This is my answer to Aleine Skyfire's challenge. It involves a universe in which Sherlock Holmes and Watson know and interact with Granada Holmes and Watson. I've never done something like this, so hopefully it turns out ok. I had been wanting to do just a simple one shot, but I think this might have two or three little chapters.

"Watson, I really don't think this is one of your finer ideas."

I paid no mind to my companion as we walked rapidly down one of London's notoriously crowded streets.

"In all seriousness, Watson," Holmes panted. "It seems a bit too extraordinary, don't you think? I mean, as much as I have made fun of your stories for their romantic qualities, they did have a bit of charm to them. But what you are suggesting hardly seems probable."

"Sh, Holmes! I'll show you when we get there. Now the lady said to take a right at this corner…."

"But, Watson! Why on earth in this day and age would anyone be interested in recreating your stories and acting out my history? It just isn't done. And with all that nonsense about moving pictures and the like, it's not logical."

I slowed my steps and motioned for my companion to take a look inside the gated park.

"See, Holmes?" I said softly so as to not to draw attention from the busy scene before us.

Holmes pushed himself up off the wall and turned to take in the view, his eyes growing as wide as saucers. "By my mad aunt Beatrice! What is that?"

And truly the spectacle was one to behold. All sorts of people running about with mysterious equipment scattered here and there. One had hardly had time to take it all in before some unseen voice called out:

"Alright, Jeremy! That's a wrap. And could we get some more lighting over here? I know Holmes is supposed to appear melancholy, but not gothic."

The man called 'Jeremy' nodded before his gaze wandered over towards our direction and locked with a very stunned Sherlock Holmes.

"Told you so." I grinned.