Here for a Reason

Chapter 13 She Really is?

Spike woke up to kissing on his neck and chest then teeth pulling his earlobe.

"Buffy." He groaned.

Spike pulled his lover up by her blonde hair and kissed her gently.

"Morning, baby." She said smiling.

The vampire grinned right along with her until he remembered the flutter in her stomach. He couldn't help from being mad and jealous. And he didn't want it to be true.

"Don't baby me." he said annoyed.

The slayer pouted and looked into her lover eyes to try and read him but he looked away.

"Spike. What's wrong? Is it about you and Angel? What happened?" she asked trying to find out why her boyfriend was in a crappy mood.

"Nothing out of the ordinary, love. He's still in love with you and mad at me that I have you. Blah fucking blah." Spike said getting out of bed and searching for his pants when he noticed a paper under their door.

Spike walks to the door naked and opens it and notices two tubs with their names on it and opens the lid.

"What is it?" Buffy asked covering her naked chest with the blanket.

"Clothes." Spike said pulling them in and shutting the door. He opens his and rummages through it.

"Oh, goodie. Come back to bed."

Spike was to upset to lay back down he needed to punch something, he pull out a pair off black jeans and put them on. Buffy looked at him confused and a little hurt.

"Spike, will you please talk to me."

"You've only been with me right? The last two years.?"

"Uhm, yeah. Why?" Buffy asked more confused.

"Not even with Mr. Principle?"

Now Buffy was pissed, " Why would you ask me that?"

The knock at their door cut the conversation that was soon becoming an argument.

"Who the bloody hell is it?" Spike yelled pissed.

"Fred. I need to talk to ya'll."

"One sec." Spike grabbed one of his black shirts and handed it to Buffy, which she slipped on quickly. And ran her finger through her hair.

"Come in." Spike said taking a seat in a chair.

Fred walked in slowly just in case they weren't dressed.

"Its okay, Fred. We're decent." Buffy said sitting on the bed.

"Hi, glad to see your up Buffy." Buffy smiled in thanks. " Okay, straight to the business. When you first got here Angel had me take samples of yalls blood. And I would have had then back earlier but with the Demon Dog running loose…. Anyway, Buffy your uhm 3 weeks pregnant." Fred finally spat out.

"What?" Buffy stood up quickly.

"What the fuck? She really is? I thought you've only been with me?" Spike said pissed and hurt.

"I think I'm going to be sick." Buffy said running into the bathroom.

Spike was right behind her holding her hair and rubbing her back as she throw up.

"It's okay, baby." Spike said when he heard her start to sob.

"Really not the word you should be using right now." Buffy cried removing her head from the toilet.

Spike pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead. She looked up at him and hit his fairly bruised chest. " You bastard. I told you I loved you. Why would I sleep with someone else, asshole!" Buffy said in anger.

"Spike?" Fred said peering into the bathroom, "You are the father. I took some of your blood and went through some procedures, anyway you're the dad. I'll go set up an appointment with Wolfman and Hart." Fred said about to leave.

"Your bloody well not. I don't trust them." Spike said.

"Okay, But you need someone who knows how to deal with supernatural pregnancies. I'll see if Lorne knows anyone."

"Thanks, Fred."

"I'm sorry, pet. I've live for sodding ever I never thought, ever."

"Forgiven. But not forgotten. What did you mean by 'She really is?' and 'Not even Mr. Principle?'?" Buffy said annoyed.