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Chapter 2

Soon enough Sakura saw the gates to the village which they stopped by the gate and informed the gate keepers that he was back and that he was bringing Sakura to the Hokage. After he informed them he entered the village as took off towards the tower on the nearest roof and made sure that Sakura was secured and safe. The village at this tie seemed to be filled with shadows and shapes which made Sakura miss the day where all was revealed and everybody was out.

They soon appeared in front of the hokages' door with only a couple of questionable glances more than likely because the anbu was caring a little girl. The door seemed to open and a brown haired man with a pineapple shaped ponytail and a scar across his face told them to come in. 'I never been to the hokages' office before', Sakura thought, 'nor have I met him one on one'. In the room it reminded Sakura of a small library with bookcases covering the walls and a large oak desk in front of a big window overlooking the village. Looking out the window Sakura was in awe, but she failed to notice a man who was coming out of a room until he started talking. "Hello who do we have here"? Sakura turned her head towards where the voice was coming from and she found that it was an elderly looking man who she identified as the hokage. Remembering her manners bowed and waited for the hokage to tell her otherwise.

Itachi looked toward the young girl and realized that she had pink hair. 'That's odd, and it's pink', he thought.

The hokage looked towards their way and Itachi bowed as well. Looking at the small girl the hokage thought 'at least some kids have manners'. "Child look up", the hokage said and Sakura obeyed. Itachi kept his eyes on the girl and when she raised her head Itachi saw her bright jade eyes that also reminded him of emeralds. 'Pink hair, green eyes', the hokage thought. "You must be Haruno Sakura", the Hokage announced. "Hai Hokage-same", Sakura bowed again. The hokage watched in amusement thinking that Akemi and Kouhei Haruno raised a well-disciplined child.

'Haruno Sakura, such a befitting name', Itachi thought.

"Your parents have been worried about a matter of fact they just left 5 minutes ago to continue their search for you". Sakura looked done ashamed that she caused so much trouble. The hokage sensed her disappointment and decided to distract her. "So where were you Sakura?" the hokage asked. "I was lost in the forest'. "How did you get all the way out there child". "Some of my classmates asked me to go flower picking with them and somehow we were separated", Sakura hesitated on the last part which Itachi and the Hokage caught leading them to believe it was no accident. "So what happened next", the hokage asked inspecting the girl's injuries. She had scrapes on her knees, cuts on her legs and arms along with a long cut on her cheek. She was covered with dirt and dried blood, but she didn't seem to be bothered by it.

"I tried to find my way back but it seemed that I kept getting further into the forest. It was close to nighttime when I decided to stop and rest thinking that if I stayed in one place someone would eventually find me. A couple of minutes later there was a scary man who said he wanted to kill me", Sakura stopped looking frightened and towards the hokage unsure. "You can tell me", he said. "And when I pushed him away it felt like I was pushing air, but I wasn't because he flew back into a tree. It was so cool and scary because I had all this green light around me and when he tried to touch me it burned him, but then it stopped glowing when I fell and I thought that I was going to die if it wasn't for Anbu-San saving me". The Hokage then brought his attention to the silent anbu and signaled for Itachi to tell him the story. Itachi told the hokage with his monotone voice what happened.

"It seems that we have a problem, I will dispatch some jounin and anbu to investigate this nameless man. Don't worry Sakura, your safe now. " But what about the light", she quietly asked. "That light is a normal thing, it's your chakra", the hokage said, "you just developed your chakra all at one time so it appeared like that". 'But I've never seen something that strong coming from a child or even some jounin', Itachi thought. "Normally when you are a baby you will have a chakra flash which means that your chakra flares up so that it would be easier to use. Some children's happens when there a baby and some never happen at all; those kids normally end up being civilians. It's rare for chakra flashes to happen at this age and I can only recall a hand full of people this happened to, one of them being the fourth hokage and another being the first hokage", Sakuras' eyes widened.

"From what I gathered having a late chakra flash will make you a lot stronger than other people", the Hokage said. In Sakuras' mind she was thinking that she finally has the power to get stronger and protect her village.

"Thank you", the hokage said to the anbu, "You are excused now, I'll be expecting a missions' report on my desk tomorrow." Itachi nodded. Before he left he looked down to see Sakura pull on his sleeve and said "Thank you anbu-san", and then she bowed. Itachi ruffled her hair then disappeared. 'I need to learn that', Sakura thought.

Sakura waited looking around the office until she heard a knock on the door. The hokage said "Come in" and Sakura was met with her parents and engulfed by a tight hug followed by the sound of silent sobbing. Sakura looked up to see blonde and brown hair of her parents. Sakura was always concerned because she didn't look like neither of her parents, but her mom would say that she got her looks from her late grandmother. Sakura mumbled to them that she was sorry and her father looked up and said, "We were so worried about you, you disappeared and nobody knew where you were". "Dear kami", her mother said, "You're all dirty and covered with blood and scratches what happened", and she started to panic. "I only fell kaa-san, I'm okay." "No you're not we need to clean you up. Thank you very much Hokage-sama we will be taking Sakura right now if that's alright with you". "Not at all just make sure you drop by the hospital to get her wounds healed". "Hai". Then they left.

They exited the hokage tower and went straight to the hospital. When they got there it seemed as though the hokage told them that they were heading there because there was a nurse waiting for them. The nurse took them to a room and started healing Sakura. "Oh my", the nurse said. "These are some deep wounds and I'm glad you all came when you did because this would have been a nasty infection. I'm surprised you're not crying right now because some children and even adults would be reduced to tears." Sakura parents at Sakura and she just looked away. After everything was healed they said thank you and goodbye to the nurse as they made their way home.

Sakura didn't have a shinobi ranked family like most of her classmates. Her mother who has long brown hair and dark blue eyes runs the Konoha main library and her father who has dirty blonde spikey hair and light brown eyes work as an assistant representative for research at the medical lab. Both of them were extremely smart too. Which is about one of the only thing that she inherited from them.

They lived in the civilian part of town in a beige two story house. They made their way home with Sakura scooped up in her dad's arms. Five minutes later they arrived at home. Sakura's mom went to go run her a bath while her dad took her to the living room. "Where were you", he asked. "Lost in the forest", she replied. "The forest?" he repeated. "You could have been killed", he almost yelled. Sakura didn't have the heart to tell him that she almost did so instead she said "I promise that I won't scare you like that".

He looked relieved a hugged Sakura tight. Sakuras' mom then came in at that moment and told Sakura it's time for a bath after observing the situation.

Sakura was in a bath she didn't even realize how dirty she was until she saw her bath water. Her mother took the wash cloth and wiped her down painting the water a murky gray. She also did not realize how her mother was trembling until she grabbed Sakura and hugged her tight.

"What's wrong kaa-san", she asked. She just seemed to hold her tighter until she finally squeezed out "I...th..ought...I...", while she sobbed. Sakura felt bad putting her mother, her parents, through that, so she said the only thing that she could think have in this situation,"...I'm Sorry Kaa-san".

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