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"Dean, that actor Misha is dead because of us," Sam said.

Dean shrugged. "He was as bad of an actor as we are. He probably got killed for tweeting. Whatever the hell that is," Dean said confused.

"Dean, tweeting is what you do on Twitter," Sam told him.

Dean looked at Sam stupidly. "What the hell is a Twitter?"

Sam made a face. "Apparently it's something big in this universe. Misha's fans on his Twitter account are called 'Minions'."

"Was called Minions," Dean said correcting him. "Wait a second. The guy actually had fans?" he said shocked.

"Uh, yeah surprisingly."

Sam laughed at the laptop screen.

"What?" Dean asked moving next to Sam to see what he was laughing about.

"The actor that plays Bobby, his followers are called Twigits."

Sam and Dean looked at each other. "That's actually pretty clever," Dean said impressed. "Hey, Sammy, you know what they'd be put together?"


"Twinions," Dean said smiling.

Sam gave his brother a look.

"That was funny!" Dean said.