(Yashira's Note: Written long ago, like 3 years ago, before my style of writing changed. I've edited for mistakes, but tried to leave it as it was. It reflects old writing, to change it, would be to change what I had written it for; it would not be the same then.)

***A Ranma ½ Fanfic****

House Guest

Part 5 of 5


October, 12, 2000.

By Yashira

Pouring the hot water from a kettle he quickly heated up in the kitchen, Ranma's slender female form immediately departed and was replaced by his muscular male body. He stared at Risa, his face unusually pale with shock. "How did you-"

Risa couldn't help, but shake her head at him as she replied, her tone tinged in sarcasm, "Want me list the reasons… Okay, then. A, the way that girl hung around you… B, the way you acted towards me as if I should know you. C, the way you know your way around this place… Shall I go on? You obviously forgot you've changed genders, didn't you?"

Ranma didn't look at her. He was staring at the Dojo's sign, thinking deeply. "Okay, so I didn't realize I'd changed, but still most people are-"

"Stupid? Is that what you're trying to say?" Her tone was tense, and by the sound of it, she sounded offended. "You'll soon realize, I'm not stupid, nor am I an idiot."

"Look I didn't mean-"

But Risa impatiently waved him off and didn't let him finish, "Besides, Ranma I know something about a Junsenkyo curse… I know a bit about everything…. You see, I knew about you, personally from the reports my dad had made about this place…"

This time he did look at her, his mouth open, and his eyes wide. "You knew already?" Something flashed in his mind, that first moment when Risa had stared at him, her eyes burning into his making him feel uncomfortable… could she have been looking in him for signs of the curse? "And your dad still sent you here?"

She actually smiled, a soft moonlike curve, that seemed wry and gentle. "Yes."


Risa laughed, "I find that strange coming from you."

"Well what's more weird, a guy who transforms into a girl or a man sending his daughter to go live in a house with a guy who transforms into a girl?" He crossed his arms tightly as he waited for an answer.

Risa stared at him thoughtfully as she took a sip of water from a glass he'd brought back for her. "Well, would this answer help you understand…" Flicking the glass in such a way to make him nervous she poured the contents onto herself. In under a second, she disappeared beneath her clothes.

"Risa?!" Ranma, alarm and disbelief running rampant through his mind, immediately reached forward to where a small bundled move. "Risa?" He asked again as he scooped up a small furry animal; Ranma held his eyes tied shut. Please, don't let it be a cat… please don't let it be a cat…He opened his eyes. "Chipmunk?" There were small squeaks as the chipmunk danced up his arm and sat on his head. "Hey, cut that out," he cried as the furry little animal scooted down the other side and towards the kettle. "Fine, fine… I get the idea… no wonder you know about Junsenkyo curses." Pouring the water onto her, Ranma went completely red in the face.

"You idiot." Risa cried, running immediately for her clothes and trying to put them on in the fastest time possible. "You could have waited until I got back in them… Ranma?"

But he was so red in the face that he fainted.

"So now that explains everything," Ranma replied slowly, his gaze anywhere, but on Risa.

Risa nodded. "My dad was furious at my mother when he found out what happened to me, but when she-she…" unable to say the word 'died', she change idea mid way, "Anyways, what better way to raise a disgraceful daughter, then by sending her to be raised by someone who was used to Junsenkyo curses. I didn't want to come here at first, even if you transformed genders, but…" Ranma glanced up at Risa as she rubbed her hands nervously. "After seeing you though…" She paused and looked back at him, her blue eyes so sharp that he gulped nervously. "You seem trustworthy, is all. Look, I'll see you later…" Jumping suddenly from the wall they were both leaning on, Risa left the dojo in 3 big strides.

Ranma stared after her, but didn't follow. He was beyond the shade of red.

Now you've done it, you idiot, Risa reprimanded herself coldly. You promised yourself to tell no one about this stupid, stupid curse, but oh no… A pretty guy and you had to tell him… Punching herself in the shoulder she ran up the stairs and into Akane's room, closing the door behind her. Akane was not there and she was glad for it. She couldn't deal talking to that jealous girl, when her own heart was beating rapidly. He'll think I'd like him, just like that… damn, damn, damn… that's the last thing I'd want. I just want to be friends… to have friends…

She sighed deeply as she flexed her wrist. It hurt, but it would heal. Next time she'd not underestimate that amazon, next time she'd throw that stupid woman into the next continent.

Sorry but this ends 1-5 of the Enter Risa episode. If there are more episodes, they'll be written someday.