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A/N: Inspired by the EllaBethh's prompt "paper thin" in Prompts, oh, Prompts Thread of the NextGen Fanatics Forum.

For Jenny (xrawrDINOSAURx) - Happy Birthday!

There are walls between them

You understand?

Big, thick, gray,



He's a Slytherin,

For Merlin's sake

He's not brave enough to scale them

Not like her

The redheaded Gryffindor with the (sarcastic) smile

The one who's named for a flower

(But don't let that fool you, because she's got thorns.)


He's a Malfoy

A star

Placed among the constellations

Meant to shine above everything

Meant to look down apon them all

(But what if he doesn't want to?)

(What if he just wants to be normal?)


She's a Weasley

Common as rabbits

(His grandfather says)

She's no star

With her common (cute) freckles

And her common (pretty) hair

And her common (sparkling) eyes

But neither is he


He steals a glance


Over those

Cold stone walls

Just because

Just to look

It isn't as if he's thinking of crossing them


She's not her mother


She reads (and reads)

But it's all fantasy ballads and romance novels

Not those awful, dreary textbooks

And he's the one that's top of the class

(Most of the time)

If only because she's "got better things to do than homework"


He's not his father


He's proud (enough)

Not arrogant

And he doesn't strut

He just walks

(Like everybody else)



When they're arguing

Over some dumb, arbitrary spell

That she insists he's doing wrong

When she's close enough

To touch

And the walls between them seem paper thin

He thinks maybe

(Maybe, maybe)

Maybe he could do it

Maybe he could climb them

(For her)


But he's Scorpius




And he's not brave enough to scale them.

(And maybe, when it comes down to it, that's the only real wall between them at all.)