Greece & Japan: Sleeping Beauty

Greece – Heracles

Japan – Kiku

Kiku drew in a deep breath, preparing himself for what lay ahead. He was to face life or death, truly. He had to be prepared for the worst when he entered the room. Muscles tense, heart racing, the small male's brow drew inward. He was determined to succeed unharmed, or at least in one piece.

He wrapped his slim fingers about the handle and pressed, giving just enough pressure to release the latch without a sound. The hinges barely whispered as he slid it open and stepped within the room. Brown eyes scanned the room, memorizing the layout. He allowed the door to settle against the wall, not willing to allow his only escape route to be blocked. He was no coward, certainly. But sometimes the bravest thing is to retreat.

Silent feet dodged furniture and fur as he slunk across the room. The far window was open, sending in a breeze that did little to relieve the summer heat on his skin. White fabric curtains fluttered in the breeze, beckoning him closer to his goal. Daring him to risk his life and dignity for the sake of his rather insufficient motive.

He hesitated. Was this truly worth it? Was it truly worth the anxiety? Did he really want to risk everything he was for this?

But, he'd come so far already.

His resolved reaffirmed, Kiku stepped forward once more.

He lifted his hand, voice in his throat ready to fall from his lips.

"Heracles-san." Kiku whispered as he gently laid a hand upon the sleeping man's shoulder. When the tall olive skinned Grecian did not even twitch, the smaller gave the shoulder a gentle shake. "Heracles-san." He tried once more, raising his volume ever so slightly.

There was no reaction to his attempts, as he had expected. The brunette was always so difficult to wake.

Giri-chan, one of Kiku's favorite cats, purred as he rubbed against Kiku's legs. The feline meowed lazily, wanting attention as the Japanese male tried to rouse the cat's master. The raven haired man carefully reached down and scooped the brown feline up and cradled him to his chest.

"Heracles-san. It's time to eat. Heracles-san." Kiku tried once more, patting the man's firm abdomen. Cheeks pink, brown eyes scanned the firm muscles beneath his fingers. He stroked the moist olive skin with his thumb. Heracles was napping without a shirt again. He'd catch a cold.

Giri-chan meowed loudly, bringing Kiku back to his senses. Blushing, he drew his hand back. "Oh dear." He whispered. How on earth was he to wake the other? The food would be cold soon.

The brunette was truly a vision though, sleeping comfortably on white silks. Kiku felt his heart fluttered as he adjusted the plump cat in his arms. His skin shimmered with sweat, his lips pale and thin, though soft looking. Wavy curls tumbled over his cheekbones. He looked like he was carved of marble. Motionless beauty, asleep for eternity.

"Perhaps…he is like Sleeping Beauty?" the raven haired youth muttered. He brought his free hand to his mouth, tapping his own pale pink lips. Maybe…maybe…

Kiku released Giri-chan, the brown cat lazily landing on his feet. The human drew in a shaky breath, placing his hand on the far side of the sleeping man's head. Gulping, he leaned forward until strands of raven hair tickled olive skin.

Maybe…just one…

A hand lifted, cradling the back of raven hair and pushed. Lips met hot lips.

Kiku squeaked as those hot lips pressed against his, gentle and lazy like the summer day. He shyly returned the affection, pressing his own lips into the kiss.

Half-lidded hazel-green eyes peered up into dark brown.

Kiku's face became brilliant red and he was reduced to stuttering and stammering words. Heracles smiled, wrapping his long arms about the smaller male. He rolled over, pulling the Japanese male onto the mattress with him.

"Good afternoon, prince." Heracles whispered against raven locks, holding the other close.

Blushing, Kiku grunted and relaxed against the hot bare chest.

"Sleeping Beauty indeed."

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