Chapter one of 'Spirit and Soul' New friends

It's been four years since they left the digital world and came back to reality. The whole gang (except Tommy) is now going to the same school. Did I mention that they're in high school? Yes they made it to the last leg of their school career (I'm not counting collage.) J.P. is a senior, and the rest are juniors. Koji and Koichi are now living under the same roof, given their parents are still separated, they switch weekends. Every other weekend it their moms house and vice versa. Takuya is the captain of the varsity soccer team and already has tons of scholarship offers. J.P. lost weight and gained some muscle, he is now the quarterback for the school's football team. Now for Zoe she is now head cheerleader and is dating J.P. No, you read that right, J.P. and Zoe are dating, going out, boyfriend and girlfriend, whatever works for you. Lastly, cute little Tommy, well he's no longer that little. He is about as tall as Zoe and is turning out to be a fine young man. (Man, I just sounded like an old women, XP) Anyway, he followed in Takuya's footsteps and became the captain of his own soccer team. Of course during this time they had made new friends but, two stood out more than the others. Their names are Celeste Mariposa and Seria Montia. They are cousins or primas from Salvador in Central America. Zoe met Seria at a Cheerleading tournament and they had become fast friends. They figured out they went to the same school and Seria had told Zoe that her cousin was moving there in a couple days. So Seria had invited Zoe and her friends to come and watch Celeste compete in gymnastics meet. At first not everyone wanted to go (*cough* Koji *cough*) but, after a little persuasion everyone came. So as the lights dimmed and the tumble mat lit up, they met Celeste, in her leotard glory. (Always wanted to say that!) After her tumble run and her uneven bars routine, she met up with her cousin and her new friends. Celeste was politely indifferent and only spoke to her prima (1*).In Spanish. Very fast Spanish. Then she won first place and Takuya (always the encourager) told her that she did good. And from there sparked their weird but, close friendship.

So enough with the past, let's get with the now!

"Hey! Celeste, wait up!" Takuya shouted to his female best friend. Celeste shook her head in amusement; he was always running to catch up to her. When he finally reached her, he looked at her apparel. Her dark hair was down, which was unusual because normally it was up in a ponytail. The dark locks flowed down to her shoulder blades and curled there. Her bangs covered half of her face and kept getting her eyes. Takuya brushed it behind her ear and smiled, "What are you so dressed up for?" Indeed she was dressed up; she had on a black dress that barley reached her knees. It was low cut but, she solved the problem of showing too much skin by wearing a black tank top underneath. Her shoes were a pair of strappy black sandals. This was shocking because Celeste never ever wore a dress, especially if people outside of her family saw her.

"I have to go to a stupid launch party for the company." Seria and Celeste's family owned the famous M&M recording studio. They had just signed a hugely popular singer and apparently they were having a huge launch party. Celeste looked Takuya up and down with a look that said 'I have an idea.' "Why do you come?" Takuya stared at her for a couple of seconds before turning on his heel and walking away. Celeste ran over to him and grabbed his arm and turned him to face her. "Come on, I'll get everyone else to come too. Please?" She begged, clasping her hands in front of her.

Takuya rubbed the back of his neck with his hand and looked away, "You know I'm horrible at parties like that." He looked back to her pleading face and sighed, "All right, all right! I'll go! But, only if you get Koji to come too." He stuck out his hand, "Deal?"

"It's a deal." She smiled and looked at Takuya for a couple seconds before asking, "You're about a 32 in pants, right?"

"Yeah…why are you asking?" He raised an eyebrow suspiciously and crossed his arms.

"Oh, no reason. I was just curious."

"I can't believe you made us wear suits." Yes, Takuya Kanbara was wearing a suit, an Armani suit. In fact all the guys were wearing them. Koichi and Koji looked dashing and super model like. J.P. looked handsome and very mature. Even Tommy looked grown up. Takuya looked like a fish out of water but, a very cute fish. Wait, did I just think that Takuya is cute? Celeste looked away with a blush on her cheeks. What was wrong with her? "Hey are you okay? Do you have a fever or something?" Takuya placed his hands on either side of her face causing her blush even harder.

"I'm fine! Let's get this over with." She grabbed his hand and led him into the party room. There were a bunch of people crowding the room. Takuya recognized some celebrities that were signed to M&M. Others he didn't even know, they hadn't even walked four steps before someone squealed and hugged Celeste hard.

"Niña! Que bella tu estas! Quein el? Tu novio?" (2*) The women said. Takuya stood there confused as Celeste grew flustered.

"Tía! Él es solo mi amigo! No mas!" (3*) Celeste told the women. Seria walked over to them and smiled an apology, "Sorry she got away from me." She turned to the older women, "Vamos Tia," (4*) Takuya watched as they walked away and when they were out of hearing distance he asked, "What did she say?"

"Go look it up on Google translator."

A/N; okay I used Spanish in this, and I have the translations;

Prima- female cousin

Niña! Que bella tu estas! Quien él? Tu novio? - Baby! How pretty you look! Who is he? Your boyfriend?

Tía! Él es solo mi amigo! No mas! - Aunt! He is only my friend! Nothing more!

Vamos Tia- Let's go Aunt

Lastly this was inspired by alicelouise'x own story, so go read her story after mine. Oh, and please review! ^^