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Harry's P.O.V.

Mr. Weasley starts the car and we start moving again.

I was about to ask percy what the monster was when Hermione lets out a small squeal.

"Oh my God, Percy! Are you okay?" Ron and I look back at him. What I see startles and confuses me.

Percy's shirt had a huge rip in it, like someone went after him with a knife– but he was just fine. This confuses me because, by the look on his shirt, he should've had a big slash in his stomach, too. I guess this was what Hermione was worried about too.

Percy looks confused for a moment, then looks down.

"Oh...yeah, I'm fine."

"Oh Percy!" Annabeth says. now, I expected her to be jumping all over him, checking for cuts and wounds, kind of like Mrs. Weasley does to us when we come home from Hogwarts. But instead, she looked kind of annoyed.

"That was my favorite shirt of yours!" She pouts.

Percy grins. "Sorry, Hun."

Annabeth huffs at him and turns back to the front.

Percy rolls his eyes and, noticing Ron, Hermione, and I still looking at him, says, "I'm okay, guys. Really."

"Okay, but what was that thing? Why did it come after us? How are you okay, with that hole in your shirt? What happened outside? Where did the thing go?" Hermione bombards him with questions.

Percy looks blankly at her.

" lost me after the first question. My attention span isn't that long."

Annabeth snorts. Hermione, ignoring Annabeth, thinks for a minute to gather all of her questions.

Finally, she says, "Who are you guys?"

I thought that summed it up pretty well. It was a good question, too. Even if Mr. Weasley couldn't tell us, I'm sure they could.

Our guests share a look, silently conversing with their eyes. Then, Percy says, "Sorry, guys. We're not allowed to tell you that yet."

"You're not allowed?" I ask.

Percy smiles. "Dumbledore's orders."

Hermione, Ron, and I groan. there was that phrase again: Dumbledore's orders.

"Not to mention," Nico whispers to Percy, again, so quietly that I almost couldn't hear him, "we don't have permission from our good ol' Uncle Bolty-Breath."

Thunder claps outside. It was strange and out of place; the sky was cloudless.

"Sorry." Nico mutters. Sorry to who?

"Bolty-Breath?" Percy inquires, also in a quiet whisper, raising his eyebrows with amusement in his voice.

"Yeah, it's what my dad calls him. I just got it from him, I guess."

"I glance at Ron. He shrugs; he doesn't get it either.

It was silent for a few moments.

Then, Hermione says, "So, where do you all come from?"

Percy says, "Well, I live in New York."

"I recently moved to San Francisco." Annabeth says.

"I move around too much to really say." Thalia says.

"I'm like Thalia, but I usually stay in New York for longer periods in time." Grover says.

Nico says, "I live in California."

"Wait, how do you all know each other if you all live in different places?" Ron asks.

Percy glances at Annabeth, then says, "We all go to the same summer camp. Plus, Nico, Thalia, and I are like cousins."

"Like cousins?" Hermione probes.

"Yep." Percy says, popping the 'p.'

Hermione huffs, knowing she won't get any more information out of him.

You've been mentioning this camp of yours a lot." I say. "What's it like?"

"Camp Half-Blood? It's one of the best places on earth. It's–"

"It's a greek-themed camp for dyslexics and kids with ADHD." Annabeth cuts him off.

Percy glares at her.

"So, that's why you couldn't read the sign at the airport." Hermione muses.


As for the ADHD, I just really then noticed that none of them could really sit still. Annabeth was fingering her cap, Percy was drumming his fingers on the armrest, Thalia was twisting her bracelet, and Nico's leg was twitching. Well, all of them except Grover. I wonder why that was?

After that, it was silent again.

When about five minutes pass, Nico growls loudly, "It's too quiet! Hey, Percy, one–" Percy grins mischievously. "–two...three!"

"We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!" Percy and Nico start to sing.

Annabeth, Thalia, and Grover groan while the two sing on.

"Not this again!" Annabeth sighs. "They were singing that the whole plane ride!"

"It was weird, though, seeing them clutch the seat and sing at the same time." Thalia says.

Hermione and I were laughing (Ron and Mr. Weasley didn't get it; it was from a muggle movie, after all).

Percy and Nico finish the song loudly just as we get to the Burrow. "Because, because, because, because, because! Because of the wonderful things he does!"

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