Dear Heidifox,

I take your challenge and twist it ruthlessly into something beyond recognition.

~((Excellent Narrative Comrade!))

Harry jumped lightly, looking around the large forest he had, for lack of a better term, magically found himself in. The place was huge and so thickly vegetated that there was barely a square inch of clear ground and almost no light to see by although the few rays which made it through the thick treetops told him it was midday. The air was moist and there was a feeling in the air that was entirely foreign to him, a sort of power that he knew wasn't human but couldn't actually place.

What's more, he was being followed. Not once had Harry seen the thing that was trailing after him but something in the very back of his mind was so convinced that there was something that he didn't feel like it was at all possible his paranoia was wrong.

He was going to kill Ron for bumping him down that well.

Harry sighed, a long silent exhale so he could hear in case the thing following him slipped up and made a noise of some sort, while pulling his cape closer about his body. It wasn't very long, although quite voluminous, coming to about his hips with an attached hood pulled up over his head. Most noticeably it was red, a bright, vibrant color approximately the shade of a ripe strawberry.

Hermoine had given it to him as a joke, a strange sort of spin off of a running joke between them born from his hair (which had progressively lightened and lightened as they spent more time out and about in the world) turning to a decidedly strange shade of red. Coupled with the fact that he hadn't a proper hair cut in nearly two years and he apparently looked far more like his mother, which lead to jokes of him being girly (not the sort of jokes he was all that receptive to considering how sensitive he was about his lack of height) which in turn made the strange leap to Little Red Riding Hood jokes.

Harry didn't quite understand the leap in logic, but sometimes with Hermoine it was better not too.

The whatever it was behind him stepped heavily on a thick stick and the resulting crack reverberated through the silence, slicing it easily.

Harry jumped a foot or so, turning his head quickly to search for the source.

"I-I know you're there!" He announced, eyes darting around frantically.

Through the trees came a laugh, dark and husky and entirely too smug.

The man, as the follower surely was, responded and it took Harry half a moment to realize the language he spoke in wasn't English.


Oh thank god, one he could actually talk to someone older than a three year old in.

"I'm sorry," Harry murmured, stepping lightly as he worked closer to where he knew his stalker was hiding despite the voice in the back of his head strictly urging him to stay away. "What did you say?"

The man did not answer, shuffling around just out of sight.

Harry swept red bangs out of his eyes, careful not to knock his glasses, and took another step forward. Through the tree he caught a brief glimpse of a dark brown ponytail and fur. "Um..." the young man bit his bottom lip softly. He wanted to prompt the other man out of hiding, if only to help protect his somewhat teetering sense of sanity. "My name's Harry. Who are you?"

Again the other man shifted, this time further into his view. He was very tan and very muscled, wearing fur and armor and a dark ponytail high on his head. With his light amber eyes and golden skin, the man had a decidedly wild look – further encouraged by his dangerous smirk and the wolfish shape of his eyes.

Oh lord it was the big bad wolf.

"I said," the man's voice was husky. "My name is Kouga and you're mine."

Harry had half a second to wish he had listened to his paranoid voice that was still screaming run.

Then Kouga pounced.

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