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***A Ranma ½ Fanfic****

House Guest

Part 1 of 5

Enter Risa

"RANMA, you get back here!" Akane's lethal scream could be heard all through the dojo as she chased a half-naked, clad only in boxer shorts and bath towel, red haired woman through the house.

"Uh,huh," she screamed, her legs pumping overtime as she passed every obstacle in front of her without so much as a blink. She dodged Soun Tendo, Akane's father, swiftly to the right and had to swerve to the left to avoid Nabiki and Kasumi who were now emerging from their rooms.

"Oh dear, what did he do this time," Kasumi asked softly wiping the sleep from her eyes.

"Probably nothing," Nabiki replied with a causal stretch, "but I'll probably have to bail him out of it."

Both Soun and Kasumi looked at Nabiki with surprise at this uncharacteristic kindness and could not help, but exchange looks. "For a price of course," Nabiki pointed out, her brown eyes furrowing at them both at the effrontery in thinking she'd do Saotome a favour for free.

The door behind them exploded by the force of Akane's wooden sword and a huge head, with glaring white eyes and snake-tongue screamed, "WHERE IS RANMA!"

Soun, always a practical man when it came to fear, was on his knees, hands up in praying motions, begging for his life. "THAT WAY! THAT WAY! TAKE HIM INSTEAD!"

"What he'd do now?" The tone in her voice was flat and full of, 'I'm only asking because I know you're going to tell me anyway."

"I caught him in my room again! He had the nerve to make the excuse he'd come for P-chan."

"Oh MY."

"Really Saotome, I thought we went through this before," Nabiki was not amused. "I was prepared to help you, but I think my price's gone up... Really, how boring." She made a dismissive wave and disappeared back into her room.

Akane was livid. "Hey, this is serious..."

"I agree father, this shouldn't go on." Kasumi had folded her hands together and was looking down at her father patiently.

Soun wanted to make that comment he'd made once before about, 'it being okay,' but the look in Akane's red stained eyes held his mouth shut.

"Well, DAD, I'm waiting." Akane was slapping her sword in her hands, making loud violent cracks, needlessly to say this further tongue tied Soun.

"UM,umm, er, eggah."

"Oh dear."

Knock, knock.


A big black and white panda, whose seen a bit too much of the inside of a refrigerator reaches casually for the door.

The door opens to reveal two men in business like suits, wearing sunglasses. They take a look at Genma and then silently turn to each other and begin to muttered worriedly.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING POPS," Ranma screams kicking him directly in the face. "Trying to scare these people?!" Meanwhile, Ranma's still wearing only boxer shorts and the one towel which barely covers his more than ample bosom.

This time the men speak in even more silent tones. "Oh my," Kasumi replies clearly startled as she comes down the stairs with Soun and Akane.

"Dad is there some trouble you're not telling us?"

"Just because there are people dressed in suits who look like they come from either the government, FBI, Welfare, (you name it, they look it)... Doesn't mean there's trouble here... Now Saotome," Soun places a hand on the girl's shoulder and pulls her back, "go get change and for God's sake get some hot water."

"Huh, what do you...oh boy," taking a look at himself he realizes exactly what he must come across as and quickly races pass Soun.

"You too Genma, if these people are from the zoo or the humane society-" Barely did the word leave his mouth, before the panda shot, like a streak of lightening, forth from the room. "Now gentlemen, what can I get for you...haha..."

"Are you Tendo Soun?" Their voices were flat as they queried in unison.

"Yes, but if there's a problem, there must be some mistake. We don't know any old perverted men-"

Both men exchanged looks, but said nothing regarding that comment. Instead... "No mistake, sign this and we'll be on our way.."

"You people don't look like mailmen," Akane stated as she got closer to where her father had started to sign the paper. "Hey dad what's that say, anyways?"

"I don't know."

"GEE, you're getting as bad as Mr. Saotome. Here give me that..." She whipped the sheet from his fingers and started reading. She had to stop reading as her eyes narrowed up darkly towards the two men. "What are you trying to pull this is in English, we're Japanese."

One of them took the sheet, saw that it was signed and nodded towards the second man.

"We were informed by Mr. Arashi, the multi-billionaire, to find a place where his daughter could attend school and live comfortably in a safe environment. We received information that this was an ideal place and have thus placed her in your care."


"OH MY!"

"You can't do that!" Akane exploded, "This is my Dad's dojo, he has enough people to take care of... He can barely support our free loading guests, he can't stoop to-"

As if on que, the response came freely from the government, look alike agent. "That is incorrect. Mr. Soun Tendo has went bankrupt some time ago, and Mr. Arashi has taken over dividends, stocks, etc. In return for not tearing down the dojo, he has decided to hand over his daughter to your care. Mr. Tendo has already signed the required sheet, now all that is necessary is that you take responsibility." The second man was pushing a girl forward, she had long brown hair braided down her back and her eyes were blue and lowered. "She carries the documents proving everything we've said is correct and in addition she bears a check for the first month expenditures. Risa Arashi, say hello to your new family."

The girl, easily Akane's height, but of Ranma's female shape and figure, took careful steps forward. She wore blue jeans, a white blouse with red vest and carried a satchel in both hands. Risa glanced up- she was clearly very embarrassed- and said softly, "Hi, I'm sorry about this."

End of Part 1 of 5.