Santana Lopez walked into the choir room after Cheerios practice. She had remembered that she had forgotten her backpack when she had left the room to hurry to practice. She saw her bag and walked over to it. She had just picked it up when Rachel Berry walked in.

"Hello Santana." Rachel greeted the other girl.

"Berry." Santana responded, looking around her to make sure no one would witness the two having a conversation. She watched as Rachel walked towards her.

"So I did not really see you much today, aside from Glee." Rachel said.

"Yeah well, you must not have been looking hard enough because I was around." Santana replied, getting nervous as Rachel started stroking her arm. "Berry, what do you think you are doing?"

"Relax, Santana. No one is here. Everyone has left for the day. Even Coach Sylvester is gone." Rachel assured the other girl, smiling as she felt the taller girl fall into her touch.

"God, Rach. You have got to stop looking so hot during rehearsal." Santana said.

"I do it for you baby." Rachel smirked.

"Well it is not fair to do that when I cannot have you right there. Besides, Finn and Puck keep looking at you and soon I am going to crack and beat the both of them into senior year of college."

Rachel laughed. "Santana, keeping this a secret was your idea in the first place, remember?"

Santana sighed. "Yeah, I know. But it is just so frustrating. Sometimes I just want to slap myself for it. But then…" she trailed off.

"But then you think about what would happen. I get it San. I have almost told people like Kurt or Mercedes and then caught my tongue thinking about that. I mean look what happens to Kurt. And he is single." Rachel said.

"I am so sorry about it." Santana started to lean in for a kiss when she heard footsteps. She instantly jumped back. "When is your boyfriend going to get here Man-Hands?"

Rachel, who didn't hear the footsteps, looked confused. "What?" Suddenly, Finn entered.

"Hey Rach. You ready to go?" he asked, casting a suspicious look in Santana's direction.

"Actually, Berry and I have to work on a Chemistry project. She is coming home with me." Santana said, attempting to hide the anger and defensiveness creeping into her voice.

Finn looked disappointed. "Fine. But do not mess with her Santana. Just do your project and do not bother her."

"Look, Finnocence, do not tell me how to talk to my-" Santana cut herself off. "My project partner." She finished, catching herself.

"Yeah well, she is my girlfriend."

She is mine too. She is actually more mine than yours Frankenteen, so back off! Santana wanted desperately to say that, but held her tongue as she watched Finn leave the room. She and Rachel then walked to Santana's car.

"Santana, you cannot talk to Finn like that." Rachel said once they were in.

"What? Why not?"

"Why not? Because he is my boyfriend, Santana!" Rachel said.

"And what about me? I am your girlfriend. Or do you forget that when your alone with him?" Santana snapped back, slightly wincing at Rachel's hurt expression.

"San, that is not fair. I offered to break up with Finn. You told me not to, so people would not get suspicious." Rachel said.

"But you were not supposed to keep liking him!"

"Santana, there will always be a part of me that loves Finn. He was my first love. They say you never completely fall out of love with your first love." Rachel said.

"But you are with me." Santana countered.

"And I love being with you. But as long as I am with Finn as well, you cannot go off on him every time the three of us are alone together. You have to pretend as if we hate each other."

Santana looked out the driver's side window. "Maybe I cannot do that anymore. The more I fall in love with you, the harder it is getting to pretend I hate you. I hate having to be so mean to you. I want to be able to just talk to you in public without having to insult you."

"What are you saying?"

"I am saying, can we please tell the Glee Club tomorrow?" Santana asked.

Rachel thought about that. "I think we should tell Finn privately first. Just so we do not completely put him on the spot."

Santana nodded. "Call him now."

Rachel nodded and pulled out her cell phone. "Hi Finn? Hey, it's me. Can you come over to Santana's house? We need your opinion on our project….Yes I actually want your academic opinion." Santana rolled her eyes. When Rachel hung up the phone, she spoke up. "Really, Rach? That's the excuse you made up? First of all, we now have to find something to ask him about. Second, why on earth would someone ask Finn Hudson for help on a project?" Rachel just laughed as Santana drove to her house.

When Finn got to Santana's house, he looked suspicious of something. "So what do you need to ask me about?" he asked, speaking to Rachel.

"Actually Finn, we have something we need to tell you." The girls decided it would be better if Rachel did most of the talking.

"What's up?"

"Santana and I…I mean, we are….Santana and I are…" Rachel trailed off.

"Are you trying to tell me that you two have been dating since homecoming week when we sang that Britney Spears number?" Finn interrupted.

Both girls looked at him. "You know?" they asked in unison.

"Rachel, you are my girlfriend. I know you. I see you watching Santana when she is not looking. And I see Santana watching you when you are not looking. And I see the looks you two share when you make eye contact. Plus, when is the last time Santana slushied you?" Finn reasoned.

Santana and Rachel looked at each other. "You are not mad?" Rachel asked.

"At first, I was. But then I realized I want you to be happy." Finn said.

"Why did you not say anything?" Santana asked.

"I want her to be happy. She would not be very happy if I outed her to the school. Besides, I figured if Rachel and I were together, nobody would suspect you two were together." Finn smiled.

Santana nodded. "Wow. Thanks, Finn." The two shared a smile.

"We were planning on telling the Glee Club tomorrow, but we wanted you to know first. We did not want to blindside you. But it looks like we would not have anyway." Rachel said.

"Thanks for respecting me enough to do that. Seriously, it means a lot. If anyone gives you guys a hard time about it, I will be the first to beat them up. Yeah, even before you, San." Finn said.

"I do not doubt that Finn." Santana said.

"I really do hope you two are happy together." Finn said to his (now ex) girlfriend and her new (Well, not new technically, but for all intense purposes) girlfriend.