Phew, this took a little while to write. Well, I'd have to admit that I added some -slight- historical stuff into this chapter, along with some crack. I was actually was going to use the awesome town of Sieradz for this fic, but since they were coming from the southeastern direction of Lithuania [and from the southern route of a Russia-dominated area], I used one of the major Polish towns close to those locations. There's some Polish words in here [thanks to me being Polish] and just Polish weirdness in here. So enjoy~

"Aiyaa! What did you do to my TV?" Yao shouted out.

He looked down at the crushed television set, fizzing loudly. Suddenly, it combusted into a pile of melted plastic and tangled wires.

"I am sorry!" Ivan cowered, grasping the pick-axe he used to destroy the object ,"Ivan got angry with the program that was on- since it was not Digimon, da?- and so I smashed it! Forgive me!"

The Chinese man sighed, grabbing a broom from the bathroom ,"I don't want to hear it, just go wait for me in the front..."

The Russian man nodded, dropping the pick-axe as it landed with a violent 'thud', making the amber-eyed man jump. He continued to sweep up the pieces, sighing ,"Kiku is going to be really upset about this..."

After Yao was finished with his cleaning, he sat down in the driver's seat, starting the engine ,"Alright, let's keep going".

"Da", the violet-eyed man replied, looking out of the window spaciously. Yao started to drive, going through turns here and there.

After a couple of minutes, they appeared in a small, town-like area with small shops lining the sidewalks and streets.

"Where are we?" Yao pulled out his map, skimming over the scribbled-on map of Europe.

"We are in the Old Town of Olsztyn, da?" the Russian smiled, pointing to a small, green sign ,"Seems as if we're in Poland, da~?"

As if on cue, the blond-haired Polish man ran over to the driver's side ,"Hej! Like, you're not allowed to park that thing here!"

"I-I'm sorry..." The Chinese man bowed his head ,"Then where do we go?"

"Beats me", the emerald-eyed man shrugged ,"Just leave it here. People can, like, walk around it".

"A-Alright", Yao parked the RV, climbing out of it with Ivan following him.

"I'm Feliks. So, like, what brings you here-" The blond stopped, notincing the Russian behind Yao ,"Cholera! Like, what are you doing in my country?"

Ivan grinned evilly, a dark aura surrounding him as he began to murmur ,"Is there a problem~? Kol kol kol..."

"Well, duh! You sort of, like, took over my land like a ton of times! And you stole my precious Liet!" the Polish man hissed ,"Now why are you here? Did you, like, come back to take it away from me again?"

The Chinese man intervened, laughing nervously ,"O-Of course not! W-We were just driving up to England a-and we just want to take a short-cut here, hahaha..."

Feliks raised an eyebrow, soon settling into a smile ,"Well, since you're here, I'm like, going to give you a tour and junk!"

"I-I really think we should get-" Yao was interrupted.

"Don't be silly!" the blond laughed proudly ,"Olsztyn is like, one of the coolest towns in my country to, like, visit!"

With that, Feliks recruited them into a golf cart-which was pulled by the faithful Pony, mind you-and began to take them through the Old Town and the Market Square.

"Okay", the Polish man began ,"So like, this town was, like, built by Teutonic Knights, because they, like, killed a forest or something and then people started to, like, live there. Okay, and then, all these Swedish people began to, like, invade my country, and then we, like, totally kicked some major dupa, because we Polish people are, like, totally awesome! Anyway, the-"

The golf cart was brought to a halt as the man jumped off his trusty steed, shrieking in horror ,"Hej! Like, stop building those crappy stores here!"

There was a noir-haired man standing on top of a ladder, nailing a sign over a small shop. He turned to face the blond man, a long strand of hair poking out of the right side of his head ,"Hey, don't tell me what to do, da ze!"

"Im Yong Soo?" Yao climbed out of the horse-drawn vehicle, looking up at him ,"What are you doing here?"

"Hey! Long time no see, Yao!" the Korean grinned ,"I'm spreading my amazing cuisine everywhere, da ze! Besides, stores nautrally originated in Korea!"

"You liar!" Feliks shouted ,"People, like, totally get, like, sraczka here because of your crappy food! It's, like, the return of the bubonic plague!"

Yao didn't know exactly what happened when he heard 'bubonic plague' come from the Polish man's mouth. It was almost like a pang of guilt...? The Chinese man shrugged it off, daignosing it as heartburn.

"You should put up a store here too, da ze!" the other Asian offered.

It occured to Yao that it would be the perfect idea. He can finally get more people to enjoy actual Chinese food, not that pseudo-Chinese cuisine Alfred fed to half of the world. It was embarrassing enough that Yao offered to put one of those in his major cities.

"It was only because Alfred threatened to use my pandas for his new 'Firecracker Beijing Beef' or whatever he called that slop.." The Chinese man pouted. Also, if he did put up a shop, he could sell those twenty shipments of boxes of Shinatty plushies-not that they didn't sell well back in his home because they creeped out the children...

No, not at all.

"Yao?" the Russian poked his right arm, confused with why he was murmuring something about surpluses and overspending.

"Must..." Yao's right eye started to twitch ,"Set. Up. Gift shop!"

The Chinese man snatched the ladder-Causing the Korean to fall- and began to remodel an empty shop-"Which was probably going to be just another pierogi shop", Yao chuckled inwardly at the thought as he put the finishing touch on the shop: a bold-red sigh with glistening, gold lettering.

The Polish man fell to his knees, bawling ,"That's, like, not cool! It was going to be, like, an apteka, or a pierogi shop, but still!"

"Let's get out of here", the Chinese man began to sprint briskly back to the RV, the Russian trying to desperately keep up with him.

"What about me?" Im Yong Soo cried out ,"I'm too lazy to run, da ze!"

The Korean joined with the Polish man in a sobfest, all because of Yao's injustice... and the lack of a pharmacy.

First footnote thing I've ever done for these chapters, but the whole part with Korea and China building shops is actually quite accurate. Today in Poland, you'll find a lot of Asian immigrants there and they set up shops in small towns and whatnot. The most prevalent Asian shops are Korean and Chinese. Also, Asians in Poland tend to learn Polish quite quickly [which surprises me] and they face a lot of resentment from the Polish population living in those towns and cities.