Different Worlds


It was a relief to change out of that horrible monkey suit he'd been forced to wear for the ceremony.

…Hmm why is it a monkey suit? Monkeys didn't look like they were wearing a suit, penguins did, it should be a penguin suit!

Hatter looked around the room slightly disorientated. This place was so busy compared to Wonderland. Quite frankly he didn't have a clue what was going on. Big beetle like vehicles rolled on the roads below. It would take a while to get used to this place. But as long as this place hat three things he'd be happy.

One: Tea.

Two: Hats, the more kinds the better.

And three: The one thing he could never live without again, Alice.

He was standing in her room, wearing only a pair of jeans and a fedora, looking out the window when Alice walked in. she was still wearing the dress she wore to the ceremony and looked absolutely stunning. She joined him by the window and he wrapped his arms around her. He could see her trying not to look at the scars across his torso from the torture.

That all seemed so far away now. Wonderland had become a totally different world.

"You know I feel sorry for Duchess," he said. "Don't get me wrong, she's going to make a great Queen. But having to knight Charlie? What a mouthful! Sir Charles Eustace Fotheringhay Le Malvois III The Brave!"

"I'm glad he's a real knight now… speaking of which, how's my knight going?" she asked.

"Ugh, please don't call me that," Hatter begged. "I feel like a pomp!" Alice laughed and snuggled in closer to his chest.

"Can I call you 'My Knight in a Sexy Hat'?"

"Hmm… 'Sexy Hat', I can deal with that," he grinned. Then he spun her around in his arms and kissed her.

Hatter hand never believed in happy endings, nor had he ever believed in happy beginnings. To him life was destined to be bad from beginning to end and you just had to deal the best way you could.

But it didn't matter what he had believed. It didn't matter what world he was in, as long as Alice was with him, he would be happy.