Heyy(: So I love Big Time Rush. Both the show and the band, and I thought I would write a story on my favorite couple(:

"You're so gorgeous." Logan whispered as his lips grazed Camille's neck. He then placed a trail of soft kisses along her jawline and kissed her lips passionately.

Camille wasn't sure what was happening, why she was making out with Logan in a supply closet. All she knew was that one minute, she was strolling down one of the hallways of the Palm Woods, running through some lines for her audition, and the next she was yanked into a random door she passed by. Next thing you know, she was face to face with a very disheveled looking Logan. He looked as if he had been thinking about something for a while. Before she could ask what was wrong, he pulled her into a kiss.

Not that Camille wasn't enjoying this, but this wasn't right. She was dating Steve. Cute, sweet, uncomplicated Steve. With that, she unlatched her lips from Logan's and looked up at him. It almost broke her heart when she saw the hurt expression on his gorgeous face. Camille also noticed a bit of want, need in his eyes. She almost got lost in them before she spoke.

"Logan, we can't do this. You know I'm dating Steve. And anyway, I thought we agreed to try and be friends for a while." She stated.

Logan was silent. His eyes moved from Camille to his feet as she gave him an expectant look.

Camille cocked an eyebrow. "Well? Aren't you gonna say something?"

Logan ran a hand through his hair, and gazed into Camille's sparkling brown orbs.

"Camille, I miss you. I miss us. And I know that we've been back and forth for a while, and have had some hard times but I'm willing to put all of that behind me. I just want to be with you." He told her wholeheartedly.

Camille just stared at him. She was too surprised to do anything. This was what she she'd wanted Logan to say for what seemed like forever, but she wasn't as certain as she used to be about her feelings for him.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Logan, who had taken her hands in his. "Camille," he whispered with pleading eyes. "Please say something."

Camille sighed. This was going to be tough.

"Logan, I've always liked you, but all of this... confusion and uncertainty isn't working for me. I feel like we can never really, truly be together, because you're never on the same page as me."

Logan tried not to let the tears fall. "But Camille I-" He started to say, but she kept on talking.

"When I'm with Steve, I feel like something real can actually happen between us. No complications, just being together. And I wanna try and make things work with him."

Logan could feel the tears running down his cheeks as he spoke to her. "So thats it?," he said angrily. "After all we've been through, you're willing to give up all we have for a guy you've only been dating for less than two weeks?"

Camille raked a hand through her hair. "Logan you know that's not fair. When I heard that you were going out with Peggy, I thought that you were moving on, so I thought I should do the same. I can't wait around for you forever." She shot back.

Logan scoffed. "Oh come on Camille. Thats bull and you know it!"

"No it isn't."

Logan raised his eyebrows at her. "Really?" he said in a mocking tone.

Camille nodded.

"Okay well tell me this: Are you gonna tell Steve that just a couple minutes ago, you were kissing me? Sighing under my touch? That your heart was racing because I was kissing you? Does Steve make you feel like that? Huh?" He finished confidently. He knew he'd won.

Camille opened her mouth to say something, but then closed it. She hated when he was right.

Logan smirked. "Thats what I thought."

Camille shook her head. "I just, can't with you right now. I'm gonna be late for my audition. She wiped some tears from her eyes, picked up her script that had been thrown somewhere in the tiny space, and ran out the door.

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