I have a challange for all you Shake It Up! fans.

It's a slash challange so if you don't like, then don't try it.

It's also primarily Ty/Tinka!

Ok, so here's the challange!

Duece is secretly crushing on Gunther, who's in love with Ty. Unfortunatly for Gunther, his sister is dating Ty.

The fic must start in the Shake It Up Studio when Duece challanges Gunther to arm wrestling; that's where Duece seduces Gunther.

The other criteria includes, Gunther using Duece, a Ty/Duece kiss, and CeCe, Rocky and Tinka scheming to get Duece and Gunther together!

I would like smut and lots of it, but if that's not your thing, then okay.

So pairings should include Ty/Tinka, Gunther/Duece, one-sided Gunther/Ty, and slight Duece/Ty. If you want to, then you can pair up CeCe and Rocky with OMC's.

Have Fun!