Chapter 1: Lost with Danger

Sakura: 7

Deep within the forest of Konoha there zoomed a flash of pink on the forest floor. The pink ran for while until it finally came to a stop by a big tree. The pink was revealed to be a girl that looked no older than 7 who had vibrant Cherry Blossom colored hair. The girl then crumpled to the ground shaking and crying. That girl was named sakura.

Sakura P.O.V

"Why is everyone so mean to me", she thought. " I know I have a big forhead, but they don't have to make fun of me about it. They even make fun of my hair and eye's".

Normal P.O.V

The girl laid there and cried for a few minutes until she finally lifted her head and sniffled for a few minutes. Sakura looked at the sky and realized how late it was bringing her to the fact the she was lost outside the village and it was evening. Reliezing that tears started pouring down her face again.

Sakura then decided that if she kept on walking then she will eventually find help or the village. Ten minutes later her stomach growled reminding her that her only meal was breakfast and that was nearly 8 hrs. ago. She suddenly felt a breeze and then a presence behind her making her turn her head around slightly and caught sight of a grinning man that looked about 20.

The man had a sound hitate on his forhead that had a scrach across it, he had brown hair black eyes, and a wild look in his eyes that made Sakura even more scared. Sakura turned back and ran to find that the man materialized in front of her making her attemp to stop but she still ran into him falling back. Nursing her hurt head she orgot that he was even there until she heard his gruff voice say, "oh whats wrong blossom did i hurt you". In return Sakura quickly got up and tried to run again, but instead she was pinned down by him. "Oh you hurt my feelings",he heard him say, "I should just get rid of you" he then raised his kunai to stab her.

Sakura mustered all of her strength and pushed him making him fly 100 feet crashing into a big tree making the tree fall as well. Looking shocked at what she did she saw that she had pale green chakra surrounding her body. The man was quick to recover and he tried to grab her but instead he hissed in pain as the charka around her body burned his fingers.

The shinobi getting over what just happened then decided to us an imprisonment jutsu that intrapped her in the ground but she started to move making the dirt fall away from her. The shinobi seeing that said, "Katon: Phoenix flower jutsu". Fire in the shape of a bird started to fly in Sakura direction but somehow her reflexs had gotten better to the point that she dodged them all and when th man appeared in front of her she automatically lifted her fist a a hit him with a chakra charged punch making him slam into the ground.

Sakura then started to feel tired and decided that she better get away before he gets up, reliezing that she was still in danger tried to make a nother run for it but she instead fell causing what chakra she had left to dissolve leaving her defenseless and alone in the darkness of the forest with a shinobi that wants to kill her.

"There's nothing else to protect you now blossom", his voice echoed behind me. "I knew you were special the moment i first spotted you crying by the tree". "So why don't you come with me and we can put your skills to great use", he said.

"I'm afraid that she's not going anywhere with you", another voice said that was less mature but emotionless.

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