Tamaki stared intently into the glassy, half circle eyes of Usa-chan. One long, pink ear was dangling down to the side of it's little bunny face.

Shifting uncomfortably, Huni held his beloved bunny closer to his slender chest. The other, taller blond leaned closer, his nose a scant few centimeters away from the dark pink embroidered nose of the stuffed bunny. It stared back with wide, blank emerald eyes.

"Tama-chan, what're you doing?"

The room was deathly quiet with the host club in its entirety and their guests watching intently as Tamaki stared down a stuffed toy.

"Its alive," Tamaki answered, followed by the tittering of 'princesses' who thought him to be joking.

Haruhi scoffed. "You're ridiculous sempai." the cross-dressing girl muttered darkly, offering a smiling girl to her right a fresh cup of tea.

Tears sprang to Tamaki's wide violet eyes as he pulled back violently, spinning in place to face the dark haired girl.

"NOOOOOOoooOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOO! That's cruel! Daddy's serious, that bunny is alive and evil!"

"Hari-chan is not evil!" Huni answered indignantly, nuzzling his chin into the top of the bunny's head.

"Who?" several voices questioned.

Huni lifted up the bunny to present it to the room in general. "My grandma Minevra said that was his name when she gave him to me!"

A.N: So this the first of what will hopefully be a hundred crossover oneshots, following in the pattern of the 'If wishes were~' bandwagon. I wanna continue some, some have no chance of being turned into a legit story whatsoever. This is one of the ones I wanna continue. Like really bad. And yes, Harry is Usa-chan in this story. In an ideal world this is meant to be a Huni/Harru pairing in which Huni is the dom... dunno how that would work. But! I love Ouran/Hp crossovers, so you can expect a bunch of these in this venture especially ones where Harry is paired with huni or Nekozawa as those are my two favourite pairing. This felt appropriate as the first chapter, cuse I'm punny. Anywho~ most will focus on Harry, but not all! I've already got two or three starring Sirius and one of Hermoine (in the Jyu-oh-sei world for those of you who know the series, LOL! No more books for her!).