Chapter Four.

The six teenagers sat around Bokomon ready to hear the myth about the guardians.

"Well it was said that two guardians of Spirit and Soul watched over the land and kept it in harmony along with the Celestial Digimon. After the war with Lucemon, they vanished. Gone without a trace except for the message they left with my ancestors." Bokomon told them.

There was an awkward silence then as Bokomon let it sink through the heads of the teenagers.

"Well, get on with it!" Takuya said impatiently.

"Hmph! They said that they will awaken when the digital world needs them most but, only if you find them." Bokomon said rather irritated.

"Okay and what does this have to do with anything?" Koji asked, not really getting it.

"It was also said that they were the queens of the digital world! Through what I've heard from my grandpa, Lucemon locked them away before they could stop his plans." Bokomon had been waving his arms and had smacked Neemon in the face, but he didn't notice and he kept going, "I think I have an idea where they might be but, I'm not sure… "

Koji stared at the white digimon a couple seconds before saying, "You knew where some crazy strong digimon were, the 'queens of the digital world', and you didn't tell us last time we were here?"

"Oops, I, um, forgot?" Bokomon said nervously.

Celeste and Syria sat close to each other holding each other's hands. They had been told to stay put and to not do, touch or even look at anything. So naturally they were bored, but they were also scared shitless. Celeste, being the smarter of the two looked for way to escape their jail, but to her anguish they were stuck.

"This is great. We finally get on stage, then we get kidnapped. Life's a bitch." Seria said fuming.

"Calm down. We need to figure out a way to get out of here." Celeste told her cousin sternly.

"Oh, I don't think you'll be going anywhere anytime soon." a woman said wearing witch's clothing. She held a clear pipe (and I mean the kind you play) in her right hand, "Now, I heard you both love music. Would you care to listen to my song?"

The witch raised the pipe to her lips and let her melody flow through the air…

Celeste and Seria listened to the first couple notes and realized that something wrong was happening. Two short measures of the ugly shrew's (as Seria named her) song and the girls couldn't raise their fingers. Celeste tried calling out but she couldn't get her mouth to work. The terror of a monster from walked back in after the shrew returned her pipe to her side.

"They will now do whatever you so desire, Lord Arkadimon.''

"Good work Arukenimon. You are dismissed." Arkadimon said quickly, "Send in the pathetic digimon outside."

"As you wish Lord Arkadimon." with those final parting words, the shrew left.

Two small digimon ran in after her departure. They handed Arkadimon something and quickly ran out again.

Arkadimon smiled, if that was even possible. He turned to the two paralyzed girls, "Rise."

And they did so.

"Let me introduce you to your new bodies…"

"So how are we exactly going to get there?" Koji asked.

They all were still in their formal wear. The sun was blazing hot and Takuya had taken off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves to his elbows. He had also unbuttoned three of the white shirt's buttons to reveal his tan chest.

Koji had taken his shirt off completely, showing off well-toned body that would've had all his fangirls swooning. Koichi and J.P. had taken off their jackets and rolled up their sleeves.

Tommy had taken his dress shirt off to reveal a black t-shirt. Zoe had taken off her shoes and placed them in her purse.

"Well assuming that Arkadimon hasn't already got them under his control…" Bokomon began and then trailed off, realizing his mistake.

"Wait, what do you mean?" Takuya asked clearly lost.

"Well, I may have left the part out where whoever wakes the Guardians has complete control over them, yeah I might have…" Bokomon said, slowly backing away.

Koji groaned, "There's still a chance, right?"

Bokomon nodded and Neemon copied the white digimon.

"Well then, we'll have to take that chance!" Takuya exclaimed, raising a fist.

Angemon, Terriermon, and Angewomon smiled and turned to face each other. They raised their hands and a golden light, similar to the one that had saved them, appeared between their palms. Objects appeared in the harsh light and the group of humans began to squint their eyes. Takuya grinned as he made out the familiar shape.

"I think it's time to give these back to you all."

The multi-colored D-tectors flew towards their respective owners, they stared at the devices with a happy gaze.

Koji looked at the small screen and wondered out loud, "Are they still in there?"

Angewomon nodded gently, "They volunteered to stay in the D-tectors in case the digital world ever was put into danger again, for the digidestined use." she walked over to the group of humans, "We can teleport you to where we believe Arkadimon's hideout is. Once you're there we can't help you. Arkadimon has set up a force field around the island so that our powers won't work there."

Angemon and Terriermon stepped up beside Angewomon, "See you guys soon!"

And with a flash they were gone.

Arkadimon grinned at his newest addition to his ever growing army. Now all he had to transform the second one into Tetramon. The first one had placed herself in front of the other one so he had turned her first.

"Miramon, hold her down so I can infuse her with Tetramon." Arkadimon asked the digimon to his left.

"Of course, Lord Arkadimon." Miramon said as she stepped from the shadows. She stood at 5'7 and wore black ankle boots that gave her an extra inch. In her long red hair a black band with bat wings at her temples, wrapped around her head. The shirt she was wearing stopped below her breasts and was low cut. The sleeves gripped her forearms and hung loosely around her wrists. Her skirt hung low on her hips and only reached her knees. Two large bat wings spread out behind her.

"Celeste? Why are you doing this? Stop!" Seria shouted to the monster her cousin turned into.

Miramon's cold expression didn't change as she held Seria's arms behind her. Miramon's cold gold eyes bore into her green eyes, "Because my Lord asks me to," Miramon said in monotone. On the inside Celeste was screaming and crying, Seria, I-I can't stop myself! I can't! Help, someone help!

Arkadimon chuckled darkly, "Be quiet, and it won't be too painful…"

He walked towards Seria with a glowing sphere within his claws. Seria's eyes widened, as soon he touched Celeste with that, she had turned into that thing…

Arkadimon took in the girl's wide, frightened, eyes and her tense posture. He motioned for Miramon to bring the girl closer; she did just that. Arkadimon took the glowing sphere and pressed it into the crook of her neck.

She was on fire; everything was burning and searing her skin, along with everything inside of her. She screamed. She writhed in Miramon's grip, struggling to free herself from the burning sensation. Miramon let the struggling girl out of her grasp, allowing Seria to drop to the floor with pain. On her hands and knees, her back arched up letting the two bumps on her back, underneath her shirt, become visible. Seria clutched her hands to her aching head, the unbearable pain seemed to be centered there.

Her hair grew down to her knees and turned black as night, from her original light brown. Feathers appeared in the dark locks, with barely enough contrast to be able to tell that they were there. Her eyes turned from green to gold. The canine teeth elongated to a sharp point and the two bumps ripped themselves free, to reveal the masses of downy black feathers. Her clothes melted away with a bright light, to have new clothes magically appear on her body.

Around her now 5'8 frame a black lacey dress wrapped around her curves. The collar reaching to her neck; the sleeves clung to her arms and a pair of black leather gloves covered her hands. The skirt stopping three-inches above her knee; black ballet flats covered her feet and ribbons crissed-crossed all the way up to her knee, above the sheer black tights.

'Seria' stopped screaming in pain and stood up, "How may I serve you…Lord Arkadimon?"

And this an alternate way Kouji could've taken off his shirt. It was written by my wonderful beta alicelouise'x!

Kouji stood up and with one tear he tore off the right sleeve of his dress shirt, doing the same to his left sleeve. After he did that -failing to notice the unbelieving looks Takuya and the others gave him, he unbuttoned his shirt and then looked up at them.

''What?'' he asked confused as he saw everyone staring.

''Is there a reason you just tore your sleeves off?'' Takuya asked, raising an eyebrow.

''Uuh.. Well I figured if we'll be fighting-'' Kouji stammered.

''He thinks it's manly.'' J.P. sniggered.

''Shut up.'' Kouji muttered and turned he back on him, folding his arms.

Takuya caught on what J.P. had meant and a broad grin spread across his face.

''Ooh, you're so manly, Kouji. Show me your muscles!'' Takuya squealed and started pinching Kouji's upper arms.

''Get off me, Takuya!'' Kouji yelled what caused Takuya to jump at him.

''Oh Kouji!'' he squealed rather femininely, ''Kiss me!''

Yeah.. That went to far for everyone and they all walked away.

''GUYS! HELP ME!'' Kouji shrieked, his voice an octave higher in stress.

Takuya had pouted his lips and was attempting to lay a big wet slobber granny kiss on him.

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