Chapter 1


In the middle of July, everything was peaceful in Varrock. There hadn't been any crime for about a month. Everyone was happy. Business was great. It was a wonderful place to live.

But, in the southern parts of Varrock, a plan was coming together. A plan of crime. By the most clever group of thieves that Runescape has ever seen. They were planning on ruining Varrock's time of peace.

This group consisted of 3 girls and 4 guys, all very skilled in thieving. The leader, Blake, had a plan to steal from the Varrock Bank. Then, steal from the Grand Exchange.

This plan, however, was going to take a lot of patience. The group had to make sure the plan was perfect. They had to have costumes that nobody could tell that it was them while they wore them. They needed perfect placement, perfect timing, perfect everything.

Blake had dark black curly hair and a thin, muscular body. His mysterious face made a lot of the girls want him. He always had a serious look on his face, but when he was smiling he looked friendly and open. He had dark brown eyes. He was definitely the brains of the group.

Blake's girlfriend, Shadow, was the best thieve of the whole group. She usually didn't go with exactly what was planned, but in doing so got more money. She was loud, outgoing, hot headed, and sure of herself. Though when she wasn't talking, she blended in perfectly with the rest of the world. She wore a lot of different disguises, but her main outfit came down to a white beret that placed nicely over her black hair with spiked pigtails, a vyrewatcher shirt and bottom with high heels to give it that extra sexy look, white gloves so she left fingerprints on nothing, a thieving cape, and a white scarf that flowed along with her hair. She also had green eyes that blazed a warning to any challenger.

For being a world class thieve, Shadow got a lot of attention, most of it being from boys. She was incredibly sexy and athletic. In different disguises, boys drooled at Shadow's feet. Shadow knew very well of this and she lapped up the attention.

Blake was aware of the boys liking her in certain outfits, and he didn't like it. As much as he loved money, he loved control. He felt he could control Shadow, and he didn't like the boys hitting on her.

Mallory, a girl who had been in the group for 2 years, never liked Shadow. She was jealous. Sometimes she would screw up and then plan would be foiled. Then the guards would come. Mallory had dark blonde hair, green eyes, and a light tan. She always wore long sleeve shirts. And she had a big mouth.

The group of thieves were now crowded close together behind a houses wall that was close to the Varrock bank, discussing their very well thought out plan.

"So, once Shadow gets inside the bankers' area, then she steals some gold from back there and sneaks back behind, gets money from some of the stalls then she gets the key to the downstairs dungeon and gets gold from there? How will she not get caught in the back?" Mallory asked, clearly not understanding the plan.

"She has a banker uniform under her wizard clothes, she just causally walks back there like a normal employee, then she walks quietly in the back, asked some of the bankers for help, say that she's a new employee, grabs some money, find the key, takes the key. And then we're all good." Blake explained.

"Can't see how you wouldn't manage to understand that. He's said it 6 times." Ronaldo said, rolling his eyes.

Ronaldo was sarcastic, cynical, and rude. He was very muscular, but lean. His dark brown hair softly curled and his dark brown eyes always were always moving, capturing everyone's movements. He had great hearing and knew anything that an enemy would try to use in a fight. His thieving skills were almost as good as Blake's. He was also Shadow's older brother. They came to the group together and had each other's backs every step of the way. They had a rough past together but neither of them would answer when confronted about it.

"Well excuse me, I was just trying to make sure I had everything right." Mallory defended herself.

"Yeah, that's it Mallory. I bet you'll screw it up like you did the last time. I'm surprised we still got the gold." Amphetro said.

"How much do you bet?" Narmo asked.

"100 pieces of gold." Amphetro replied, grinning.

"I'll hold you to that." Narmo said.

Amphetro and Narmo were dating. Amphetro was a girl with long blonde hair, soft pink cheeks, and light green-blue eyes. She would definitely turn heads. She had curves, always wore skirts, to show off her legs, and skinny tops.

Narmo had black hair and light blue eyes, he wasn't very muscular but he was strong. His muscles were mostly in his legs. He was a runner. He never liked to stay in one place at a time.

"Wow, you guys are so immature." Mallory complained.

"Your point, missy pissy?" Marcus asked.

"We're old enough to act like adults instead of silly little kids." Mallory argued.

"Yeah, but we're thieves, it doesn't count. We're breaking the rules all the time. So why not break these rules too?" Marcus said.

"You are so stupid." Mallory said.

"And you're a prick." Marcus replied.

Marcus had brown hair, brown eyes and was muscular. He tended to annoy just about everyone. And he knew it. He enjoyed bothering people. A lot of the times in the plans he would either mess with people's heads, or mess with them while fighting, he tends to get into people's heads and piss them off.

"So when's this all going down?" Ronaldo asked, tapping his fingers on the wall.

"Tomorrow. Mid-day. We'll all meet up at the front of the castle. Except, we all have to be separated, like in our other plans." Blake explained.

"Then we all wait a little bit, then follow in, act like normal people, stand in a long line, then Blake gives Shadow the sign and bing, bang, boom, we get the gold and everything's all good, we go home. And that's it." Marcus said with a smile.

"It cannot be that easy." Mallory argued.

"If you screw up then it won't." Amphetro replied with a raised eyebrow.

"I won't screw it up. This one's way too easy to screw up."

"You just said that it can't be easy..." Shadow said confused.

"No I didn't." Mallory disagreed.

"Yeah, you kind of did." Marcus added to the argument, loving the chance to annoy Mallory.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Mallory said.

"Wow." Ronaldo said quietly, clearly annoyed. He put a hand over his face in a face palm and shook his head.

"Anyways, we have to make sure that it goes smoothly. So no screwing up. This is too big to screw up on." Blake told them. "Okay, now this meeting is over. Meet up here, tomorrow, 11 a.m."

As everyone but Blake and Shadow left the wall they had met up at, Shadow started making conversation with her boyfriend.

"Well, that was interesting. But coming from Mallory, I'm not surprised." She said, then laughed.

"Yeah, she does that a lot, huh?" Blake smiled a little.

"You excited for tomorrow?" Shadow asked, holding Blake's hand.

"Yeah, but I'm always excited when we're about to steal things. Especially something this big of a job."

"I'm glad. We're definitely going to do a good job. No matter if Mallory screws up or not."

"She had better not. I'm getting tired of her screwing up, to be honest."

"Me too. We'd probably be better off without her..." Shadow said almost to herself.

"Eh, I wouldn't completely say that, I mean, she's good at what she does. But I hate it when things don't go according to plan."

"Of course you'd say that, you don't want the team to split up."

Blake shrugged. "I'd do what I'd have to do for my team. Even if it's hard. I still wouldn't like it though."

Shadow suddenly sighed and leaned back at the wall. "I wonder how long this will go on…or if we will ever get caught."

Blake raised an eyebrow. "You, worrying? That is not like you."

"I've been running and stealing my whole life. Is it so wrong to wonder when it will end?" Shadow asked him.

"As long as it doesn't end tomorrow." Blake said sternly. His gaze then softened and he crawled over to sit closer to Shadow. "Anything can happen, though."

The look on his face was of knowledge, something that, clearly, Shadow didn't know was coming. And she wouldn't see it coming until it did. These thieves were both great at stealing, and tricking people. Even people of their own team.

It was the next morning, the day of the big plan. Shadow was walking to the Varrock Bank as casually as possible like any normal person. She had a black wizard cloak on with a hood over her face. Under the cloak she wore a banker employee disguise, stolen of course. She had by mistake stolen a uniform that didn't really fit her so the skirt would turn into a mini skirt. She didn't really mind that, all the more attention from boys.

She had gone through the plan over and over in her head last night. Was she nervous? Hell no. She's done this all her life. If anything she was excited.

As she came closer to the bank, she made a note that Blake and Ronaldo were already there in noob disguises on different sides of the bank. Marcus was in a monk disguise with a dagger safely hidden under it outside the bank. When he saw her approaching he turned to Blake and nodded. Blake nodded back from across the room and turned to Ronaldo.

"Yo noob! You scammed me out of 5k! Give it back!" Blake yelled in a slightly high pitched voice.

"You're calling ME a noob? You're the noob!" Ronaldo yelled back.

At this, Blake lunged at Ronaldo and they began to fake fight. This was Shadow's cue. While everyone was distracted trying to break up the fight, Shadow quickly ripped off her wizard robes, revealing a banker employee disguise and jumped into the back where the other bankers were.

She noticed that all the female bankers had their hair in buns and she mentally cursed herself for keeping her hair in her spiked pigtails.

As the bankers began rushing to pull Blake and Ronaldo apart, Shadow casually looked around and in a swift movement stole a large bag of money that was marked '1m' and had a person's name on it. She quickly placed it on the edge of the banker stall she was at and made a signal with her hands. She continued to steal little bags and put them on the edge of the stall as the fight between Blake and her brother continued and Amphetro and Narmo used their mage skills to use telekinetic grab on the bags of money without being noticed. Everything was going according to plan.

As the bankers finally called the guards who dragged out the two guys, Shadow quickly took out one last bag of money and then stood there like a normal banker.

"Whew! Been a while since we got that much action." A female banker commented to her friend that was next to her stall.

"That's what she said…" A level 125 passing by muttered with a grin.

The female banker suddenly noticed Shadow and walked up to her. "Hi…I haven't seen you around here before."

Shadow cleared her throat. Luckily, she was a master of disguises AND voices. She quickly made her voice sound more mature and professional. "I just transferred here from the bank to the east." She improvised.

"Well, I'll need to see some ID. We can't just let random people who say their bankers come in here you know." The banker told her.

She nodded, prepared for this. She pointed to the tag on her uniform that said 'Lucy Baker'.

The banker looked her up and down. "That uniform is a little small on you, don't you think?"

"Hey, there's people who can work smaller sizes…", Shadow looked her up and down, "and people who can't."

The banker let out an indignant scoff and turned back to her stall.

Time for the next part of the plan.

Shadow turned to a male banker that was on her other side. "Hi." She began. "Do you know where I can find the key to the dungeon downstairs?"

The guy turned to look at her with a glare that quickly turned into goggle eyes as he got a good look of her and her legs. "Uh…well…" He stammered. "I-I'm sorry but new recruits aren't allowed to have the key." He smiled nervously as he began sweating.

Shadow raised an eyebrow. Perfect. It figured she was lucky enough to pick a horny level 32 to ask this. "Aw…" She pouted as she walked until she was right in front of the guy. "But I would give *anything* to get a good view of the whole dungeon." She traced her hand on his chest as he sweated more.

"A-Anything?" He asked nervously his face growing red and his body burning up.

She leaned until her mouth was right next to his ear and she whispered, "Anything…" in an almost seductive tone.

The man quickly searched his drawer and handed her the key that was inside it and held it out to her. "I really shouldn't be doing this…" He muttered and then smiled. "But you're worth it."

She smiled and then took the key. She blinked multiple times before tickling under his chin and whispering "Meet me in the empty room in the Varrock castle."

The man's eyes widened before he yelled "I'm taking the rest of the day off!" and ran outside the bank.

Shadow twirled the key around her finger. At least she had the calling of a seductress if this career didn't work out.

She quickly edged toward the door to the dungeon and unlocked the door. She looked around to make sure no one was watching before she slipped in and closed the door tightly behind her.

As she made her way downstairs, she stopped halfway to listen if anyone else was in there. When all there was squeaking from rats, Shadow crept down the rest of the way before she was standing in front of the gate.

Her eyes widened as she saw what was behind the gate. Gold, gold, and look at that, more gold!

"Jackpot…" She whispered under her breath as she carefully unlocked the gate. She reached in her banker uniform pocket and took out a large bag that still didn't look like it would be big enough to fit all the gold. At least she could swipe a couple mil.

As she swiped as much gold as she could carry into the bag, she kept looking back where she had come. She shouldn't have to worry though. By now Blake and the gang should be causing another distraction outside, leaving her to leave without being noticed.

As the bag became too heavy for her to carry, she began to head for the door. She heard a lot of commotion outside so she should be safe.

But suddenly, something caught her eye and she turned around.

In the very back, just sitting on the table, was a BLUE party hat. They were worth almost 1b!

She dropped her bag of cash and carelessly rushed toward the party hat and grabbed it. An alarm went off right as the party hat left the table and Shadow covered her ears.

"Hey! You there! Freeze!"

Shadow turned around to see four guards pointing crossbows at her. Not good…

"Drop the party hat and face the wall." One of them ordered. "Now!"

Shadow looked at the party hat and at them, then smiled. "Nah."

"Nah?" One of them growled. "I said now!"

"Ok, I'll drop something." In one swift movement, she took out an orange button, pressed it, and threw it at them. "Catch!"

One of them caught it with a confused look on his face before it blew up and a cloud of fog formed. This was Shadow's chance.

Party hat in hand, Shadow rushed past them easily through the fog and cleared the stairs in one bound. She pounded open the door and rushed to the nearest exit. But stopped in her tracks when she saw about 10 guards pointing at her with crossbows. Where was the gang?

She tried to turn back but the guards that were downstairs were blocking her there as well.

"Must be an ugly guard convention somewhere…" She commented loudly.

"Shut up! Drop the damn party hat!" They ordered.

"Geez, someone doesn't know how to treat a lady." Shadow said as she slowly put the party hat on the ground.

"Face the wall!" They ordered again.

Shadow shook her head with a sly grin.

"We'll shoot!" They warned, putting their fingers on the triggers.

"Go ahead." Shadow taunted them. "Bet you can't hit me."

At this, the guards pulled the triggers at the exact same moment Shadow back flipped into the air. She forced it enough to land on top of a guards head outside and she pushed off his head and ran into Varrock square.

"Stop her!" She heard the guards yell behind her.

"Can't catch me troll faces!" She yelled over her shoulder. This was just too fun…

"DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT!" Blake was screaming, kicking at the wall. Shadow had messed up his plan. SHADOW! Of all the people…and he was furious.

"Blake, calm down. We all make mistakes…some of us more than others." Marcus commented, making a sly glance toward Mallory.

"Shouldn't we be more concerned about Shadow's safety right now?" Ronaldo asked, sounding like a concerned big brother.

"It was a simple job." Blake clenched his teeth. "Get the money, we cause a distraction, and get out."

"You heard what happened, an alarm went off." Amphetro said in a monotone.

"That is not the point. She's the best thieve we have and she messed up. I mean I would expect this from Mallory." He pointed at the blonde who opened her mouth to make a scathing remark but was cut off. "But not Shadow. She has messed up our plans and nearly got us caught too many times…" He muttered.

"What are we going to do about it?" Narmo asked.

Blake paused before finally muttering. "We are going to kick her out."

"WHAT?" Ronaldo yelled in outrage. "You can't do that!"

"I can and I will. And unless you want to go with your precious little sister and spend your life outrunning the guards AGAIN, you will go along with it."

Ronaldo looked away. He was torn between loyalty to his sister and loyalty to the group. He had a good thing going here, they were surviving and the best thing was he didn't have to outrun the guards anymore. He was safe here…

"I think we are in agreement." Blake came to a conclusion.

"Yes! Yes we are." Mallory smiled. "She had this coming for a long-ass time."

"She messed up a lot, true, but in doing so she got us more money." Amphetro tried to reason with them.

"What do you think are the chances she got us ANY money at all this time?" Blake glared at her.

She turned away, not wanting to answer him.

"So, it is settled. If she gets away from the guards, she's out."

Shadow yawned as she sat on the crazy fortune teller's roof. It was fun to watch the guards scramble around below her like little ants at first, but she needed to get back to the gang. She got up and jumped onto the rood next to hers.

With any luck, the link of roofs should lead right to their meeting place.

She was upset that she had let the party hat slip out of her hands, but at least the gang would be glad that she was ok. It was still fun after all. Better luck next time she figured.

As she reached the last roof, she saw right below her was the gang. "Where were you guys?" She called down to them. They all jumped and looked wildly around. "Up here geniuses." Shadow said in amusement.

They all looked up. "Shadow! You're ok!" Ronaldo called to her in happiness before shutting up as Blake fixed him with a glare.

"We had to get out of there because YOU screwed up. Not me, you." Mallory smiled proudly.

Shadow jumped down and landed squarely on her feet. "Sorry 'missy pissy'." Shadow rolled her eyes. "I tried to get a blue party hat and got busted." She began to tear off her banker uniform, revealing her regular clothes under them. She pulled down her vyrewatcher pants that were pulled up for the skirt and put on her white beret.

"Where is this 'party hat'?" Blake asked her calmly.

"Had to drop it to get away from the guards. Honestly, can't Varrock have the decency to hire attractive guards?"

"And where's the money?" Blake continued questioning.

"I know what you're thinking. But I dropped it because a blue party hat would have been a really big steal. I still got you 2m from the stalls though." She defended herself.

"A measly 2m." Blake growled.

Shadow flinched at his tone. "I said I was sorry. We'll just have to do better in the Grand Exchange job."

"There will be no Grand Exchange job! You have the guards on alert and all over the place."

"So? We'll just try somewhere else. What's the big deal?"

"The big deal is I am sick and tired of you nearly getting us caught."

"But Mallory does worse than me all the time!"

"That's not the point. You're a professional. You should know better."

"Yeah. Idiot." Mallory smirked.

"Shut up Mallory." Blake growled.

"So what are you trying to say exactly?" Shadow glared.

"We have come to an agreement. You are out of the gang."

Shadow held her glare. "So everyone agrees with this?" She looked around at everyone's faces whose all turned away.

Her gaze rested on Ronaldo and she walked up to him. "Even you, Ronaldo?" She whispered in a harsh tone.

He didn't look at her.

"So much for 'always having each other's backs' huh?" Shadow hissed through her teeth. She was referring to a pack she and her brother had made while they were on the run together from guards.

She turned away from him and turned back to Blake. You will regret this you know." She glared at him through fiery green eyes. She began walking toward the gate that led out of Varrock, surprisingly there were no guards.

"You will never survive out there by yourself!" Blake called out to her. "No one on the run from the guards alone can escape prison for long. They'll catch you in no time." He was determined to see at least a glint of fear in her eyes.

But when she turned back to look at him her eyes were defiant and she called back in a firm voice. "I'd like to see them try." before running through the exit from Varrock without looking back.

~To be continued~

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