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25 – Future

Blaine had never been more nervous in his life. Today was the day, in front of all his friends, that he would propose to his boyfriend of ten years.

They had stuck together through going to different colleges, and through Kurt training to be a lawyer's assistant. Blaine had been less ambitious, and went through a vocal training school close to Kurt's paralegal training location.

But Blaine thought maybe it was time to begin a family with Kurt, since Jeremy and Pavel had married a year before this, and Andi and Oliver had married right after four years of college, after Oliver had taken over the McDoile Publishing Company from his mother and stepfather. Andrew and Jasmine were coming back from their honeymoon in Italy for this little reunion, having eloped to Switzerland to do it (Jasmine's parents were purebloods, and they wanted to keep the blood… well… pure. At least Jasmine's little sister was getting married to a pureblooded warlock in a couple of years…).

"How do I look?" Blaine asked the mirror of the hotel. Kurt was still asleep on their bed.

"Jeez, stop being such a girl. Oliver and Jeremy have seen you look worse…" Arthur replied.

Blaine shook his head, "I'm sorry, but you're head is my reflection, so I can't always tell…"

"Yes, always blame your other. That keeps up morale…" Arthur replied, sarcastically. He grinned, though, at his flesh-and-blood other. "You look fine. It's just a picnic. It's not like we're doing that whole fancy-ass reunion thing. Wes and David wanted something small for our graduating class, right?"

Blaine nodded, but picked up the shaving cream. Arthur did the same within, quite used to becoming the reflection for his other. It had been ten years since they had 'zipped up,' so Arthur had had plenty of practice.

After shaving his face and gelling down his hair, Blaine nodded into the mirror and stepped back. "I miss you sometimes."

"Then keep a mirror in your knapsack."

"That would be weird. I live among Mundies thanks to Kurt's job."

"Then stop whining and man-up, Bailey. Go play football with the big boys and show them that girls aren't pretty dolls that can be easily broken."

Blaine laughed, right as Kurt walked in. Kurt blinked, sleepily watching his boyfriend (wearing only boxers and a button-down shirt, open to reveal his chest). Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine and winked into the mirror. His own reflection was holding Arthur, and the two had different reactions. Blaine moaned quietly and kissed Kurt's cheek, while Arthur put a hand up to Kurt's neck and leaned back contentedly. Kurt could feel both, and it was a bit unnerving… at least for the first few months of his relationship with the newly zipped-up Araine. And it only happened when near a mirror, and they hadn't just had a relationship in front of a mirror. In a bed, close to a wall… and then in front of the mirror; those were the main three places these days.

"Go get dressed… we have to be there in an hour," Kurt suggested.

Blaine nodded and left the bathroom, letting his boyfriend use it as he fished in his luggage for something to wear.

Jeremy and Pavel were very happy together. They lived in a nice apartment in Scotland, having moved in after Jeremy had graduated from St. Andrew's. Pavel had joined him after Moscow State, much to his parents chagrin. It was all right: Alexander and Lyubov would tag-team their father's company, thus freeing Pavel up to move to Scotland with Jeremy. Jeremy ran a joke-shop up there, and Pavel got his master's degree so he could teach high school choir. They got a civil union a few years after Pavel had earned his master's.

But what really made the two happiest was the decision to adopt two baby girls.

"Twins. We're a whole family of twins," Pavel said, grinning as he bent to kiss the twin he was holding on the forehead.

They got to name the girls, and Jeremy chose the name Cariad, which made Pavel quite nostalgic for the better half of their high school days. Pavel gave the other twin the name Vera. Vera and Cariad were four months old when they came into the McDoile home. Pavel McDoile was quite happy.

"Come on, annwyl," Jeremy said to Pavel, picking up little Vera as they got to the campus of Dalton. The July sun beat down, and Jeremy was careful as he placed his daughter in her side of the stroller.

Pavel got out of the car and placed Cariad in the other side, strapping them both in and kissing their foreheads. He straightened up, standing on his tippy-toes to give a Jeremy a quick kiss. Jeremy didn't let it be quick, but before any heavy snogging could happen, Kurt and Blaine were upon them, cooing over the girls before Kurt swept his friend in a hug. "Congratulations on the twins!" he said, grinning at the Russo-Scot "Goodness… I haven't seen you since the wedding a year ago!"

"Well… it's nice to go back to where we began…" Pavel quoted, smiling.

"And here we are, and alakazam!" Kurt quoted back.

"Here we go this is totally awesome!" they both said.

"It's great you don't have to actually sing that. It's a song that doesn't necessarily need to be sung to be funny…" Jeremy replied, smiling at his civil partner and their best friend.

Blaine gave his brother a sweeping hug, "Oliver and Andulata would have gotten up to greet you two as well, but Andi's got that bun in the oven, and she's seven months pregnant…"

"I thought dragons hatched from eggs, but I guess if you're part human, that whole theory goes out the window…" Kurt explained as he led the three to a tree (the very tree Kurt had lay under with Pavel when Pavi had come to get them to tell them the news of her engagement ten years ago), where Andulata was sitting, her hands resting on her large baby bump. She shook Pavel's and then Jeremy's hands. "Congratulations," she said, tickling the noses of Cariad and Vera fondly.

Wes and David came over from kicking a soccer ball around. They weren't married yet, nor would they get married (to each other, at least). They had been in a rather on-again, off-again relationship over the years (right now they were on-again), but they seemed content with their lives, so there was no pressure from friends and family.

Colin came over as well and cooed over the twins for a bit. Then again, there seemed to be a lot of Warblers with kids and wives now, but Colin had been a former lover of Pavel, and the smaller male still had a place in Colin's heart.

"They're beautiful little lasses," he said, smiling warmly as he shook the parents' hands.

"Vera and Cariad," Pavel said, pointing as he introduced them.

"A family of twins," Kurt pointed out.

"That's what I said," Pavel replied, laughing. Then, turning to Andulata he asked, "Wait a minute… are you two having twins?"

"Yes," Andulata said, and the company broke into laughter.

Blaine was a singer/songwriter, living off his own meager wages and Kurt's paycheck. Kurt worked nine to five as a paralegal, then came home and wrote songs as well. Sometimes the two collaborated, but often they worked separately. They both had the same recording studio, and their first albums were coming out that December.

Pavel was a high school choir director. He focused on unity in the group, and it really helped that the school (though co-ed) wore uniforms. Jeremy owned a joke-shop, and it was rather successful, as only warlocks and witches could see the shop, let alone understand the mischief that was sold there. And there were a lot of warlocks and witches in Aberdeen anyway…

Andulata was a schoolteacher in the London Draconian Compound, working with the younger division of Draconians: developing their magic and individual powers. Jeremy worked from home, having taken over from his mother at the McDoile Publishing House. He also wrote fabulous books about a school for warlocks in Ohio. (Based off of true events, but don't tell the Mundy readers that!)

David worked at a ranch in California, with the horses, of course. He trained them fairly, and the horses loved him, mostly because he let them out at night so he could transform into his Wild Child form and lead them around the surrounding countryside. Wes was a director of a community theater close by.

Colin and Victor were in a steady relationship, but they were often backpacking across Europe and visiting old historical places, only to disappear completely. Later Colin explained they were going back in time to learn the history firsthand.

After food and life stories were swapped, Blaine got up, "Guys… I kind of wanted you all in the same place, so it's great that Wes and David planned this little get-together…" Blaine then winked to Jeremy and Oliver as he took Kurt's hand. "Kurt Elijah Hummel… will you do me the honor of coming to Massachusetts with me so we can get married properly?"

Kurt's eyes widened, his breath hitched in his throat for a split second as he put his free hand to his mouth. Then he tackled Blaine to the ground (he was sitting in a chair), and kissed him deeply, "Yes, Blaine Arthur Anderson. I will do you the honor!"

"What is done has been done for the best
Though the mist in my eyes might suggest
Just a little confusion about what I'll lose
But if I started over I know I would choose
The same joy, the same sadness each step of the way
That fought me and tought me that friends never say
Never say goodbye ..."

The End/Y Diwedd/Конец (Konets)/C'est Fini

Song Used: (bits and pieces of) "Friends Never Say Goodbye" by Elton John

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