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Two teenagers climbed off the bus and looked at the building that stood on the other side of the street. The School of Alternate Learning. That was the name of the place where their mother had enrolled them. The two had been homeschooled most of their lives, and now she suddenly had decided to let her boys grow up on their own.

However, neither seemed especially happy about it. Leviathan didn't think that making them go to a boarding school was the best idea as it meant exposing his younger brother to the teasing of other students. Alexander was a bright fourteen year-old who, after kindergarten, had skipped two grades to end up in his older brother's class. Kids can be especially mean, and Alexander was subject to many mockeries and bullying.

One boy, two years older than Leviathan, went too far one day and the protective older brother picked a fight which ended with the other boy going to the hospital for a broken arm and what was suspected to be a severe concussion. Leviathan had immediately been expelled, and so his mother had decided to home school him. Alexander had refused to stay in school without Leviathan and so she had him taken out of school as well.

Leviathan had thought that it was the perfect arrangement, Alex would be safe from other students, yet he would still learn a great deal from their mother. But her sudden decision to send the teens to this special school frustrated Lev, who could not even begin to understand why his mother would do such a thing. And as he thought about all this he never realized that he was grumbling out loud. Alexander hit him gently on the arm with his book.

"Mother isn't doing this to hurt us. I loved learning with her, but to tell you the truth I was starting to miss talking to people my age, or at least close to it. Don't you want to make friends too, Lev?"

"Why would I want to make friends?"

In truth, Leviathan also was curious to see how well he'd be able to make friends, and he did feel like his role of father figure for Alex was becoming a little heavy on his shoulders. However, he would never admit that to his little brother, so he decided to just stop complaining. They crossed the street and showed the two men guarding the door their student passes. They had to wait while one man checked with the principal, who then said over the radio that he'd be right over to escort the two new students. A few minutes later, a tall dark skinned man arrived at the gate, which was promptly opened to let the teenagers in.

"Welcome to SAL. The last time I saw you boys was shortly after you were born, Alex. You were probably too young to remember me, Leviathan. I'm Kiros Seagill, I run the school."

"I've seen pictures of you. Our mother has a few pictures of you and of the others who helped save the planet during the last Sorceress war. You're President Loire's husband now if I'm correct," said Alex.

"We never got married, but we do feel like we are sometimes. At least we have the arguments of a married couple from time to time," said Kiros with a smile.

The three stepped into the main building and the teenagers looked up. The hall was four stories high, and you could see the other floors. Sometimes you could also see people if they were near the railing. A staircase was on the right, and an elevator was beside it. Kiros gave them a moment to look before asking them to follow him to his office. They walked straight ahead, passing a few classes before arriving at the end of the corridor, where a giant was guarding the door. Alexander's eyes widened as he recognized the man.

"Sir, is that Ward Zabac? He hasn't changed at all from the pictures!"

Kiros laughed. "Yes, Ward does seem to be eternally young, but appearances are deceiving. He's having as hard a time with aging as I am. He can't lift his weapon anymore, though he wished he could. I'm luckier, my weapons have always been light, so I can still train with them if I don't overexert myself."

The man invited them inside and the two teens took a seat on the chairs that were in front of the desk. Kiros also took a seat, and he reached into a drawer to get the two's folders.

"So your mother tells me you've both been homeschooled for a few years."

"Yeah, I was expelled after I beat up an idiot who wouldn't leave Alex alone."

"I couldn't go on in school without Lev, so I was homeschooled too. Mother hasn't directly told us why she is sending us here, but I think it might be so that we can be with people close to our age."

"She hasn't given me a reason either, so your guess is as good as mine. But I do know your mother would only do things for your benefit. Well, in any case, you arrived just in time. Things may be a little hectic with classes starting tomorrow, but almost all students have arrived already so there will be plenty of people to help you settle in. I know someone who just finished putting his things away, so he'll be able to show you your rooms, and then give you a tour," said Kiros as he took out a cell phone and speed dialed someone.

"I must point out that you will not be sharing the same room," he added.

Leviathan narrowed his eyes, but Alexander calmed him by putting his hand on his brother's arm. "That should be alright. We will have our classes together thought, right?"

"Most of them. There are some classes that you will have separate, but only because you don't both need them. Also, magic tutoring is done one-on-one with the teacher, so those will be separate as well."

Alexander nodded. "That will be good. I have a question not related to classes."

"Go ahead."

"I'm not sure if you'll have an answer, but it's worth a try. Our mother talked to us about the other children, the ones named after the Guardian Forces, but she never mentioned who had them. When she talked about them it was only briefly. I was wondering if there was a reason why she never said anything more."

Kiros was thoughtful for a moment. "Well, after the Sorceress war, many of us went our separate ways. We didn't see each other much at first, keeping touch mostly through letters. Then we started visiting each other, but your mother never really seemed interested in reconnecting with everyone. But she did allow me to visit one, which is the the only reason why I saw you boys when you were young. She must have had her reasons."

"I see. So all the Guardian Forces children were born to the saviors? And are any of those now-teenagers here at the school?"

"All were born to someone who was somehow associated with the Sorceress War. And you two are the last ones to join the school. Most of the other children have been here since they were in sixth grade. You'll get to meet them soon enough. In fact you'll get to meet one in a minute. One of my sons will be showing you around."

The door was thrown open, and an older teen came in, glaring over his shoulder at Ward. Then, the redhead turned to Kiros.

"Why did you text me? And tell the ape to leave me alone."

Ward tried to hit the teen, but this one caught his hand easily.

"Stop trying to break my skull, Zabac."

"Stand down, Ward. What did he do to make you angry?"

"Hey, why do you think I started it? He's the one who's trying to kill me," said the teen.

Kiros rolled his eyes at his son. "Ward wouldn't start something. Now what did you do, Ifrit?"

"I tell a harmless joke about what mom does when he misses you too much, and the gorilla wants me dead."

"And what exactly did you say that Laguna does?"

Ifrit raised an eyebrow. "You want me to say it in front of the kids?"

"Hmm, no. Whatever you said, don't say it again."

"So, why did you text me?"

"I want you to give these two a tour. Show them their rooms, and the school."

"And where are you putting them?"

"I'd like to have Alex with Carbuncle, and Leviathan with Quetz."

"Fine, I'll help you this time. But just so you know, you interrupted a very productive meeting I was having."

"But I don't want to know," said Kiros, pretending to be looking for something important. He raised his head soon enough thought. "Are you at least protected?"


"What? It's my job as a father to make sure you're safe, right?"

Ifrit shook his head and motioned for the other teens to get up. "I'll go take care of the task you gave me, then I'm coming back and you and I are going to talk."

"Isn't the adult supposed to say that? You're reversing the roles."

"I'm not reversing the roles, father. We are going to talk about me, but if you want me to be the parent, we can discuss you and mom's habits. For old men, you still go at it fairly often. I'm kinda scared I'm going to get another brother."

"Ifrit, don't talk about Laguna and I so openly!" exclaimed Kiros, trying to hide a blush. "We're too old to have another child anyway, so you should worry about getting another cousin, not about getting another sibling."

"Is Seifer still trying to convince Squall to get pregnant again? If he wants another kid that bad, he should offer to be the mother this time around. After giving birth to bitch and bitchier, I can understand why Squall doesn't want to play mother again."

"Seifer doesn't think pregnancy would suit him."

"He's scared, that's all he is. Well, I'll get going for real now. Come on, guys," said Ifrit, motionning at the brothers.

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