Rebirth Chapter 4

By Illusive J

A/N It's been what? A year since I last updated this? My old computer was, quite literally, incinerated, and I wasn't able to afford a new one for quite some time. Anyway, I actually have interest in writing again, so I'll work on this whenever I get some spare time. Expect a more regular update schedule, on this story and my other one. This chapter is basically a filler between First Contact and the opening events of ME 1.

6 months after First Contact War.

Palaven habitability levels brought back into a range that allowed limited habitation though the use of sealed enviro suits and presurrized buildings. Turian military effectively disarmed, fleet reduced to ten percent operational effectiveness. Council representative Ralen Liakos resigns, Turian ultranationalist Draven Vakarian is elected to be new council representative in a landslide victory.

Systems Alliance granted diplomatic embassy on Citadel, immigrants begin to arrive from Alliance space, both human, geth platform, and Symbiote trickle in.

20 years after First Contact War

Turian colonies bombarded during Relay 314 incident all at marginal habitability levels. Resentment among older turians towards System Alliance continues, whilst younger generations are curious about Alliance culture and technology.

30 years after First Contact War

Commander Shepard born, given Symbiote implants at a young age. Excels in schoolwork, accepted to N7 program at age twenty one.

45 years after First contact

Co-developed starship codenamed Normandy is completed, Captain David Anderson given command, Commander Jane Shepard is XO, advanced Geth platform, designation Legion, is third-highest ranked being on ship.

High Orbit over Rannoch, year 2183 Alliance Standard Calender.

Commander Jane Shepard was nervous. Not only was she assigned to a new ship with a new crew, she would be heading to the Citadel to pick up a Turian spectre. A turian. The bitterness and resentment between their races was no secret, as hate crimes against Systems Alliance citizens was common in Council space due to their actions during the First Contact war.

She went aboard the Normandy, to see Legion waiting next to the pilot chair.

"What've we got Legion?"

"Ship is awaiting clearance to exit Station 317. We will continue to observe the channel until we receive confirmation."

"Where is Anderson?"

"The communication room. He is on call with Hackett-Admiral on the quantum entanglement device."

"I'm going to go catch some shuteye, wake me when we dock at the Citadel."


Nihlus was not happy, to say the least. He was assigned to observer Commander Shepard, a human no less, rather than go and hunt slavers and crime lords on the edge of the Terminus, as per his usual duties up until this point. Now, he would be assigned to a ship belonging to the species that killed his parents when he was three years old, and the rest of his family not long after. He was raised on the edges of Turian space, on some backwards colony because of these people. He never had a childhood because of these people. He never had a happy moment, never got a gift because of these people. He only had himself, and he now had to help the people who ruined his life.

The Normandy arrived at the Citadel without incident, proceding to dock at an Alliance-owned bay.

Shepard awoke with a start, to the monotone voice of Legion on the intercom.

"Shepard-Commander we have arrived on the Citadel."

"Thanks Legion, I'll be out in a moment."

Shepard got dressed in Alliance standard issue starch shorts and shirt, then proceded to the bridge. Legion and Anderson were already there, along with Kaidan Alenko and Joker in the pilot's seat.

"You all have got some shore leave before we head out to Eden Prime," said Anderson in his usual unbelievably deep voice.

"I'll go get our Spectre compatriot from the Council Chambers, everyone be sure to report back here in two hours. Dismissed"

Shepard decided to just lounge around the wards for a while, and Legion and Kaidan decided to go look at a military-grade electronics store down on Zakera Ward.


Garrus Vakarian was patrolling his usual route, straight through the heart of Zakera Ward, when he received a call on the channel usually restricted for C-Sec operations.

"Garrus, get over to Morlan's Electronics. We have a minor cross-species incident going on here."

"I'm on my way."

He sprinted down the two flights of stairs, only to see an older turian yelling at what appeared to be a geth platform and a human.

"You heartless bastards killed my entire family!," roared the turian.

"This platform did not directly participate in the First Contact War."

"Neither did I, I wasn't even born yet."

"But your government did, you filthy bastards!"

"Protocol dictated our response. Your kind fired the first shot. You did not respond to offers of peace. We responded with overwhelming force and pacified your species. We did not do this. You did."

Garrus sprinted throught the crowd that had formed, headed right for the people arguing.

"Break it up people!" bellowed Garrus.

"We did not intend to cause aggravation. This man accosted us about our nationality."

"I suggest both of you get out of here."

Legion and Kaidan walked away, as the turian man shouted obscenities in an unintelligible colonial dialect at them.


Three days later

Commander Shepard was not happy. Not only did Nihlus die in the opening hours of the mission, he was killed by Geth and Human heretics. Heretics were one of the Alliance's best kept secrets. Humans, Symbiotes, and Geth platforms and programs that had decided to abandon the Alliance and instead worship and serve the Reapers as soldiers. They were attacking Eden Prime, and civil war was brewing. Thousands of people had already been lost on both sides, and the beacon was likely lost.

"Up ahead," whispered Kaidan through the radio channel.

"This platform has detected non-human life signs ahead," stated Legion in his usual monotone drone.

Shepard held up her hand, a signal for them to stop. She pulled her standard issue Hammer sniper rifle off her back and looked down at the ruined spaceport, littered with bodies of both Heretic and Alliance forces.

"I see a turian down there," she whispered.

"Nihlus?" asked Kaidan.

"No. He has different plate color and different facial markings."

"Let go check it out."

Shepard, Kaidan and Legion all spread out in a fan pattern and stealthily headed down the hill. A few heretics remained, but they were quickly dispatched. The other turian had sprinted away in the opening seconds of the battle, and now Shepard and company were standing over Nihlus's dead body.

"Shot in the head. Never stood a chance of surviving that."

Suddenly, they heard a sound behind some nearby crates.

"Show yourself," snarled Shepard.

"It's okay, it's okay, I'm coming out now!"

A scrawny human male dressed in a dock worker's uniform trudged out from behind the crates.

Shepard's patience with the mission was growing thin.

"Did you see what happened? How did this turian die?" asked Shepard in a less-than-courteous tone.

"That other turian. He shot him-he shot him right in the back. I think they knew each other. Your turian-he called him Saren.

Kaidan looked up from his omni-tool.

"Saren? The turian spectre who lost almost his entire family when the battlestations bombed Palaven?"

"He hates humanity. He has for most of his life," said Shepard.

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