Misha Collins found himself standing in a strange void wondering where the heck he was, the last thing he could remember was...

Suddenly, a strange symbol he vaguely remembered as being on the last episode he was working on burned itself into the air? before him. He felt an odd sucking feeling, and found himself being blown off his feet. When he landed - sprawled on a lawn somewhere - he found that he was in a park he remembered playing in when he was a kid.

Standing in front of him was...himself in costume?

While people were cleaning up after what was starting to be called the Supernatural Massacre, and asking themselves how and most importantly why, few people had time to ponder the strange tweet purportedly from Misha Collins that had appeared three days after his death.

Am in heaven. Met Castiel. He's a dick. it had said.

Several universes away, Misha didn't have time to ponder the tweet either, he was too busy playing on the monkey bars.