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"America, I'm back!" called a blonde British as he entered the house, pausing at the doorway to hand up his jacket. He smiled at the pattering of feet that grew louder as a teen boy ran to him.

"Britain! Welcome home!" the boy cried before launching himself into England's arms, already stretched out for the hug.

England chuckled and hugged America back before kneeling down. "You've grown so much since last time I was here."

America grinned at him and nodded his head vigorously. "Yep, three whole inches! Before long, I will be taller than you!"

"You act like that is a good thing." England teased, putting on a fake scowl.

America smirked back at him, knowing he was only playing around and not really annoyed. "It is."

"But then I won't be able to do…. This!" England lifted up America and twirled him around in the air as much as the limited space of the entryway allowed.

The teen laughed, throwing his arms out like he was a bird, and enjoyed the artificial flight until he was safely landed. "That's okay. When I get taller, I can show you how it feels to fly." He said after latching onto the man again.

England chuckled again before pulling out a small book from his bag of goodies. "Well, in the meantime, here is a book for you. And before you ask, it is about King Arthur and his adventures. There might even be some mention of Sir Lancelot." He added.

The look of awe on America's face was priceless as he grabbed the book gently. "Thank you, Britain! I will read it later."

"Oh? Why later?"

"Because the best Arthur is already here and he promised to take me on a quest for the Holy Grail." America reminded him.

England, flattered at being the young nation's favorite, smiled warmly at him. "Alright, then go put the book up while I cook you something." He compromised and chuckled at America's retreating form, pausing only to agree.

America ran up to his room and placed the book carefully in his secret stash that contained only books England himself brought. He smiled at the growing collection, glad to have so many reminders of the elder nation.

"I want to grow up to be strong and brave, like Britain." He whispered aloud before running to the kitchen to try and steal a few treats from said nation.

Revolutionary War

Rain drenched the land. The dark clouds hid the sun yet it was still bright enough to see men.

A small troop of soldiers in blue stood behind a single man, sharing their uniform. Across from the lone man of blue stood another man, adorned in red. The man in blue glared at the one in red, who met the hard gaze with a look of disbelief, barely noticing the bayonet pointed at him and refusing to bring up his own.

"Hey England, after all, I want freedom." The man in blue began. "I'm no longer a child or your little brother. I'll become independent from you from now on."

England looked at his dear America, not so little anymore, with shock then pain at the words. He clenched his own bayonet at his side before his body started to charge America down. "I won't allow it!" he yelled, bringing the blade of his gun up to stab the other man.

Before the blonde could stab him, America brought his own fire arm up to deflect it, causing it to fly and leave him defenseless. The tables turned and it was America staring down the barrel of the Brit's gun in disbelief.

England panted in his rage and glared at America to hide his pain. "This is why I say you don't follow things through to the end, you dummy." England growled.

He didn't care about the troops behind the American getting ready to fire or the growing sense of betrayal in his heart, all he noticed was how the sky seemed to match his tormented emotions.

So many times he wished he could pull the damned trigger, but he would always remember his dear, little child that smiled at him. He finally lowered the gun.

"There's no way I could shoot you, is there? You idiot." England blamed America. Somehow coming to that conclusion, the gun fell to the mud to be followed by England's knees. He covered his face as his body shook with tears. "Damn it, why? Damn it!" he cursed between sobs.

America looked down on the man, remembering how, not too long ago, he would have gladly taken the hand of his beloved guardian. "You use to be so great once…" He whispered, not sure if he was heard over England's sobs.

He knew he shattered something in England, to prove he was no longer a boy, but all this pain was for a reason. Yes, part of it was because his people wanted independence but the major reason he had agreed to it was to prove something.

Don't worry England. Soon I can be a man who you can be proud of and not regret having by your side. America silently promised to stop himself from hugging the broken man in front of him.

America gave the orders to leave and to confirm that they had gotten what they set out to do: they were free people. His troops cheered and left with the American, turning their backs to England as he looked up at the cloudy sky, his tears mingling with the raindrops on his cheeks.

One day… I will be your hero… And one day… you will be mine again, England.


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