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Just as the last drop was drained from the bottle, America got into the driver's seat. "Ready to know how I drive?" he asked with an amused smile.

"Sure." England managed to slur. America looked to see the now empty bottle of wine in the Brit's hand.

Oh this is going to be fun. America then proceeded to make the stupidest story that popped into his head. "My hamburgers are actually advanced communication devices. They send ESP signals to Tony who calls the whales. They secretly make earthquakes that move the cars." He whispered silently.

"HOLY CRAP! No WONDER you Americans are so destructive!"

Ha! He's too drunk to see how stupid that was! But that makes it kinda boring…. America decided to settle with turning up the music and let the drunken Brit be.

No words were exchanged on the ride. A pressure eventually met America's shoulder and he turned his head enough to see that England had silently fallen asleep, his own shoulder being forfeit for a pillow.

Not that he minded of course, England looked too cute and innocent when asleep; the latter part not true for the alert counterpart.

When a stop sign appeared on the deserted road, America stopped and looked down at the (unusually) peaceful face and brought his hand up to softly stroke the cheek.

England sighed contently and nuzzled his forehead against his temporary pillow, unconsciously wrapping his arms around America's torso and muttering silent, incoherent words.

When he went silent again, America silently chuckled and stroked the cheek one last time before wrapping an arm around England's shoulders, carefully pulling him closer.

He set off again, his free hand steering unaided. The trees quickly faded back into buildings and England's driveway appeared all too quickly. America accidently passed it twice before he decided that the numb feeling in his arm was not a good sign and finally pulled in.

He parked, sighed, and then nudged England in the side. "Hey England, we're at your house."

England groaned and tightened his hold around America's stomach. "Nooooo…. Five more minutes!"

"Fine... But I'm still taking you inside." America replied, opening his door and gently picking the attached Brit up. After his masterful maneuver to get England from the passenger side to his side, America got out with England in his arms bridal style and walked to the door.

"Wanna open that for me?"

When a groan replied, England went over the American's shoulder as he grabbed the handle himself. The door opened and America went up the stairs into England's room.

He tenderly placed the elder nation on the bed and took his boots off. When England's boots were placed carelessly to the side, America found a seat on the bed as well.

When he sat down, England chose that moment to roll over, just happening to wrap his arms around the American's waist.

America smiled down at the clingy male, a warm rush of affection running through him. "If this is what I get, I should take you drinking more often." He joked as he ran a hand through the blonde hair before previous memories of a drunken England popped into his head. "Well…. Then again…. Maybe not…."

England snuggled into him and sighed in contentment, a wide smile on his face.

America chuckled. "You're not asleep, are you?"


"Ha! Called it!"

England opened his eyes long enough so the younger nation could see them roll.

"You're not really drunk anymore either, are you?"

"….Not really…" England reluctantly admitted.

"You're awful cuddly." America pointed out with a poke to the Brit's face.

"Alright, enough about me. I want some answers too, like why the attempt of a picnic?" he asked with a blush.

"Oh…. Cause I've been needing to tell you something and I thought that was a good intro of sorts…. Should've checked the weather first…." America mumbled.

"And that would be…?"

"Cause it rained! If I had checked first I might've-"

"No, I mean, what have you been meaning to tell me? Did you do something I should be concerned about like, I don't know, try and blow up Russia?"

"Ha! Sounds like something I would try. But no, I needed to tell you the reason why I left in the first place."

America felt England stiffen at those words. "What do you mean when you say 'left in the first place'?"

"The Revolutionary War."

"Haha…. That's a long time to keep quiet, how long has that been? 200 years? 250?" England dryly joked with a forced smile.

"Something along the lines of that….. So I think that this is long overdue."

England's chin was pinched and lifted up gently as soft lips confidently yet sweetly met his. His eyes widened in shock.

The kiss was neither urgent nor rushed. Just sweet, gentle, and…. loving. It was also short.

Before long, America slowly pulled away, his blue eyes opening to smile down into England's green…. Lovingly. The exact opposite emotion England thought the American felt towards him…

The hand that was previously supporting his chin stroked his cheek before entangling the fingers into his hair.

"Yep, defiantly overdue." America muttered before leaning down for another quick peck.

After the second kiss ended, silence filled the room, only interrupted by the soft patter of rain against the roof and window. For once, England was speechless.

America's smile slowly turned embarrassed and dejected. "Oh… I'm sorry… I'll just go…" he whispered, misinterpreting the silence as a rejection.

He started to slide away from the arms around his waist but they suddenly tightened. "No you bloody won't! Not this time!" the suddenly assertive England clung onto America as if his life depended on it.

"Huh? Why not?" America asked, completely confused, first a rejection then imprisonment?

England let go so he could sit up and grabbed his ankles when his legs crossed. He attempted a scowl at America, ending up scowling down at his own legs with a blush. "Because you'll get soaked…" he muttered.

"Better a little wet than rejected."

"I didn't reject you, you git! You just surprised me, that's all…." England's blush grew brighter as his scowl tried (and failed) to become more menacing. Then he added with a small whisper "Plus it's raining again…. You can't leave during the rain again. I won't allow it this time…"

A tear slid down his cheek. America beat him to wiping it off.

"I'm sorry, I am an idiot." He joked before tilting England's head up. "Please don't cry." He kissed the edge of England's eyes gently before wrapping his arms around the other man, gently supporting the head into his shoulder and resting his own cheek against the Brit's head.

England's arms came up to clutch America close to him. "It's all your fault…." He accused softly.

America chuckled softly. "I know. But you know I love ya, right?"

"I kinda guessed by now, you idiot….. and…." England's words trailed off into an incoherent mutter.

"Hmm?" America lightly kissed the top of the Brit's head. "What was that?"

"I said… I…. love you…. Too…." England somehow managed to blush even harder as he tried to hide his face into America's shirt.

"No, I wanna see your face." America said and finally coaxed him away from the shirt. He chuckled "You look really adorable right now." and kissed England before he could retort to the adorable comment.

England seemed to melt into him this time, completely relaxing in a matter of seconds as his hands went up to wrap around the American's neck and hesitantly kissed back.

An arm snaked around England's waist to pull him closer and a hand into the base of his hair. England's own arms tightened around the American's neck as he gained confidence.

The elder nation felt that he was slowly falling backward but he allowed it. They broke the kiss as America tried to readjust his weight to not crush the seemingly fragile other before England pulled him back down.

Their lips met again and England swiped America's bottom lip. The younger nation eagerly opened in comply and snaked his own tongue to meet the Brit's halfway. The entire room seemed to grow warmer by each second as they both lost any timid feelings.

Their bodies tried to press even closer together, England trying to pull more of the (what he deemed) delicious weight on top of him and America as he allowed and pulled the smaller nation closer

When their lungs screamed for breath, they parted rather reluctantly. As they gasped for air, they stared into each other's eyes affectionately.

"I love you." America whispered, kissing the other's forehead gently.

"You've already told me, you idiot…" England muttered, averting his eyes.

"Did I say it like this?" America gently invaded England's mouth, making slow circles on the tip of the tongue with his own.

It was short and England almost whined at the loss. "No you didn't…. but I could use a little more convincing….." He muttered, turning a dark shade of red at his own words.

America smirked and lightly kissed England's jaw line then kissing the closest patch of neck. England's breath hitched and was answered by a small chuckle.

"Don't tell me your poor excuses of vampires have influenced you!" He hissed, sensing America's next move.

He felt a smile against his skin. "No more than your wizard school has done to you." America gently grazed the area with his teeth.

England bit his lip to stifle his soft moan.

"I want you to be mine." America practically purred.

"Why would you wa- God Alfred!" England's rant was cut short when the teeth on his skin bit down gently and began to suck.

America smirked at the sudden shout of his name combined with the poorly suppressed mewls of need. Despite how badly he just wanted to ravage the older nation, he continued with the gentle teasing.

When he finally felt that the mark of claiming rights would be dark for several days, he detached himself and gave it one last kiss. "Mine." He stated with an innocent, idiotic grin.

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but a hicky is not enough to say I'm yours." England muttered before catching a second meaning in his words.

He hoped that America hadn't.

He quickly found out that luck was not on his side when a lustful smile grew on America's face.

"No! I did NOT mean that!"

His cry was also ignored as America claimed his lips again. The American slipped his hand under England's shirt to push the small of the back closer.

England half-heartedly fought to squirm away, all (poor) attempts being thwarted by the free hand that travelled further south to ghost his crotch.

America started to massage the groin softly as he greedily swallowed the smaller nation's moan. England tried to gasp but America used it as an opportunity to invade, quickly pinning the Brit's tongue down.

The treatment on his growing arousal was causing England to make sounds, despite the lips silencing him, which he found very embarrassing. He felt his face heat up with both desire and embarrassment and didn't know whether to fight anymore or to just simply….. give in.

When the lack of air to his lungs almost had England blacking out, America finally relinquished. As England panted to regain oxygen America kissed the mark lightly once more and slowly undid the zipper.

Before England could protest against this, America had grabbed his manhood, stroking at a tantalizingly slow pace.

England's head rolled back, leaving his neck exposed more to the attacking mouth which was all too glad to leave more marks. I'll prove to him that hickies help as a name tag America promised, leaving his second marking place to start on another, continuing his slow pace.

England bucked into the hand on reflex and he growled at the chuckle against his neck. "D-Damn…. Cock tease!"

"Oh? You want a cock tease?" America challenged, grinning sadistically at him. England met his eyes with a wary look before America's eyes disappeared.

"Wait a minute, what do you me- OH SHIT! DON'T YOU DARE!" The plan dawned on England as his pants were pulled down along with his boxers and a warm breath tickled his member.

"Dare? You sure you want to make this a dare?" America teased, flicking his tongue over the head.

"NO I BLOODY DON'T WANT TO MAKE THIS A DARE!" England managed to say without the moan that wanted to escape.

"Alright, if you insist on the dare," America licked the head again, "Then I will take the dare."

"STOP YOU BLOODLY WANK- Mng!" England was silenced as his erection was completely surrounded by the heat of America's mouth.

Teeth lightly grazed the sensitive flesh as America's head bobbed down. A soft, low hum began at the back of his throat and grew louder the more of the manhood he consumed. England's toes clenched around the sheets as his fingers entangled into America's hair, forgetting their original plan to pull the American off.

"G-God America…. Ah…. D-Damn… Y-you!"

America smirked and brought his hands up to keep England's hips from moving.

Warmth quickly seeped to the pit of England's stomach, forewarning his (currently) much desired released. "Al…. Alfred!" he cried out.

Tasting the salty precum and hearing his name yelled so enthusiastically, America stopped and looked up to England. "Can I claim you as mine, Arthur Kirkland?"

"Y-You damn tease!" England groaned out.

"May I?"


America smirked up at him. "Thank you."

He sucked three fingers to try and lube them slightly, in the lack of the actual stuff, and thoroughly soaked them. He inserted a digit into the tight passage and the muscles immediately clamped down.

England squirmed slightly in the awkwardness of the foreign object.

"Just relax." America commanded soothingly.

"How about we just switch and you see how well you can relax…." England muttered.

"Maybe next time." America replied with a chuckle, adding a second finger.

He began to scissor them inside England, slightly thrusting them in. When he was satisfied that another digit could be added, in went the last one.

England made a slight whimper as the awkwardness turned to pain. America gently kissed England's lips. "I'm sorry; I promise it will be better soon."

England nodded but bit his lips to prevent anymore noises that might cause America to hesitate.

America slowly let his fingers go further back, searching for that bundle of nerves that would relieve the pain somewhat. (And he promised himself to never listen to France again when he interrupted a hang out day with Canadia.) A scream of ecstasy and England's sudden arching told America he had found it.

England vision blotted out to white and he couldn't contain his body for trying to consume more of America.

America decided the stretching was enough and removed them, ignoring England's whine of loss, before shimming out of his own articles of clothing.

"I love you." America whispered before slowly sheathing himself.

The tightness of the passage almost stopped America's self-restraint but he controlled himself to prevent hurting the smaller man. When he was completely surrounded by the heat, he waited to allow England time to adjust.

England's arms wrapped around America's back and clenched him closer. "G-G-Git…. Move!" was the signal.

America slowly pulled out before thrusting back in as softly he could. England groaned and rolled his hips down in rhythm with the slowly quickening pace America was setting as he angled to try and hit that spot again.

England arched up into America all of a sudden. "ALFRED! RIGHT THERE!" he cried out.

The sudden cries made America lose all control as he aimed there, his pace quickening. Sweat caused strands of England's hair to stick, framing his face perfectly in America's eyes.

When America felt his own release approaching, he grabbed England's weeping member to stroke in time.

"Arthur, you look so beautiful." America whispered as best as he could.

"Alfred… I'm going to cum…" England forewarned.

"Go for it." America joked.

England suddenly released his seed into America's hand, yelling the nation's real name passionately. The passage around America suddenly tightened causing him to release deep inside England as he called out the other's name.

America collapsed on his forearms, catching himself before he crushed the smaller nation. He pulled out and kissed England's lips. They stared into each other's eyes lovingly, bathing in the afterglow of their love.

"I love you." America whispered, stealing another quick kiss.

"I love you too, you arse." England muttered.

"Funny you would say 'arse' since yours will probably be hurting later."

England groaned at him. "Don't remind me."

America laughed and rolled to his side, wrapping his arms around the smaller nation. England immediately moved closer to rest his head into America's chest.

With his nose buried in the other's blonde hair, America whispered sleepily "Am I your hero?"

"Despite how I just somehow know I will regret this later, yes. Yes you are." England replied with a yawn.

"Good. So are you mine now?"

"Yes, now shut up so we can sleep."

There were a few moments of silence.


"What is it now?"

"I love you. Don't ever forget that."

"I can't if you keep saying it so often. I love you too, Alfred, but right now, I love sleep more." England growled.

America chuckled and snuggled closer to England. "Alright, I'll shut up now." He promised.

"Good. Now good night."



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