'No one knew that the reason Kurt had transferred back to McKinley was because of the sweet, yet depressed love letters Karofsky had been sending him for months' This one is gonna be a multi-chapter, maybe four or five, but I'll update it really quickly.

Kurt slammed the door to his basement bedroom and locked it. He shifted to the wall and slid down it to his knees. He buried his eyes in his fists and cried, tears staining the sleeves of his Warblers jacket. He heard heavy footsteps and three rushed knocks on the door.


"Go away!" he exclaimed, kicking the door hard. Finn jumped back on the other side.

"What happened? Are you o-"

"I said GO AWAY!" he said, letting out a hard cry,

"I need to know if-"

"SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" Silence. Kurt cried for a good ten minutes before he checked himself in the mirror. His face was completely red from the tears. He was gonna wrinkle so bad from this. He rinsed his face repeatedly with cold water and Clean&Clear facial wash, then moisturized and relaxed on the white couch. He took his jacket and tie off and literally flailed them across the room, as he did with his satchel and shoes. As he was unfastening his belt he heard his computer beep and remembered he had to check his email. He finished changing into his silky-white pajamas, slippers, and robe and checked his email. He had just received a reminder from Mercedes about the sleepover with him and Rachel she was planning that weekend. He scowled and replied 'I'm not going if that psycho bitch is gonna be there.' Almost immediately afterwards he got the reply, 'What's up with you, white boy? Why you cussin out your best friend?' Friend? Kurt laughed out loud at that one. 'Some friend. Tell ya later.' He rolled his eyes thinking about her. What a little bitch! 'Well, I already told Rachel and she's fine with you being there, but you're flipping over her. So it's just gonna be us girls this weekend. Sorry boo. Loves! XOXO' Kurt rolled his eyes and might just have punched Mercedes if she were there. She would choose Rachel over him? Really...what was he thinking! He would never punch his best friend, and besides…she was kind of right. He'd just punch Rachel. As he scrolled down the usual list of chain letters from Finn, Tina, and Brittany, he saw an unfamiliar name. 'TheGuyWithTheSlushy3000' he gulped and closed his eyes. Holy shit. He knew who it was, he just knew it. He closed his eyes and clicked Open. When he opened his eyes, he saw a long message in front of him. What the hell is this?…

Dear Kurt,

You're probably thinking I'm just gonna ask you if you told anyone about our kiss. Well, you can guess again. I actually really need your advice. I've been having issues dealing with my sexuality lately and it's really getting on my nerves. A few nights ago, on Wednesday, my Mom found a file of…sexually orientated pictures of…men on my computer. She confronted me with printed copies of them. All 326 of them. She made me tell her exactly what I liked in each and every one of them. When I started crying, she slapped me in the face and told me to get my mind out of the influences of social media and back onto my schoolwork. She showed my Dad when he got home, and he made me go to the church all day Thursday and pray for God to forgive me. When I got to school, I was tempted to tell a friend about all of my struggles with my sexuality, but then I realized that I couldn't. There's no one in the whole school that would accept me being gay that doesn't already hate my guts. I want so badly to be able to be myself and still be accepted by everyone else, but I know it's impossible. So now I'm trapped with no way out.

Please help me, Kurt, I need it. I really do.



Kurt blinked back tears and smiled, typing up a reply. No matter how much pain he had inflicted on him, Dave Karofsky really wasn't such a bad guy. It was hard to admit it, but he could tell. Kurt couldn't hate someone who was so much like he was a year ago…so much like him in general. When he finished typing, he yawned and stretched, before going to the bathroom to brush his teeth and hair. He climbed into bed, where he pulled the thick comforter snuggly around his slender arms, and fell asleep gazing at the full moon. Little did he know Dave Karofsky was gazing at the same moon somewhere, dreaming of the feel of Kurt's soft lips against his.

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