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P.S.: To answer how Rex came back from the future will be me saying he was always here, okay, I don't care what happened in the show, I'm writing these things my way, so hopefully it won't offend no one, that's just how I do things.

Rex's P.O.V

I looked around me. The huge school in front of me was huge, of course. I thought middle school was horror, but I look so small compared to the other students. Fan girls were everywhere. I looked around some more, but all I can see are Rex Fans, all looking at me.

I thought about running inside the school, but then again, it must be locked. Suddenly, I heard Max's voice yell to me, "hey Rex!" He paused for a second and looked up. "Whoa" and I said "Yeah, where's Zoe," and Max said "It's either she's waiting for Maryann or Maryann is waiting for her."

I said "Hey knock it off you know that Zoe is faster than Maryann it's just that she has something on her mind that she can't stop thinking of."

"Yeah I know but your expressions on your face have to stop being so specific, and I know you love Zoe but you have to stop making it so obvious." Max said.

"Like when" I yelled.

"Yesterday at the beach instead of watching people drown you were looking at Zoe in the hotdog stand" Max recalled

"It's not my fault they don't know how to swim… and plus Zoe doesn't work at the hotdog stand she's a lifeguard just like me. Oh yeah and you're the one to talk, you let Maryann take all the money in the cash register that was for the school taxes, and she bought everything in stock while the other people suffered there, so now who's talking when you let your girlfriend take advantage of you?" I brought back.

"HEY, that's not her fault." He told me.

"Oh, yeah you're right, it was your fault." I corrected and smiled at my witty comeback.

I looked at what Max was wearing. "Ugh, Max. What the Dinosaurs Extinction are you wearing?" I asked.

He was wearing his Triceratops headband as usual, but he was also wearing an orange long sleeve shirt with yellow shorts.

"I ugh, couldn't find my uniform, and all my clothes were dirty so…," I shook my head as in 'no way.' But then I realized what Max wears, Maryann wears worse.

"YO REX, MAX, WE'RE HERE!" Enter Maryann, queen of complainers and Max's super bossy, ignorant, and hyper girlfriend, who apparently is also my friend.

She was wearing a white tank top… WAIT, A WHITE TANK TOP… IN AUTUMN?

Anyway, she was also wearing pink short shorts and a heavy metal bracelet. Her shoes were that of the school's uniform.

"W-what the?" I looked how bad she looked and how bad Max looked. Identical.

I then looked toward Zoe. She had the girl's school outfit on. A white and blue vested dress, instead of hers being short, it was long. She was wearing blue slipper shoes also.

My outfit was a long sleeve black shirt with a white short sleeved shirt. A really short sleeved shirt. My pants were black also and my shoes were regular black boots.

Zoe's hair was all down with no hair tie in it this time. She looked stunning, even if she was in her school outfit.

Suddenly, the bell rang.

I snapped out of my trace and followed the two lovebirds while walking beside Zoe.

"Well, y-you look good." I complimented my voice nervous. I think I was starting too sweet until I heard an all too familiar yell out, "W-WHAA! REXXY WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH… HER?" Jenny Meguro Asou yelled.

Okay, one her first name means White Wave or Fair, her middle name means Black Eye, and her last name means Marijuana Life.

So somehow, I don't think those names of hers fit her, well the last one I'm fine with. She's is NOT fair. She is NOT Black Eyed though I think she should be. She is most certainly HAVING a Marijuana Life.

"Hey," I started, "Fair B.E. Mari Lie." I finished. "For one to answer your question Zoe here is my FRIEND, therefore, I walk with her and to get out of your way, we will be going… now." I stated firmly, grabbing Zoe's arm and leading her into the school.

I felt my palms get sweaty at the touch. Her milky white smooth skin touching my rough skin almost made me sweat a lake, so it's a good thing I learned to control these kinds of things.

We entered our classroom which was not at all impressive in my tastes. I looked around to see a group of boys with a handful of girls sitting around the one guy I hate (Forgive my language), Nat Sass. He has a girlfriend named Missy Sippy but he cheats on EVERY girl. Too bad I can't walk right up to him and punch him good.

I glared at him and he turned toward me and glared with the same amount of poison as I was. He then turned his gaze toward Zoe. My blood was boiling with rage right about now and as much as I wanted to karate chop him, I couldn't.

I sat down next to Max and Zoe near Maryann, but closer to me.

I heard whispers at the back of my head. With the all too familiar voices from the group I so despise.

"Hey, look its Rexxy!"

"Really, oh wow he's cute."

"Nah, what about me Missy, you still love me, right baby?"

"Of course, but Rex Owen is adorable."

"So what, he can't hit a ball, nor can he catch one."

"Sports aren't everything, Nat."

"Hey bro, look at the pink haired goddess next to him."


"What, I'm just saying Cathy Batty."

"Yeah, she's a keeper."

"Nat you pig!"

"Just dump him already."

"Katherine you know I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"Cause Nat will go on and on about what we were and what we could be."

"He can't love you THAT much."

There I lost it.

I got up and walked over to Missy. "No, he can't love you that much."

She looked shocked.

I saw from the corner of my eye Nat getting up.

"If you didn't realize by now that he's the pig you say he is, then you got some really sore eyes to stay with him and for the matter, be WITH him." I told her.

She thought about it.

I saw from the corner of my eye that Jenny entered with her group, and Nat was walking toward me.

"Missy baby, don't listen to the wimp, you know I love you."

I rolled my eyes and leaned in to whisper, "He cheats on you for every girl he sees, if you don't believe me, look at the SuparGossipMHS-MTROAZDMS home page and see the latest." I then backed up and sat down at my seat.

If you must know, the SuparGossipMHS-MTROAZDMS is what Maryann thought up. It has the latest, as the title says, gossip about our high school which would enter the longer side of the title: Super Gossip Mahoney High School- Max Taylor Rex Owen Ancient Zoe Drake Maryann Sugar.

On it for the latest is Nat making out with Jenny. I gagged at the time I took the picture.

The teacher came in and we all settled down.

Today's not going to be easy.