H'okay, so I haven't wrote fanfics in like forever. This idea just HAD to be done in my opinion. I used the name Xiao for Hong Kong, because it's one of the potential names for his character, also, I think it fits the best since he lives right by Yao [Don't get me wrong, I think the name Leon is ADORABLE for him~]. Also, if you can understand the song reference in here, that means my love for you burns even MOAR. Characters will be introduced throughout the chapters AND the rating might change~ Anyhoo, enjoy~!

The sun shone brightly through the window of Yao's home. He sat at the table, sipping his tea as he watched Kiku tinker with his new phone. It was a normal day for Yao, except today, he was deep in thought.

"Hey Kiku", he began, putting down his cup ,"I visited Xiao yesterday..."

The man across him did not look up, but listened intently ,"Yes?"

Yao began to trace out the ring the cup left on the table ,"And I have taken notice that he speaks fluently when it comes to his English... Why might that be?"

Kiku drew his attention away from the phone, looking up at him with thoughtful dark-amber eyes ,"Well, that is a good question". He tapped his fingers on the table, rationalizing on why this may be. Finally, he has come up with a theory.

"Doesn't he get plenty of letters addressed and written in English?" he asked, continuing onto his theory ,"And they also come from Europe".

"And your point is?" Yao sighed, leaning his head on the heel of his left hand.

"Well, the only man in Europe that speaks in English is Kirkland-san", Kiku replied ,"He must be visiting Xiao in his spare time and teaching him English-" At that moment, Kiku was led to a startling revelation ,"They also do look alike in some way..."

"You're right!" Yao jumped up, his gold eyes ablaze ,"I need to go see Arthur now! I have some questions for him-"

"Wait!" the Japanese man cried out ,"How are you going to get there?"

Yao shrugged in response ,"I guess I'll have to take a car..." He glanced over at Kiku, smiling ,"You still have that gift from Alfred, right?"

"Yes", the jet-blacked hair nation tilted his head in a perplexed manner ,"Why do you ask?"

Yao was becoming nervous, glancing at the map now and then. Even though there was a GPS system installed into Kiku's RV, Yao could not use it. Reason why?

When he turned it on, a strange Western voice began to speak to him, frightening him into pressing random buttons on the screen, which connected him to a woman from On-Star. After she asked for his case of emergancy, he smashed the GPS in with the fire extinguisher he discovered in the back of the spacious vehicle.

"Aiya! What a scary demon woman!" he shuddered at the memory of the voice, still glancing at the map.

Following the routes with his eyes, he began to panic ,"Wait! This isn't right!"

He slammed on the breaks in the middle of the road, looking around.

He slumped in his seat, reading the map frantically ,"Wasn't I supposed to turn there? No wait... I did turn- No! I got off the wrong highway!"

He noticed that there were no other vehicles in sight, only miles of land. It was empty... Almost, too empty.

"AIIIYAAAAA!" he shouted in frustration, smashing his head into the steering wheel, setting off the horn.

It was a humorous Spanish song- Something about cockroaches maybe?- that was used in almost every RV made by Alfred. Maybe he could have picked something more... American, Yao rubbed his abused forehead , Like that little Canadian girl who is popular with all those fifteen-year-olds.

Just then, he heard a thunk on the roof of the RV. Startled, he ran outside of the vehicle, to see what it was. A bird? A meteor? Maybe that Canadian girl he was previously thinking about?

He peeked in front of the RV to see a man lying face down in a pink, tattered scarf.

"Aiya- Sir!" he ran over to him, kneeling by the injured men ,"Are you alright?"

The man looked up, blood running down from his head and nose ,"I have been better, da?" he smiled.

"Aiya! You're bleeding! Here, let me get you some bandag-" he was interrupted by the sickening crack of broken cartilage.

"It is alright, you see", the man smiled, a strange accent hinted in his words ,"I guess I miscalculated a little too much on the drop? I didn't mean to startle you".

"Y-Yes, i-it's fine", Yao replied sickly, his face pale.

"Oh, let me introduce myself comrade", the man was still grinning, standing up ,"My name is Ivan. Ivan Braginski, da".

"I-I'm Yao..." the Chinese man stuck out his hand ,"Wang Yao..."

"Nice to meet you", Ivan looked at his RV in awe ,"It looks even better up close! I only got the top view while I fell on the roof of it".

"Y-Yeah... would you like to come in for a bit?" he offered.

"Da, that would be nice comrade", he walked into the vehicle, looking around inside ,"Hey~ Why is the GPS smashed in-"

Yao began to make wild gestures, laughing nervously ,"Haha, don't worry about it! It was already like this when I got it, haha! Maybe some drunk did it, haha, or some crazy man! Haha, I-I didn't do it, that's foolish! I swear I didn't, haha! I didn't just take a fire extingusher and smash it in because of a demon possessing it, haha!"

Ivan looked at him with a puzzled look ,"O-Okay..."

After inspecting the interior of the RV, he flopped down on the chair in the kitchen, smiling in content ,"Da, such a nice place, I wish I would have one of these..." He turned to the long-haired man ,"So, you are on a vacation of some sort, da?"

"Err... I guess you can say that", Yao cleared his throat ,"Actually, I'm driving up to Europe".

"Oh how nice", he smiled ,"Da, I was on my way there too. In fact, I think I'll join you~! Da, it will be a fun little road trip!"

"W-Wait, I never said you could-" Ivan creeped up close to him, a cynical smile curling his lips, his violet eyes filling with a sadistic twinge.

"I will join you, da?" his voice became scratchy and dark, making Yao shake ,"And you will make me food, or I will cut your head off, da?"

The horrified man nodded briskly, as if it was his only way to escape death. Soon, the sweet innocent smile returned to Ivans face ,"Okay! I will be in the bedroom! I want the top bunk!" He ran into the room, leaving Yao flushed of all color.

He almost collapsed, scurrying to the front of the RV. He locked the door behind him, flopped down into the drivers seat, and buckled his seatbelt lightning-fast.

He let out a long sigh, as if he was holding his breath the whole time.

This is going to be a long trip...