A Detour in Awakening God
By : Fehize


He was not originally built for fighting, but rather, to maintain systematic overture of weather patterns throughout the entire world. It was quite odd, really, to see him now. A green blur; the wind rushing; the faint sounds of something not quite normal. All of these things were attributed to him, and it was something short of a miracle that allowed him to be such a proficient man in disposing others. Disposing, of course, being the gentle word for what he was really doing.

His green eyes to move to the bottom left hand corner, signifying that he was lying, even though he was the only one who was there to pay attention. "Humph," he added while shifting from one cloud to another, "disposing. What a lie." He was here for duty, job, and sacrifice. He was not here to allow his personal ideas impede on the human public. Sage Harpuia, they liked to call him, as if he was some sort of wise, all knowing creature. The truth was he was not, nor did he claim to. But the people do not like to listen, for they claim that he was being very humble.

The cries of one more fallen Maverick, for that is what you call them nowadays, filled the air, sending a chilling message to all those who were still alive to listen. Naturally, he was allowing his minions to take care of the business, as well as the un-AI'd robotic machines. To allow himself to physically remove the spark of life from another fellow Reploid was almost blasphemous. Yet, every single one of them were still the enemy. The enemy of the state, the enemy of the nation; the enemy of Neo Arcadia. His world, this world, was not a place for those who could not keep up with a modern way of thinking. Nor, was it a place for those with outdated internal works.

He himself, the wise Sage, was not exactly modernly built. Yet, he had the people rallied behind him, all because he was the master over the weather. The weather was not everything, though, and that could be seen by his fellow Guardians. All of them were originally just for maintaining a manageable living space. The four of them were now at the forefront in a war that Master X was beginning to claim would be easy. The green and white colored man, though, had internal feeling that it was not going to be very simple - that it was going to be painful and almost never ending. As the cries of yet another person filled the darkening sky, he cringed. There is no honor in exterminating Reploids that technically do no harm to the society.

Upon the emergence of the Resistance, he had been fitted with some new equipment that could allow him to be utilized for more warlike disposition. He gently took a quick glance at his own hands, then down to the two twin swords that lied in each of his fists. Unlike the rest of his uniform, these objects were a bright fuchsia color. Almost, if he allowed himself to think in such a way, pink. Despite their almost girly composition, the motive behind them could be no other thing than bringing the most amount of damage in the least amount of movement.

Energy swords.

All behind him was nothing but the fields of death. This is normally a job for Phantom, for this technically fell under the jurisdiction, but today - no, this week - was one of the busiest. People were saying it was the epitome of Maverick Removal, but in secret, there were many whispers going around that this was nothing but the beginning.

For many hours he had to go through this, and only now was he able to take a break from all this pointless death. He floated higher, to the point that he could no longer see the tainted land below him, and closed his eyes, trying to shake the images away from him. He could see the hands of those who were about to die, reaching out for him underneath the compressor, trying to obtain, even if just for a moment, the ability of flying. He could hear the sounds of the dying, as well as those condemning him for placing their bodies in a torture he had not seen since the Great Wars. War was Hell, using the Human saying. And it was. It played mind games on both sides, and left a nightmare in the ruined lives of survivors.

All of this because of the severe crisis. THE Crisis. THE energy shortage.

The sharp buzzing noise of his communicator picking up a frequency brought his attention away from his thoughts. "Harpuia!" came the feminine cry of his fellow Guardian, Leviathan. Unlike him, which was stern and composed, she was almost reckless. The blue armored woman relished in this upcoming war, lived in the moment, and seemed to take no ill from the errs of the world. To live was to fight, which was odd, considering, before they were all upgraded to fighting, she was the 'calm, gentle, protector of the oceans'. Fairy-like, even. It was just another small emphasis that everything had changed. Neo Arcadia, itself, as well.

H is for Honor. He was no longer as content, nor as happy, as he once was. Every time he picked up a mission log to spy on the people of Neo Arcadia, he felt dirty. This was no good versus bad, but rather, two different ideas that were opposing one another. There were laws, though, and even though he knew that the majority of people would not join the Resistance, the smallest words saying otherwise would be self damnation.

No honor at all for being a Neo Arcadian Guardian, retrofitted for a war against its own people, as well as the legitimate threat.

However, it was better to be a dirty, mindless, extermination machine than work for the soulless beings of the Resistance. Propaganda was beginning to show around, portraying them as anti-human activists who would be willing to kill them all. Being who he was, the Scout, he knew what reality was. The truth. They were considered Mavericks, yes, but they were fighting for something akinned to equal rights. To make themselves on being the same level as Humanity, despite being nothing but tools, in the end, for the homo sapian purpose. Yet, in their attempt to show these rights, they were willing to fight the very government that was protecting Humanity, and all in the middle of an energy crisis that seems to have no end in sight.

That is what made them soulless.

He placed his hand by his head, accepting the comment, and readied to talk back. There was no need to physically move his hand to portray such words over the communicator, but it felt... natural. It was as if he tried to maintain some sort of semblance with the Human population, who could not converse via electronics INSIDE their bodies. "Yes, Leviathan?" he began silently, still aware that he was high amongst the clouds, trying to fight off for the last few seconds the reality of the world.

"The Resistance has been moving from one place to another, trying to find a permanent base, we are assuming, from the spy satellites in orbit. But, since you know that, being hooked up to them 'n all, Master X wants you to find their fixed base. Not only that, but see all the weak points. Not intended to be done in such a short time, but-"

The woman continued, giving a rough overview of the parameters of the mission he was about to undertake. During that moment, he glided down from the heavens and landed with grace upon the ground, staying a few miles away from one of the numerous factories the city had. Dust swirled around his foot as he gave a slight frown, calling forwards for his ride, Aztec Falcon.

With a subtle cry, the machine beast accelerated into the sky, and then headed towards the rendezvous point.


"-is bad. They are getting far more organized with each passing day," Harpuia softly commented, afraid to make too much noise.

The scene in front of him was not a good time for a man's cover to be blown. Hundreds of uniformed and non-uniformed men and women Mavericks were in the underground, all working towards removing all they could from the vicinity. Boxes upon boxes of the rare, and much sought after, E-Crystals were being guarded with enough people to pose a threat on even protected buildings of Neo Arcadia. The Resistance, he thought with an internal hiss. They had broke into this energy refinery to steal all they could only half an hour ago at most. He had received the call of 'suspicious activity' when he was scouting the area only moments ago.

But thirty minutes before any call of warning?

After taking a quick look, it ended up he was LUCKY to have heard anything over the airwaves at all. The factory workers had all been killed by the intruders, and it was only through the slow processing speed of the security cameras - as well as a foolish intruder - that the alarm had been tripped to begin with.

Still, what good it did. To rush in with hundreds of Mavericks was suicide. Master X would have issues alone as well, he thought, before listening to the response that the other three Guardians gave to him. It was a garble of words, all mixed with one another, arguing over how terrible it was that those THINGS were stealing from the great Neo Arcadia! From Humans! From THEM! Yet, all of them cursed. Though the Resistance, in general, was a rag-tag group, they were smart enough to turn off/destroy the Transporters within the vicinity. An evil plan, they did, but well thought out.

Too thought out.

He could not allow the weather satellites make a disturbance that would send down lightning due to the sensitivity of the refinery. Even the Resistance were not messing with them, instead, taking only the final products. It would be too costly to build a new one, not to mention the time, as well as the FUTURE strain it would give to the Neo Arcadians if this building was destroyed or damaged in any way...

His eyes widened in horror as he saw some of those Mavericks slap on high energy bombs on everything they could while pushing the last of the crates of their precious cargo onto large vehicle. They can't... be doing this! Yes, both groups had fought each other before, but this was the first time the Mavericks were going to do harm outside of those warring with one another.

They were going to destroy the entire factory.

An act of war to the fullest extent. A message. A saying. They were out to win, and will not stop and debate if something was unhonorable or not.

Nothing, he recalled, was more dangerous than the mindset of winning and damning the consequences. Just take a look at the world now, to illustrate this point.

Cursing, he pulled out his weapons, and then, as unstoppable as time itself, raced forwards and killed the first Maverick in front of him. Time was still, for just that first kill - as still as it could be for beings that were made out of electronics and could process and analyze all that was going on before a normal Human could blink. And, just like that, the shooting began.

It was a dance; the slicing and clanging of his swords against the thuds of splatting plasma. Nay, something worse than that. Dances were painful only if you outdid yourself. This was a blatant dodging of the rays of oncoming energy projectiles. His 'brain', his CPU, was nearly pushing the brink of its capabilities by estimating the timely arrival of the next volley of attacks as well as send off his own. All in an attempt to get his body in just the right position, in JUST the right place as to not get killed.

Yet, there were too many for that. Yes, they were fleeing - for the factory was primed and counting down - but the amount of bullets often led to times where he had to make a decision: get killed, or move his body to allow damage in places where it would make him less useful, but still alive.

The lone man, fighting against the hoard, with a timer.

He had to protect the factory. But was it worth his life? Yes, yes it was. For every E-Crystal that gets pumped out, more Humans get to live longer. More Reploids get to avoid the false label of 'Maverick'. Less real Mavericks that will appear.

Sadly, it made no difference in the end. Finish off the forty-seven Resistance that remained, he did.

Disarm the fuse, he did not.

Thus, the world rocked with the fires of rebellion.


Colbar was silent for a few moments, unsure of what exactly to do.

The dust was beginning to settle around his body, as well as the remains of his small cache of books detailing the many quirks of life before the long-gone battles. The majority of his shelves were destroyed, there was a gaping hole on his roof, but at least there were no flickers of fire. Books were a precious item, and so few of them had survived the Maverick Wars of long ago.

However, not even the notion of his items being possible damage could hold his attention for too long. Everyone in the vicinity had heard the explosion that had happened yesterday, and clean-up was going to begin, rather soon. More than one place had structural damage from the so-called refinery accident, and he was the lucky one. For being this close and not having anything other than a hole and shattered windows, he was lucky. Lucky, he thought gloomily as his eyes processed what was ahead of him, but not lucky enough.

The Sage Harpuia was lying, backside, on a pile of books. Dust, still coming down despite the length of time, was fluttering all over him. His head was propagated amongst some larger pile, almost making it seem like he was taking a nap from too much reading.

Only the injuries that was evident told a different story all together.

Cautiously, he edged closer. Colbar was not one to be unwise, and stealth books always said to 'be aware', but... but THIS? He knew he had been harboring dangerous ideas in his head - the rumors that older Reploids were the first to be called extremists had circulated this area of Neo Arcadia refused to die - but no where near enough to warrant such a visit.

Frankly, a part of his brain chastised, this is NOT what one would call a visit.

What to do? He had been debating, for some time, that on some levels, the Resistance was making sense. That these 'Guardians' were not doing their jobs. So, turning him into the government, when the fables of the mass genocide ran by the Four Guardians against Reploids running rampant, was out of the question. On the other hand, so was turning in a Guardian towards the local Resistance supporters. To say the least, he was currently neutral on this decision: sick enough of Neo Arcadia, but knowing that the Mavericks went overboard.

It did not help that the only official words of the enemy were regulated.

So, Colbar added a defeated sigh. He had eventually come down with a decision, and while it favored neither party, it was the only rational thing to do. The window to turn this man into the authorities was getting shorter if he HAD wanted too, at least, if he wanted to get away with nothing more than a stern remark.

"If you were-" he began, grunting as he began to move the green-armored Reploid towards another room, "-anyone else, this would have been different." After hauling the Sage, he groaned a bit, realizing that he was going to have to invite a nurse or doctor to check this man out. Since this area of Neo Arcadia was not known for the regular supplies [though most certainly not the place worst off], doctors were in high demand and short supply. More so since that explosion.

"Discreetly, too," moaned Colbar. Quickly, trying not to think too much about what he was about to do, he changed the green armor into the staple blue outfit he had around his small household. Tossing off the helmet, for it was in such a shape that he doubted anyone short of an engineer could fix it, he hid everything green in his closet, and threw blankets on it. What he was doing was beyond the borderline of Maverick to the government...

Pulling out his small communication device, Colbar frowned as he began scrolling through the list of contacts. The only nurse he knew that would keep her mouth shut about this was the plump Reploid, and secretly active Resistance supporter, Rocinolle. Pushing his short, black hair outta his eyes, he waited as the woman took her time to answer.


"Rocinolle," he began, "I need you to patch someone up over here asap. It will be best if you come quickly."

He could hear her wariness, especially since he was sure that she was busy with other Reploid and Human patients. "It'll have to wait."

"It'll be worth your while."

Cryptic. How typical.


Rocinolle was not like most Reploids. She preferred to have the slight weighted appearance, due to wanting to look closer to her human counterparts to instill safety for young children patients. She also preferred the colors of brown and light cocoa instead of the blue fad that many Neo Arcadians expressed. Her hair was always tied into a bun, with some of her hair in slight disarray due to the work load she had.

Her shocked face was the best of all.

"This poor man nearly got EXPIRED!" she had cried out upon seeing Harpuia's injuries. She, of course, didn't know it was him - being a secret supporter for the now-called Mavericks meant she despised the Guardians, Colbar left that part out - but was worried all the same. "I am surprised that he lived for so long since the explosion. Sad thing, he must have been stuck in the buildings nearby.

"We should report-"

"We will not," Colbar added curtly.

The nurse gave him an off look, frowning and pursing her lips. "Why...?" she added, suspicious.

"He's someone I'd rather Neo Arcadia leave alone." No more, no less. "And I know that you love secrets."

She was not satisfied, but made due, doing her best to patch up the man with the limited supplies she had available. But, it was enough. Maybe because the Guardians were built better than the average Reploid they recovered quicker? He stabbed the feeling of jealously - why is it that the elite get better off than the average in everything? - and thanked the woman.

"I will stay around until he awakens," she began. "I am intrigued with your mystery man," she added with a tilt of her head. "Besides," she said with a snide smirk, "if you do not wish to report this to Neo Arcadia... it intrigues me."

Now, perhaps some history? Colbar knew Rocinolle for many years, and they were not afraid to let the tongues let loose for a while, knowing that the world around them was eager to listen and dispose. Yet, she never said, fully, that she was a Resistance Activist. He pleased himself on being a sneaky scout man. When he was young, he had dreamed of being a flying spy for the glories of Humankind, or a solider in the next Great War, winning against all odds against his evil, robotic counterparts...

How he had changed.


It took weeks for the Sage to recover. Every day, though, Rocinolle was more than happy to stay over, gossiping over the latest tidbits. She tried to inject happier news, but as the time flew by, the whispers were getting darker. More and more Reploids were being called Mavericks, and were being killed. The government was in slight-major chaos as one of the Guardians had gone missing. There were more energy shortages, thanks to the destruction of the nearby refinery, and the cruel statistic was in, too:

that Reploids were being called Mavericks to not promote peace, but, rather, to get rid of machines that eat E-Crystals.

Less than Human, they must be then, Colbar thought angrily. Keeping Harpuia - hostage? No, but not free, either - was turning out to be a better idea than he thought the more time passed. Of course, that went in correlation with his growing 'Maverick' ideas: that Reploids did not DESERVE to be offed just because they were there! All in the name of Humanity! Like, as if, as if they were better! Did they not invent the wars to begin with?

Equality. Freedom. Justice.

Those thoughts rang in his head like a well chimed bell of lore, even as he housed what was beginning to look like an enemy. Yet, he could not bring himself to hurt another of his own kind, even if this man will wake up to two unknowns, reported as MIA. However, he allowed the secret of this man's identity to spread to only one more person. Rocinolle did not take it well, at first, but Colbar gently reminded her that Harpuia was going to owe them one - a 'honorable' deed they had done that the Guardian will not overlook and push away due to his personality.

When the Sage woke up, however, it was as if some divine figure heard Colbar's and Rocinolle's worried calls.

The green eyes looked around the room, obviously confused over where he was. He propped himself up gracefully, at least, before giving them a hard, yet unknowing, look. "Where am I?" Harpuia began. At first, that seemed normal, and thus, received the default, 'inside Neo Arcadia' answer. "I know that, but who are you?" That received the comments of a nurse and a common man.

But it was Rocinolle who snickered slightly; a sinister glint her eyes of victory, after the response. "If we were good citizens of Neo Arcadia, which we are not," she began in a sing-song voice, aware that the disguised man was tensing up, "we should send you in, Ma-ver-ick."

Colbar spat out, and jumped up at the same time Harpuia did. "WHATT!" they both yelled out, enraged.

The choco-nurse continued to smile, happy, even. "Yes, O GREAT Sage Ex-Commander Harpuia. Since Neo Arcadia was unwilling to say that the Resistance had enough strength and tact to infiltrate so deep inside this city and destroy the refinery alone, and with you reported in the area when they were attacking, and never returning, I am afraid they labeled you as a scapegoat."

Her eyes glinted. "Neo Arcadia has branded you as an traitor. A Resistance supporter. Marked for Retirement with no trial like the rest of us. It was either that, or admit that the Resistance has gotten much stronger and organized. An actual Resistance BASE, led by the so-called maniacal, genius, and young psychopath Dr. Ciel. Yes, the government would rather send you off than terrify the Human population with an even harsher truth..."

"How dare you say such things!"

"How do you KNOW this!"


"I haven't heard this, and I am your FRIEND!"

"From Dr. Ciel herself, of course," she added, shutting them both up in the middle of their stupor. "Colbar - a knack for leading men - and Harpuia - a fallen Guardian... two very smart Reploids would be... pleasant to work with."

Conspiracy was a word he usually associated with the Neo Arcadians, but he felt the rug pull underneath him upon those words.

"Are you..." Colbar tried to begin before being cut out by the Sage.

Snarling, even, the expert of the skies cried out, "You are a Resistance Maverick YOURSELF!"

Her laughter literally came out at the best moment. "Why, of course! Normally, I play the low-life, slight enthusiast for recruiting, but... with this opportunity, how can I say NO? Besides," she had the audacity to add, "the only way you can live now is via us. We had no say in how the government was going to use you, but to think to label you as such..." Her expression quickly changed, showing seriousness. "BUT! But... but we are NOT real, true Mavericks, and I have a feeling you know that, Sage."

Harpuia launched forewords at that moment, almost tackling Rocinolle through the wall. The hatred was burning in his eyes, but the nurse was too full on her own high that she refused to back down. "I saved... your life!" she gasped out. His gloved hand remained there, but quickly let go in disgust.

"Soulless indeed," he added, lacing each word with loath.

With that, he turned and opened the door, leaving the shivering Colbar alone, muttering softly, "If I see you two again, I will remove you myself, Mavericks." Sure, the black haired man found out that the Sage WAS honorable...

But also scary as-

"You'll be back," the nurse began. "You will see what it means to be called a Maverick. A scapegoat. Useless for Humanity now, with that hovering over your head!" she cried out at the end as Harpuia flew away.

She arched her head towards Colbar, still smiling. "He has to be back. He'll die without us."

Colbar just shook his head. How did things go so far out of hand? On the plus side, at least he now had a concrete and valid reason for joining the Resistance himself...


Beginning just set a few years before Megaman Zero I, this story is OBVIOUSLY AU. Since I didn't want to go with LAWL MEMORY LOSS, 'cause ZERO has that, I had to be a bit more mean to the humanity and more cunning for the Resistance Base people. But, considering Neige n Co.'s attitude towards Reploids, it's actually not that far of a imaginative stretch that humanity plus the government will slap all of the political downwind on a MIA Guardian.

Anyways, thus, the story of a Resistance Base with 5oo percent more Harpuia BEGINS!

Comments loved. Of course! -winks-

P.S. Colbar and Rocinolle are actual Resistance Base members, with their actual names. No OCs here. ;3 Zero will show up, eventuallllly. Which is why I had debated on who to name as main characters: Harpuia n Ciel? Harpuia n Zero? In the end, I had chosen Zero n Harpuia, but Ciel will be noted often, as is the other members. As to why I wanted to write this? I need to pick up my love for writing again, and this is a good way to do so, ne? That, and Harpuia being a RB member has been playing in my brain for a LONG time.