Come Back

I love everything about you,
I don't know what to do.
Just think,
We would've been so great.
Only if we had a chance... now its too late...
I miss you.
Come back to me. Please...

Never Complete

I loved you.
You gave me goodbye.
I'm moving on, what else do I do?
I never thought of love as a lie.
I guess this was a big one...

I'm gone from your life.
It hurts more than being stabbed with a knife.
I knew that my sanity was right, but I kept holding on.
I'm completely out of your life, gone.

I didn't want any pain.
I only made it worse.
Now my heart is holding on to me with a chain.
My love song is forever a blank verse...

My love song.
Never existent, never strong.
You made it impossible for me to write.
I guess this feeling didn't shine too bright.

You knew how I felt.
And you did nothing to make it better.
You caused my heat to melt.
My life never finished her love letter.

Heart vs. Sanity

There was a battle and the champion lost.
Every part of wisdom has a cost.
Mine was a broken heart.
I never expected it to be torn apart.
Dear heart, please heal.
You are hard, but you are not made of steel.
My sanity was always right.
This love never shone too bright.

Last Choice

Here I am.
Standing on the very edge of the cliff...
I look at you, your eyes like gems.
I jump off. You say "only if"

But I don't hear the rest...
My only explanation is I'm too sick.
Too sick of you pretending, thinking you're the best.
It felt all way too quick...

I look down, suddenly scared.
I will fall and no one will catch me.
I am so unprepared.
Young forever... is that all I will ever be?

Three feet away from the hard, solid ground.
All the memories flash right there.
I'm starting to regret my last choice, turn the clock the other way around.
Where will I go now? Please tell me where..