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Full Summary: Monkey D. Luffy's simple wish to escape his grandfather's torments led to a hoaxed wedding with a stranger impersonating the bride. In the land of One Piece, simplicity turns to complexity when the beholders of D are involved. The sham of a wedding will be the catalyst to pull the strings of destiny along with its players and becomes a quest to unravel a simple ploy that turns to a complex sinister scheme bound to stir up the peaceful world of One Piece. Strawhats Crew, Luffy/Nami & some Supernova. Slightly AU from the One Piece series that we love where the cast may or may not have the same relationship in manga/anime.

Genre: Mystery / Suspense / Humor / Adventure / Romance

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Players of Destiny



This story takes place in a land where enchanted powers, heavily advanced technology and different kinds of creatures exist. That kind of world shall be known as One Piece.

In this world, there is a thing called the 'Will of D'. A legacy passed down through generations by an ancient civilization that was said to have been obliterated by a deadly force. As of this time, a legend was foretold by prophets that those possessors of the Will shall rise again bearing the name of D and once more hold the flow of control in the land.

"The descendants of D's Will shall possess the power to open a new path where a luminous destiny awaits…"

... ...

... ...

...And this is what the very old, the very much older, or should I just say ancient folks used to say… not that we can ever clarify that because unfortunately, they all have… ahem! joined the millions of stars in the sky.


Players of Destiny

~ The Hoaxed Wedding ~



Chapter 01

A Tactic With A Bulletproof Failure


Half an hour had already passed since the wedding was set to start,


The exquisite bashful bride -present in every wedding- had yet to make an appearance.

A wave of uneasiness began to settle within the crowd, which were seated on the column of benches.

The wedding was set within a garden overlooking the ocean. The venue was decorated with white lilies and orange blossoms representing innocence and eternal love. The theme of the wedding was the groom's favorite color— red, while the matching color to go with it was chosen due to its flexibility with other colors, and mostly because this is a wedding, so the color of purity— white.

For a big wedding with a lot of invited guests, forty columns of benches were placed and aligned horizontally from each other. A red carpet was neatly laid down the middle.

People began chattering in whispers. Some felt nervous that the chances of the bride arriving at the wedding lessen with each ticking second. While others would steal glances of the groom, who was standing in front beside the wedding marshal, trying to mask the pity they felt with each glance they made.

Different pessimistic emotions were felt by the guests, on the other hand, the person who should be feeling the most distress of all was ecstatic by the whole thing,

That person is none other than Monkey D. Luffy,

The groom of this soon to be disastrous wedding.


Luffy tried his best to wear a dejected expression on his face, burying the happiness he felt inside.

'Okay, Zoro said I just need to keep thinking of unhappy thoughts to make myself depressed. So unhappy thoughts... ah! Just like the time with the food samples I never got to eat because I arrived too late…'

That piece of memory did dampen the young male's mood, it helped him think of another disappointing experience.

'Or that awesome newly developed ride in the amusement park, I wasn't able to try because it was considered too dangerous for the public during its one time "Free Customer Ride at Your Own Risk Test"...'

The depressing thoughts started to work because the young man truly felt gloomy, thinking about the chances he lost to experience new things.

Unfortunately, the fleeting thought of his grandfather finally giving him some space and privacy when the vice admiral learned that his only grandchild had been left heartbroken by his 'bride' -who will definitely jilt him in the alter- brought back his joyous mood.

'No! I need to control myself. I can't let people know I'm happy; I have to keep acting like I'm depressed.'

Luffy sucked in his lips. He tried his best to keep the smile off his face.

He swiftly glanced at his watch,

'Yosh! Just a little longer and I can escape this fake wedding! Shishishishi!'

During his whole life, Luffy came to the conclusion that the vice admiral Garp, which also happened to be his grandfather, made it seemed like his goal in life was to make the young man's existence miserable.

When he was a child, the old man would forcefully take him camping and fishing, then would leave him in a cottage in a forest or worse, up in a mountain. A day or two later his grandfather would nonchalantly waltz back to take him home as if he was gone for merely an hour or two.

When he grew older and reached his teenage years, the guy replaced camping and fishing with military training and activities that he would forcefully drag Luffy into. He had to admit that he enjoyed the fresh experience at first but, the military code and conduct and those annoying endless rules, not to mention his nasty captain and commander, drove him insane. Along with the appropriate punishment that accompanied breaking certain ground rules. Through these experiences, Luffy made up his mind that the strict controlling rules and ranks of military life weren't for him and even his fear of his old man wouldn't change his decision.

And now, at the age of three and twenty, his grandfather found another way to aggravate him by digging into his private sex life and women.

First, the old nagger would constantly ask him question like,

"Oi Luffy, you're hitting twenty, and you're still hanging around a bunch of men. Don't tell me you swing the other way? Bwahahaha!"

"Hey brat! You're getting older and the only companions I keep seeing you with are males. Don't tell me you're shy around women? Bwahaha."

"Listen Luffy, if you keep this up, your youth's going to pass by you, and you'll end up old and alone."

"You stubborn brat! It looks like I need to take things in my own hands because if I leave it to you, I'll bite the dust before I catch a glimpse of my great grandchild. Thinking how the child would miss going on mountain trips and sea adventures with his great granddad or missing to teach the child a few lessons of life make this old man's heart depressed..."

He then proceeded on setting him up with blind dates, in which Luffy took quite a while in finally understanding the concept, and that it doesn't involve trying to blind his female partners whom he thought were called 'date'.

In Luffy's simplistic logic, he thought 'blind date' was a game, meaning blinding a person named date so came the term 'Blind Date.'

He shuddered when he remembered how badly his ass was kicked by both his grandfather and his friend Sanji, even his other friend Usopp, who usually joined his antics, lectured him at how horrible things could have turned out, and it was a good thing no one was hurt, except for the building he destroyed.

The only good thing in the whole experience was he learned what blind date was, and thus, preventing him from making the same mistake. The vice admiral also stopped bothering him for some time.

Until... Came that long miserable night...

Even now, recalling that incident still send shivers up his spine.

After hanging out with the guys he came home in the middle of the night and found a girl –courtesy of his grandfather- in his bed! She was also naked he belatedly only realized much later that night...

Of course, the marines would come to investigate the incident of a naked woman thrown out of a glass window when it was reported to them. Afterwards, he was charged with kidnapping and rape that were immediately dismissed when his grandfather came and explained the whole situation and promised to pay for all the medical fees and emotional trauma the girl suffered.

Garp and Sanji, who heard what happened, gave him another good beating after that and even now, he was still miffed about it.

It wasn't his fault the first thing that came over his mind when he saw the woman was that she was a thief who broke into his home with the intention of stealing his food -he remembered reading a book about it, Goldi & The Bears was it?-, his natural instinct was to get her out of the house, and the nearest exit was the window... near his bed.

Anyway to avoid a similar scenario from happening again 'Operation: Fabricating a Tale by Usopp the great! -the italic part was strike out from the name- came to plan with the helped of both his long-time friends, Zoro and Usopp. The latter was posing as his best man.

Zoro suggested that he would leave such honor to Usopp,

'If I'm going to be in this fake wedding for quite a while, then I rather do it sitting than standing up. I'll even get to nap while I sit.' The older guy thought when he was telling Usopp to be Luffy's best man.

Zoro's kind gesture had brought the younger man to tears and promised Zoro that he will do his best for the role, almost forgetting that the whole wedding was a bogus and was never meant to happen if only 'Operation: Fabricating a Tale' had done the outcome they were expecting.

The day they had put the operation to work, Usopp had coincidentally met his grandfather and accidentally revealed how Luffy was planning to get married with his long-time lover in secret, saying his grandson kept his relationship hidden because he didn't want to bother and worry the old man. Of course, the whole thing was a lie, which was the reason Usopp became the perfect man for the job, after all, the guy was a master at the art of deception.

After the revelation to his grandfather, the three men seriously thought the vice admiral was going to back off Luffy's private life rather than arranged a grand wedding!

'So the plan got changed a little…'

The operation was now called 'The Coolest Secret Mission Ever: Mystery Fiancée', Luffy came up with the name on this one.

'At least the results would still be the same, there's really no bride so the wedding will be canceled, and maybe granpa would stay off my business for a while. Shishishi!' Luffy beamed at the idea.

"Psst! Luffy! Stop grinning you moron! Act like how a groom is supposed to act in situations like this!" Usopp, who was standing near him, spoke the reminder in a low voice that could only be heard by the groom.

'Oh right! I need to act like a groom who is about to get jilted by his bride.' He pouted, slanting his lips downward, which ended up looking like a puppy refused to be given a treat.

"You're a horrible actor. You looked like a beggar who wasn't given any food than a man who is about to get his heart shred to pieces." Usopp muttered in defeat. His comment received him a glare from Luffy.

"Well acting depress is really hard when I don't have something to be depress about!" Luffy retorted.

"I guess…" Usopp looked at him in a thinking manner. He stroked his hand under his chin.

"Even though you looked like a person who didn't get his favorite treat, at least you looked pathetic. The guest could still interpret it as a sign of agony in your part." He continued as an afterthought.

Luffy smiled in gratitude to the little comfort in Usopp's words, and then he quickly changed his expression to that of a dejected one.


The Mystery Bride...


Monkey D. Garp was inside the manor, waiting for the arrival of the bride since he volunteered to be the person who will lead the girl through the aisle and deliver her to the groom.

Garp learned that Luffy's wife to be was an orphan, which was the reason the girl had refused to meet with him until the day of the wedding. Usopp stated that Luffy's fiancée was terrified that the infamous vice admiral would reject the girl right on her face upon meeting each other, and he would object to the marriage of a mere orphan to his grandson.

The old man tried to argue, but Luffy was very adamant in respecting his fiancée's request. It made the only option available was to meet her during the day of the wedding itself, because by then, it would be too late and disgraceful to cancel the marriage.

"Hmph! Does that brat think I was born yesterday?!" The old man grumbled in a loud voice, as he rethought the incredulous circumstances behind this wedding.

"What the fuck are you grumbling about now old man??" A voice of a child commented beside him.

"Hey watch your mouth little girl, that's not any way a child should talk!" Garp gave the child with a flowing pink hair a light punched in the head, an act of discipline for her bad behavior.

"Did you just punch me old geezer?? I'm already twenty five! I can say whatever the hell I want!" The child with an upper cheek piercing below her right amethyst eye bellowed. She was mad that the old man dared to lay a hand on her.

Garp narrowed his eyes and punched the girl with all his might,

"You might be old in age Bonney, but whether you transform into a child or your original adult form, in the end, I'm still your elder. So show some respect!"

The adult woman, which was currently transformed into a child, lifted her tiny hands to gently massage the sore spot on her head, and at the same time she glared at the old man in defiance.

A rustling of leaves was heard outside, and both looked up with expectation evident on their face. As they further examined the scenery, they learned that the noise was caused by the breeze that blew towards the manor.

"Hmph! What was I expecting when I knew this whole wedding was a sham to begin with. No matter how long we stand here and wait, a bride will never arrive!" Garp complained while ungracefully plucking a booger out of his nose with the used of his pinky finger.

"Wha~~t??! Are you saying a marriage is not happening?! No joyous wife and a husband? What about the reception?? And the unlimited access to a buffet of food?? Oh hell! That's the only reason I agreed to be the flower girl in this damn marriage!!!" Jewelry Bonney screeched in outrage, receiving another fistful from Garp.

"Didn't I already told you that such words shouldn't be coming from the mouth of a child!" He yelled in a scolding tone, similar to the way he used to discipline Luffy.

"Besides how can a nonexistent bride become a wife!" The vice admiral muttered in annoyance.

"How sure are you on this anyway? Do you have any proof?" Bonney asked, being civil for once.

"Geh! I don't need any evidence! I'm quite sure it's fake! That grandson of mine can't even look at me in the eye every time his fiancée is the subject of our discussion! And another thing, what kind of a name is Nami huh??!!" Garp wore an unbelieving expression, his eyes lazily slanting to the side as he let out another grunt.

"Nami? That's the bride's name? I think I heard from somewhere that it means the wave of an ocean." The girl scrunched her face in concentration, digging inside her brain for information.

The vice admiral snorted in reply,

"That's not what I meant! That name! It's so obvious that the boy probably got the fake name of his imaginary lover from his favorite restaurant! I remember that the name of the place is… 'Sanji's Hub ~ Plaisir Mina' (Sanji's Hub ~ A Delight to Everyone)." The old man was so sure that his simple-minded grandson interchanged the two syllables of the last word of the restaurant to come up with a name for his fiancée (Mina = Nami).

"Ahhh… No wonder the name felt so familiar. Now it makes sense." Luffy's caretaker when he was a child butted into the conversation.

"Dadan! What are you doing in here?" Garp turned to the over-weight woman, whom came walking towards them.

Dadan was the woman who was forced to take care of Luffy by Garp when he was a child. The old man stated that he would turn a blind eye to whatever business the woman was running as long as she took in his grandchild.

"I'm checking for any signs of the bride. The guests are becoming uneasy in there…" Dadan replied, a hint of nervousness was present in her tone.

The older woman took out a cigarette and began to smoke it to calm her rigid nerves.

"You mean you believe this sham? From someone in your line of work, I thought you were smarter than that." Garp looked at the underground traffic agent with skepticism.

"I-I don't know what you're getting at, but I'm that idiot's mother! Therefore, even if the whole world doesn't believe him, I will stand by his side. So if Luffy says there's a girl he plans on marrying, then it is nothing but the truth!" She declared boldly -a courage she only seemed to possess when it concerns Luffy- so unlike her usual cowardly nature.

"Bwahahaha! Looks like the boy is doing you some good. You've gotten gutsy since I last saw you! I knew I've done right when I left Luffy in your care." Garp stated proudly.

"Wh-what? You don't know how much trouble you've given me by leaving that moron in my hands! And I'm still annoyed by it!" Dadan countered defensively, trying to hide the motherly affection she felt for Luffy that had developed over the years of looking after him.

"S-so you really think the bride won't show up?" She continued, changing the subject of conversation.

"Hmph! I can smell the fakeness of the whole event ever since that friend of his mentioned the secret marriage thing! That's the reason I pushed through this event. I wanted to see how much that grandson of mine can endure the pressure before he breaks and is force to tell the whole truth!" Garp was back to picking in his nose.

'Although, I'll admit it is admirable he stuck out to this lie until the end. And now that I think about it, maybe I should have hired a detective to uncover the truth because that would have been much less-expensive…'He comprehended, a sweat drop forming on his head.

"Anyhow, I swear if a bride doesn't show up within a couple of minutes. I, myself, am going to cancel this marriage and drag that boy to military! That would teach him some manners to never mess with your elders. Bwahahaha!" The old man brightened from his foul mood when he found a reason to bring back his grandson in his field of work.

He was too focused in his little fantasy that he failed to notice the petite figure standing behind him, until, the person tapped his right shoulder softly,

The vice admiral turned to face the person. His eyes met the almond irises of a tangerine headed woman.

"Erm... I'm terribly sorry for being late. I'm sure he must be very worried, and you must be his esteemed grandfather. It's nice to meet you sir." The girl placed a cute smile on her face, it was a gesture to charm the old man and get on his good side.

Garp cocked his eyebrow in puzzlement,

"Excuse my rudeness young lady… but who are you?"

The lady in question only beamed at his inquiry.

"Y-y-you! Is it not obvious??!" Dadan stuttered. She struggled to decipher whether the young woman standing before them wasn't a hallucination.

"Wha?? That can't be! This—oohh~~"

'That brat even hired an actress! Is he really going to take it this far? Does he think I just plan on giving up on this whole thing when everything starts to get serious? Hmph! We'll see, the moment that boy mutters a word of objection I'm going to give him a lifetime punishment he deserves!'

"Bwhahahaha! Well, it seems that things had just gotten interesting!" Garp stated, a mischievous glint present in his eyes.

"Great! Now we can get this damn thing over with and continue to the reception!" An excited Bonney cheered.


An Almost Ruined Wedding Saved By A Belle.


"Psst! Usopp, I'm starting to get bored. Can't I go yet?" Luffy ran out of energy of trying to stop himself from being happy. He now had lost interest in the whole thing and was fidgeting in his spot.

Although, his restless movement did help his circumstances since the crowd thought it was due to the grooms growing anxiety due to his missing bride.

"What the hell are you saying you idiot?! Do you think this is some kind of game we could just run away from?? If this whole scheme gets discovered, we are all going to die by your grandfather's fist!" Usopp hissed in a whisper.

Luffy shuddered at the thought. He sighed loudly in disappointment and replied.

"Okay, I understand…"

"But it doesn't change the fact that this is really boring! We should have thought of a more exciting plan. Who's stupid idea was it to do this?" the groom complained again.

Usopp started at him in disbelief,

"It's you and your grandfather's stupid idea!"

He referred to Luffy's mystery fiancée ploy and to the crazy wedding his grandfather concocted.

"Now sshhh! People might hear you!" A vein already popped on his forehead with his teeth similar to an edge of a saw. Usopp had to use all his self-control because it would be one hell of a scandalous sight if the best man beats up the groom on his wedding day. He settled in taking several deep breaths.

The two young men noticed the posing marshal Sengoku eying them in skepticism. He opened his mouth to say something, but thought against it. He settled in muttering something beneath his breath, which was something along the lines of…

...Garp's problem, I don't care what happens anymore…

Luffy heard shuffling of clothing brushing against each other.

Then Brook -a famous musician commissioned by his grandfather to which Brook willingly accepted the offer due to a favor, he owed the vice admiral- started playing the wedding theme.

'Eh? What's happening? Why is the wedding music being played?'

Luffy became confused, and he noted that Zoro was wide awake from his slumber, his friend appeared to be gawking, fixated on something at the back of the garden.

Next was Usopp, who had grown quiet and was sweating profusely, his complexion had turned white as a sheet with his eyes bulging out of his eye socket. His jaw fell all the way to the floor.

Luffy had grown very curious to what his two friends were able to see. He took a step closer to the aile and tried to catch a glimpse at the back portion of the aisle.

He noticed that everyone had faced the back of the garden and Bonney, currently in her child's form, was skipping on the red carpet. She threw the flower petals in a lively and uncoordinated manner.

He could tell that Bonney's action of scattering petals on the ground wasn't what caught everyone's attention because their eyesight was beyond her.

So he waited...

It wasn't long before he, himself, witnessed what everyone was fussing about.

Monkey D. Garp, his grandfather, was leading some unknown girl wearing a beautiful white gown on the red carpet.


'... ... ...'

Luffy was very puzzled by what he saw. He could feel his instincts rise and alarmed him that this was something about to create an obscured impact on his life.

"Hey Usopp! What the heck is that?" Luffy asked his friend in a desperate manner. He had an inkling idea for the purpose of the lady in long-silky-fluffy-ivory gown. He just absolutely refused to acknowledge it.

The best man, finally getting over his initial shock, replied,

"I-I-I... I don't know..." Usopp stammered. He tried to find another logical explanation than the one he came up with upon laying eyes on the girl who was currently walking side by side with the vice admiral, and try as he might, he couldn't come up with another viable reason for her presence.

"But..." the young man pause to gulp, postponing the words he was about to utter.

"I think that is supposed to be your bride?— Luffy." He continued. He was having a hard time understanding the situation.

"I see... so that's a bride." Luffy calmed down a bit. He was glad to find an answer for his question.

It took his brain quite a bit to process the meaning of this new-found information.

'... ... Ugh!! EEEHHH???!!!'

When the full realization hit him, Luffy's entire demeanor copied the state of his best man a few moments ago. Several sweat beads slid down on his face. His irises disappeared in the whiteness of his eyes and his jaw hanged in a bewildered state. His complexion paled similar to a ghost.

The wedding, although, a quarter an hour late from the set time, began with the set schedule.

The gloomy atmosphere had vanished and in its place was the joyous air that was often found in weddings.

Different festive emotions were felt by the guests now that the bride had arrived. On the other hand, the person who should be feeling the most ecstatic felt his whole world crashing down,

That person is none other than Monkey D. Luffy,

The groom of this soon to be disastrou- -scratch that- soon to be prosperous wedding.



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