So I got a few people saying that they wanted an epilogue, so since I don't like disappointing anyone, I'm writing it.

Warnings for this chapter: mpreg (used in past tense), sweet little lime

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Five Years Later...

Stein flopped down on his back, enjoying the way the sun seemed to soak through his skin. It was a nice, warm spring day in Death City, and Stein fervently wished that it would stay that way. Days like this seemed to make life worth living. Well, one of them, anyway...


All the air wooshed out of Stein as a small, red haired boy flopped down on his stomach. Once he managed to catch his breath, he chuckled softly before opening his eyes to stare into eyes just as pale green as his own. "Dorian, where's Papa?"

Dorian grinned. "Papa was being too slow, so I left him behind."

Stein had to admit, he'd had his doubts about becoming a father, but since Spirit had wanted a child so badly, he'd decided to give it a try. It had taken him months of suffering through Spirit's whines of "Steeeiiiin, I wanna be a daddy..." (to which Stein would reply, "You already are one, remember?"), frustration of not getting the potion quite right, and not to mention the nine-month-long bout of apprehension (and irritation as Spirit became even more emotional than usual during his pregnancy) before Dorian had been born, but now Stein couldn't be happier with the outcome. He couldn't remember a time in his life that he'd felt so much joy, not even when he and Spirit had gotten together that night on Maka's birthday so long ago. He'd actually cried when his son was born. He'd cried. The things his men did to him were insane.

Dorian's features were pretty evenly split between his two fathers; he had Spirit's red hair, Stein's eyes, his nose, his body was curvy like Spirit's (in a manly way, of course). It was undeniable how adorable the little boy was.

Spirit jogged over to where they were laying, gasping for breath, his face flushed with exertion. "Dorian, didn't Stein ever tell you it's rude to leave your Papa behind?"

Dorian shook his head, still grinning from ear to ear.

"Why haven't you told him that, Spirit?"

Spirit laid down next to Stein, and Dorian scrambled from Stein's chest to his, snuggling into the space between Spirit's jaw and shoulder. Stein rolled over, wrapping his arms around the child and his lover, kissing them both on the head, making both of them blush the exact same delicate pink. All three males sighed in contentment.

"Because I expect you to handle that stuff," Spirit mumbled. "You're better at being all firm and parental..." He sounded like he was on the verge of sleep.

Stein chuckled into Spirit's crimson locks. "Now's the time for you to get in all that parenting you missed out on with Maka."

Spirit knew that Stein had only been teasing, but it still hurt that he would make a joke out of something like that. He tried to laugh it off, but Stein saw through it.

Stein sighed. "Sorry, I forgot that Maka is still sort of a sore spot."

Maka had decided to travel the world with her mother shortly after her party, leaving Spirit heartbroken. It had taken forever for Spirit to stop moping around the house mourning her absence (as if she'd been around much to begin with). She did still come to visit sometimes, but she hadn't been home since Dorian was born. It wasn't that she objected to him. In fact, she didn't even know that he existed. Against Stein's better judgment, Spirit had yet to tell Maka or her mother about Dorian.

"Papa, Daddy, where's sissy Maka?" Dorian asked softly, afraid to upset his red headed father.

"Mmm," Spirit hummed. "I think she's in America right now."

"Why is she there?"

"I don't really know."

"Will she come to visit?"

Spirit sighed. "Stein, his high level of curiosity is all your fault." He did not, however, answer his son's question.

Sensing that this conversation had gone far enough and fearing that Spirit was nearing his breaking point, Stein pulled them all up into a sitting position. "C'mon, let's go get some ice cream on our way home."

Spirit crawled into bed next to Stein.

"Dorian asleep already?" Stein murmured, pulling the Death Scythe closer to his bare chest and nuzzling his neck.

"Mhm," Spirit replied pressing himself more snugly into the embrace.

"You sure?"


"Mmm, good." Stein grinned against Spirit's skin, and Spirit twisted in his arms to stare at him.

"Are you...Stein, you're not think of..." Stein's grin widened. "Stein, what if we wake up Dorian?"

"Hmm...I guess we'll just have to make you a bit quieter, won't we?"


Stein awoke to find his arms irritatingly empty. He groaned, sitting up and stretching, listening to the bones in his back pop. He rolled out of bed, pulled on his boxers, and walked down the hall to the kitchen, rubbing his eyes as he went.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" Dorian yelled, running down the hall and colliding with his father mid-stride. He stumbled back a bit, rubbing his nose and mumbling a small "Owie," before turning his shining eyes onto Stein once more. "Daddy, sissy Maka's here! She's in the living room!"

Stein yawned and scratched his stomach, not really listening at all. "Oh that's nice, Dorian, really nice." Then what his son had just said sank in. "Wait...WHAT?" He dashed back to his room, threw on some sweatpants (with Dorian following him all the while), and was back in the living room so quickly that it was a few seconds before Dorian made it in behind him, giving his father an accusing stare as he gasped for air.

Maka was indeed in his living room, sitting in the chair next to the door to the balcony. She smiled up at Stein with a gentle "Hello" before her eyes immediately fell upon the half-hidden boy clinging to his pants. Her eyes widened. " guys decided to adopt?"

"I still can't believe Spirit didn't tell you." Stein sighed, tugged the boy's hands off his pants, and pulled him over to the couch, positioning him between himself and Spirit. However, Dorian wasn't having it. Knowing that Stein wasn't going to let him hide, he crawled into Spirit's lap and burried his face in the fabric of his shirt. Stein shot a disapproving glance at Spirit, who reluctantly pushed his son back into his place in response. Dorian whimpered.

"Yeah, Papa," Maka said, smiling sweetly at the frightened toddler, "why didn't you tell me? Adopting a child is great. At least now I know that you won't cheat on Stein-he'd probably kill you." She began to laugh, but stopped quickly when no one else laughed with her. "What's wrong?" she asked, finally tuning in to the tense atmosphere that surrounded her father and his lover.

"Stein, we don't-"

"Yes, we do, Spirit. She has a right to know, and it would be doing both her and Dorian a great disgrace if we didn't tell her." He tone got firmer, and his eyes flashed dangerously behind his glasses. "If you don't tell her, I will."

Spirit fidgeted nervously, knowing both Stein and Maka were growing impatient with his silence. Finally, he said, " see, Stein and I didn't adopt Dorian."

Maka's eyebrows tugged together in confusion. Then her eyes widened and her tone rose an octave in disbelief. "You didn' didn't invent him did you? If you did, you did a very good job!"

"Of course we didn't!" Spirit took a deep breath and gave his daughter an apologetic look. He knew that was one of the only things Maka would have been able to come up with with the little information he'd given her. "Dorian biological son."

"So you-!"


Maka glared at Stein.

"Neither did I. You know I would never do such a thing to your father."


Stein held up a hand to stop her. "Maka, please stop trying to guess, because you'll never get it right." He twisted the screw in his head until it clicked before continuing on, "As Spirit just said, Dorian is his biological son. Well, he's mybiological son as well." He smirked at Maka's puzzled, and somewhat disgusted expression. "I'd actually prepared a special potion that made Spirit...fertile."

Maka's face turned an odd shade of green. "Wha...h-how did you get him out? Where was he during the pregnancy? How-?"

"Let's not get into all the gory details," Stein interrupted, seeing the grimace on Spirit's face at the memory of his pregnancy. "But I will tell you that he was removed surgically." He lifted Spirit's shirt to reveal the scar made by the incision.

It took a while for Maka's face to return to its normal color. Then her stiff expression dissolved into a warm grin and she came over to the couch to kneel in front of Dorian. "So you're my new little brother, eh?"

Dorian nodded, gnawing on his index finger while his fathers smiled down at him and Maka.

"How old are you?" Maka asked, holding her arms out for him.

Dorian hesitated before he scrambled into his sister's embrace. "Two," he mumbled as he hid in her chest.

Everyone chuckled heartily and the tension dissipated.

"Sissy Maka, will you come back and visit me?"

Maka squeezed him gently. "Of course. I'll even send you letters, if you'd like that."

Dorian nodded vigorously.

Spirit relaxed. Finally, he was sure that his two lives, both past and present, could coexist.

This chapter was a bit short because for some reason, I just had the urge to give them a bouncing baby boy, and I wanted Maka to fianlly be able to be with her mother. I didn't really like the way I did the ending but oh well. ^~^

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