They day was drawing to a close and Holmes began to mutter about wanting to go over his case files before midnight and I seconded the idea of leaving with the thoughts of a home cooked meal and a few hours away from the detective twins.

Jeremy cordially bid us farewell and David shook us by the hand with the invitation to 'come back soon'. It wasn't until we were out of the gated park and heading back towards Baker Street did I finally begin to vent my frustration over a complete waste of an afternoon.

"Holmes, you were right. This was a horrible idea. I should never have suggested we go."

Holmes regarded me nonchalantly while happily whistling and swinging his cane. "My, my, look who doesn't like the progressive future now, eh?"

"It hardly has anything to do with the future. It's this whole actor and script business that has me furious. My stories are true accounts, the words and places were all real. We are real. They are just people acting like us and reading words off a page."

Holmes smiled sympathetically before stopping at the end of the fence and pointing back at the lights and action going on without us. "Just because they are not you and me does not mean they are not like you and me. I found Mr. Brett to be a splendidly nice fellow and Mr. Burke just as pleasant. True, there are physical and personality differences, but they all have one main goal in mind."

I grudgingly turned and looked back on the busy scene where Jeremy and David were laughing together like old friends. It reminded me of all the humorous moments I had spent with the detective beside me.

"They may not be you and me," Holmes repeated softly. "But they certainly act like us. Just because they didn't share the same adventures you and I have, doesn't mean they are to be pushed away. They are trying to bring our adventures to others just like you have. We really are four of a kind."

And as I saw Jeremy Brett throw his head back in laughter at something David Burke said, I realized Holmes was right.