It was really happening. After all these long years of war and conflict, they could finally join hands and pledge themselves to each other. Dodge could barely believe it. Alyss looked unreal before him, in a white dress that made it seem like she was floating on a cloud…but, then again, maybe she really was. As they stood before the enormous party of guests, Bibwit carried on about how important the bond between a queen and her husband was, and how it benefited the queendom…

Dodge made a face just like the stuffy expression Bibwit wore whenever he made a long speech, and mouthed a couple of the words he was speaking. Alyss bit her lip to hold back a giggle, and she blushed pink. It made her heart want to burst seeing Dodge so lighthearted. Following suit, she imagined the tutor's voice slurring and slowing down.

"It is immmpaaaraaativveeee thaaaat…Aheeemm, excuuuusse mmmeee," Bibwit droned with a cough. Alyss and Dodge could barely contain themselves. Both of their faces were turning red from concealing their raucous laughter. Alyss quickly imagined the tutor's voice back to normal, instantly following his coughs. Bibwit apologized and continued, the couple grinning surreptitiously at each other. At last, he came to the pledges.

"Alyss Heart, Queen of Wonderland, do you pledge yourself to this man, and promise to uphold the principles of White Imagination with him at your side?"

"I solemnly pledge myself," Alyss replied, gazing into Dodge's eyes.

"Dodge Anders, Guardsman of Wonderland's Royal House, do you pledge yourself to this woman, and promise to aid her in ruling Wonderland by the principles of White Imagination?"

"I solemnly pledge myself," Dodge said wholeheartedly.

"May Everqueen smile upon this marriage," Bibwit added, introducing a new blessing that would be used in Wonderland weddings for generations to come.

"You may kiss the bride," Bibwit finally concluded. Alyss and Dodge became impervious to the shouts of joy, the wild cheers, and the triumphant music that sounded out across Wondertropolis as they shared a blissful kiss. They were only aware of each other as Alyss conjured a cloud that carried them up and away, into the crystalline sky.