once said that the true hero was the person who embraced the life that he or she was given and made it better. He called that person Ubermensch.

CK: Isn't that German for a super man?

LL: Yes (nods head).

CK: Are you trying to tell me you think that's what I am?

CK: Clark, you've finally embraced your destiny and become the savior that the world needs so desperately.

CK: (silence)

LL: Are you okay? (concerned look on face)

CK: I don't know what to say other than I love you (voice slightly choked).

LL: I love you too…Superman.