This piece was inspired by 'A World of Dreams' by The Joker's Got My Heart. When I read it I had so many of my own ideas that I had to write them down and next thing I knew I had my own version of the story.

If you want to read it, here's a link: .net/s/5576347/1/A_World_Of_Dreams



It was a shock for Alice to wake up in a hospital bed. It was even more of a shock when she was told that she had only been in that building for an hour.

It couldn't have been an hour! She had spent two days in Wonderland. Two days, not an hour!

It was the Looking Glass; it had to be the Looking Glass. It had put her back in her own world not long after she left… kind of like in 'Narnia'!

It wasn't till she was home and packing up the things she had used to search for her dad that she noticed it. She couldn't believe she hadn't noticed it before. The large green tattoo like mark on her arm was gone. Not even a faint trace of it left.

She heard Hatter's voice echo through her head. 'That's not going to come off… Sorry!'

"Well, it's off Hatter," she said grimly.

She realised that she didn't want it to be gone. Because if it was there it meant that everything that happened was really real.

Of course it was real, what was she thinking. There was no way that she could have imagined someone like Hatter. And Hatter had to exist. He had said he would visit her, she believed he would.

I mean with that terrible goodbye he had to see her again. She knew he would come, he cared for her. She knew he was trying to tell her that before she left. But he had been so far from caring for people for so long that he probably didn't know how to express it.

But he would come; she knew he would try all he could. Not enough people believed in Hatter, they underestimated him too much.

Days and weeks passed by, soon weeks turned into months. And no one came. She waited and tried to get on with her life, but she always hopped to turn around and see Hatter standing there with that cute dimpled grin.

Eventually she went back to the building, planning to go back through and see them all. But the Looking Glass was gone. She could feel her heart crack and splinter as she stared at the blank wall.

She did it, to stop her heart from breaking further and so she could just move on with her life. She had to.

Painfully, she told herself that it wasn't real. It had never happened.