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Chapter One

Puck slowly crept down the dark hall, his third tonight. Dalton Academy was a lot larger than he had thought. Good thing he had brought Mike and Finn on this scouting mission. Artie had made the hour long drive with them, but after seeing the campus, he opted to stay in the car.

Puck wasn't sure what kind of prank or stunt to pull on the Warblers yet, but he knew it would be great for the New Directions morale. They were moving on to Regionals, but the tie with the Warblers at Sectionals had been a blow to their collective egos. It was bad enough they had lost Kurt; to the Warblers, no less. To top it all off, they were wasting his talent even more than Mr. Schue did.

Puck thought Kurt had an amazing voice. He could sing anything, hit every note, no matter how high or low. Puck had known Kurt threw the diva off with Rachel for that Defying Gravity solo. Puck wasn't sure why. He had heard Kurt practicing and the pale boy had it down perfect. He had always assumed Kurt did it because he was being a team player.

Puck, like everyone else in Glee Club, was glad that Kurt was getting to go to Regionals too; he'd just prefer the little soprano was on their team. Kurt belonged with New Directions, he belonged at McKinley High. Puck, like Finn, wished Kurt had given them the opportunity to protect him from Karofsky. Puck had tried to get along with the other jocks and change their minds about Glee back when Mr. Schue and Coach Beiste had made them work together for a week. Everyone had been so hopeful after the joint performance that they would soon have Kurt back. But again, Karofsky ruined that. He sported a pretty nasty shiner for a week thanks to Puck.

When the three McKinley High students entered Dalton they split up, each taking a floor of the building. Mike stayed on the first floor, Finn took the second, and Puck took the top. Game plan was to learn the layout, then meet back up at Mike's car. Tomorrow, they would make their plans.

Puck had decided the top floor was the dormitory. Most of the rooms he had passed were locked and/or had snoring coming from them. As badass as he was, he looked into the unlocked doors. Some had sleeping guys in them, and a few were empty. One room even had two guys spooned up together in bed asleep. Puck had made sure neither guy was Kurt before moving on. He would have hated to blow the mission because he had to beat some dude up for messing with their boy.

Though he wouldn't mind getting his hands on that Blaine guy Kurt was so fond of mentioning. Puck and Finn had talked about him after the Rachel fiasco. Kurt really seemed to like the guy and Puck and Finn couldn't figure out why Blaine didn't seem to notice. Blaine was gay, Kurt was gay…how could he pass up someone as awesome as Kurt?

Puck was checking the last room in the hall when he heard scuffling noises coming from the other side of the door. He checked the handle, but the door was locked. He put his ear to the door so he could hear more clearly. He heard something hit the floor and break.

Shit, he thought. Someone was in trouble. He wasn't sure what to do when he heard a high pitched voice.

"Let go of me. No means no, you brute," the familiar voice yelled.

There was a crash. Then something hit the door.

A scream and another crash.

"Get the hell off me," Kurt screamed. He sounded terrified.

"You know you want this," another voice said.

"No, I don't. Stop. Please, stop," Kurt was pleading now.

Puck kicked the door. "Fuck," he hissed when it didn't open.

"What was that?" the other voice asked Kurt.

Puck kicked the door again this time breaking it open.

What he saw infuriated him; he growled. A guy about his size, maybe a little bigger, had Kurt pinned to the floor on his stomach. He had pulled Kurt's sleep pants down around his knees. Kurt's backside was bare and the dude had the front of his pants undone. Puck just about lost it.

"Get the fuck off him, now," Puck yelled, launching himself across the room. He ripped the guy off Kurt and tossed him into the wall by the door. He watched the pervert slide to the floor before he looked down to check on Kurt. "Kurt, man, you okay?"

The young countertenor nodded, but the tears streaming down his face said otherwise. He saw that Kurt's flawless pale skin was starting to bruise around his slender neck and on his angelic face. Puck had never felt this infuriated before.

"Fuck," he said again. He saw the sick bastard that had hurt his boy move out of the corner of his eye. He turned his attention back to the guy. He was starting to stand up. Puck grabbed him by the collar and slung him into the hall like the piece of trash he was. No one had the right to do what this asshole had done to Kurt. The boy tried to tackle Puck, but he side stepped him and tossed him into the wall and started pounding him. Now Puck really was a mad man.

By the time Kurt had got his pants up and made it into the hall a crowd of Dalton boys was forming. A few of them tried to tear Puck off of John Johnson. Puck just threw them off and kept pounding away. It was like all hell had broken loss. Everyone was shouting. Everything was just too much.

Kurt couldn't believe what the other student had just tried to do to him. Asshole. He deserved to have the shit beat out of him. He was furious and scared at the same time. He knew no matter how much John deserved what Puck was doing, he needed to stop Puck before he went too far.

"Puck stop," he yelled trying to grab the tough guy's arm. It was like Puck didn't even feel him. He just kept pounding away. Kurt noticed the Dalton students had all backed off. They looked afraid.

"Bunch of pansies," Kurt hissed under his breath. "Puck, Puck," he yelled at his friend again, but the older boy just didn't seem to hear him. Kurt got as close as he dared and calmly said, "Noah."

Puckerman froze and looked at him over his shoulder. "You okay Kurt?"

Kurt wanted to say that he was fine, but all he could do was shake his head and reach his hand out.

Puck stood up and wrapped Kurt in his arms. Kurt realized he was still crying, almost hyperventilating. He was vaguely aware of the other boys moving around him. Puck kept running one hand up and down his spine while making soothing little sounds. He kept saying he was here, and Kurt was safe now.

Puck suddenly jerked an arm away from him and growled at someone, he looked up from Puck's chest, it was Blaine. Blaine and Wes had moved over by John and were trying to help him to his feet.

"Let the motherfucker bleed," Puck snapped. Most of the crowd gasped. They sounded shocked. Kurt didn't care; he totally agreed with Mohawk Boy.

Blaine stood up. "You have no right to come into our school and beat on one of our friends," he said to Puck and then turned his gaze to Kurt. "And I can't believe you let him come here and do this. That you are more concerned with this thug than one of us."

Puck repositioned himself so he could fully face the idiot that was Blaine. He tucked Kurt behind his back, keeping one of his hands in the countertenor's.

"That asshole was trying to rape Kurt when I got here," he snapped at Blaine.

Another round of gasps came from their audience.

Wes spoke next. "John would never do that. None of us here would. You must have just walked in on something and overreacted."

"I know what I heard and I know what I saw," Puck insisted.

"That has to be it, just a misunderstanding," one of the boys in the crowd said.

The crowd made sounds of agreement. Puck looked at Kurt. The younger teen was in shock. Kurt kept moving his mouth, but nothing was coming out.

"Look at him," Puck said bringing Kurt in front of him. He wrapped one arm around Kurt's chest and held him tight. "His face and neck are already bruising."

"He fell off the bed," his attacker said from his spot on the floor.

"See," Blaine said with relief in his voice. "It was just an accident. We're all safe here. Our school doesn't tolerate bullies like you."

Puck glared at the guy still sitting in the floor. "You had him pinned face down on the floor trying to rip his pants off."

"He likes it rough," John countered.

Puck saw Finn arrive. He was standing at the back of the crowd looking very confused.

"Kurt was screaming at you to stop," Puck yelled. At that Kurt turned and buried his face in Puck's chest.

"I said no," he cried and kept repeating the words over and over.

Puck looked at Finn. The guy looked horrified. "Finn, get Mike and get back here fast," he shouted to his friend.

Kurt's friend, Blaine, looked like he didn't know what to do.

"John, did Kurt say no?" Blaine asked.

"He's been begging me for it. Ever since he got here," John said. "He prances around wiggling that tight little ass of his. Always flipping his hair and constantly flirting."

Puck just stared down at the low life. He could so kill him right now. The only thing stopping him was Kurt. Finn and Mike came up beside him. He spoke in a low voice before they had a chance too. "No questions. Just get all of Kurt's stuff out of his room and into the car. We're taking our boy home."

Blaine looked over at Kurt's mohawked friend as he whispered something to Kurt's stepbrother. What the hell was he doing here? What was either of them doing here? This all had to be a misunderstanding. John was his friend. He had known him for a long time. John would never hurt anyone. The Mohawk dude had to be wrong.

Blaine thought a moment longer then spoke. "Kurt, are you sure that John understood you? I mean you do seem to flirt all the time."

Kurt made a horrible whimpering sound and his friend tighten his arms around him.

"You asshole," the Jewish boy spat at him. "He flirted with you all the time because he has a thing for you. Kurt doesn't randomly flirt. His heart has a one track mind. Hell, if the Princess doesn't like you, you're lucky he even acknowledges you exist. Believe me, I know." The guy started rubbing Kurt's back again and making soothing sounds. "FYI, dickhead. No means no, no matter what."

Puck had had it. He scooped Kurt up in his arms bridal style and carried him all the way to Mike's car. Artie must have seen him coming, because he popped open the back door of the car for him. Puck folded himself into the back seat, keeping Kurt in his lap. Kurt borrowed deeper into him and whimpered.

"Shh, baby. We're taking you home. Everything is going to be okay." He reassured the smaller teen.

"What's going on?" Artie asked. He looked really worried.

"I'll tell you everything once Finn and Mike are here. Don't want to have to say it twice."

Kurt felt so safe enclosed in Puck's arms. He was still crying, he just couldn't stop, but he knew he was safe. Noah had swept him up in his arms and carried him away from John and Wes and Blaine. His very own knight in shining arm…or in this case, black hoodie.

Kurt just couldn't believe what Blaine had said to him. Blaine, of all people. His Blaine. Blaine that he thought he had loved with all his heart. Blaine had practically agreed that it was Kurt's fault that that awful John Johnson had attacked him. That he had asked for it. The thought upset him as much as the attack itself.

He was so glad Puck had told Mike and Finn to get his things. He never wanted to see Dalton Academy again. He didn't even think he wanted to see Blaine again.

Puck was rubbing his back. It felt so good. It made him feel so safe. Who would have thought that Noah "Puck" Puckerman his former tormentor would be his hero?

"Thank you," he whispered into Noah's neck before his exhaustion overwhelmed him and he fell asleep.