Detective Conan x OOO: Hunt For The Medals Of Power

Welcome to my 2nd Detective Conan fic, and I hope that this fic would meet up to your expectations as I'll be doing another experimental fic after my first DC fic, "Search For The Mysterious Medals". While that fic features Shinichi Kudo teaming up with another detective anime protagonist, Hajime Kindaichi, this fic will solely focus on Shinichi Kudo himself, though he'll be in a situation that you won't expect to see.

As stated in the summary, he'll be in a comatose state after the events of my previous fic though the reason for this will be slowly explained. This time, he'll be teaming up with an OC who would fill in his shoes while keeping an eye on a "reluctant ally" who will play an IMPORTANT role to Shinichi's situation. You'll soon find out why and how this happened…

So without further ado…here's chapter 1!



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At Professor Hiroshi Agase's laboratory, Agase is sweat-dropping at the scene before him as an assemble of people are standing, all looking in a calm, yet surprising looks at what they just witnessed. Shinichi Kudo is standing before them with a monster-looking right hand holding a dead Black Organization cannon fodder while his hair is "spiked up" like a Super Saiyan, with Kyuji Hino looking on, he is at loss for words as to how he would explain to Yusaku and Yukiko Kudo, Shinichi's parents, while Ran Mori also looks on, as she has no idea how to tell them that Shinichi is barely alive with the monster right hand possessing Shinichi's body to keep him alive.

"Is that really Shinichi, dear…?"

"I think so, Yukiko…even though his hair style's different…that face shows that he is our son…"

The monster hand that possessed Shinichi's body, a creature named Ankh, looks on in a neutral expression as he stood there looking like he is unconcerned about what others think while Kyuji is worried about where this would lead to, knowing that Ankh has quite a bad temper but he has to try and think of something to quell off the tension.

"Oh boy…this will surely took a while for them to understand the current situation…"

He mentally looks back six months ago as to how this all started when an incident at the Kougami Museum went horribly out of hand…


Six months ago…

Everything started when Kyuji began working as a part-time security guard at the Kougami Foundation which he got hired immediately just as Shinichi Kudo and Hajime Kindaichi have retrieved the chest and the artifacts from members of the Black Organization which Shinichi narrowly escaped being recognized knowing that one of the BO members may be the one who made him drink the unknown drug that regressed his body to childhood, thus he has to keep his existence as Shinichi a secret.

"Hmm…so you used to travel around the world, huh? What made you decided to come back here and find work?"

"Er…I ran out of money…"

"And you…don't have a permanent address…?"

"Um…yeah…after my grandfather died…he incurred a lot of debt so I had to sold our house…and since I don't have any other relatives…so…I decided to use the money I saved to travel…got lots of job…but after getting embroiled in a civil war overseas…well…that's how I ended up back here…well…if I'm not qualified…then I'll go look for other jobs elsewhere…"

"Fine…fine…you can start immediately…the uniform's over there…"

"Ah…thank you…thank you…"

"You're welcome…(just get your cute face out of my sight…)"



And so Kyuji began to start working on his first day, and things went well for him as he is assigned to guard a chest where the artifacts, which are the ancient medals from an unknown history dated 800 years ago, had just been placed there after the heroic efforts of Kindaichi and Shinichi. However, the Black organization members, Gin and Vodka, are eyeing the place after secretly following the two teen detectives who escorted the REAL deliverymen in bringing the chest at the Kougami Museum, which is a division of the Kougami foundation.

"So that's where they placed the chest…then we should stake it out tonight…?"

"No, Vodka…we do this carefully…Bourbon's method won't work now…and I'm getting a feeling that someone is unto us as that someone seem to have anticipated our efforts like a few weeks ago, when someone placed that bug inside the chest…and then this Kindaichi kid interfered along with someone…and there he used a tranquilizer dart and a sleeping gas…lucky for us Vermouth managed to spring us out…or we'd get captured…so now we'll have to time our efforts carefully…"

"How about this, Gin? Why not send someone to pose as a guard and there he can survey the place so we can tell whether we could spring out the chest or not…at least we won't have to physically get ourselves involved should things go wrong…"

"Fine…but better make sure you compose yourself…and no more imaginations about this flying hand…"

"But…it's true…I saw it…"

"I said knock it off, Vodka!"


And so in the next few days, Vodka sent a pair of hired hands to pose as applicants to get a job at the Kougami Museum and thanks to the fake credentials they showed, the two fakers are hired and are working alongside Kyuji as security guards and they quickly befriended him just to get information, though they failed as Kyuji had no knowledge on where the chest full of medals are hidden until one of them secretly looked around until he finds it, and then conveyed it to the other.

"Psst…I found the chest…just like Gin and Vodka described it to us…"

"Good…we tell him later when our shifts are up…"

By the end of the day, the two fakers left once it was dismissal time and they contacted Gin and Vodka, telling them the chest's whereabouts and there the two BO members told the two underlings to use any methods necessary to get the chest and medals out without setting off the alarm and if they succeeded, they'll be financially rewarded. The two underlings nodded and they started to work on their plans to put things in motion.


A week later, one morning, Juzo Megure was driving his car when he accidentally saw Shinichi removing his wig and shades and immediately recognizes him and decided to give him a ride as well as to ask him what he has been doing after not hearing from him for so long, and as they drive along, the two exchanged pleasantries until he noticed the watch that the teen detective is wearing and recognized the watch as a tranquilizer dart and it was the same as the one Conan is using. As he glanced at the teen, Shinichi was silent for a while until he began a serious conversation.

"Inspector Megure…do you trust me…?"

"You know I do…"

"Can I trust you with my life…?"

"Of course…hey, don't scare me like that…"

"Then buckle up at what I'm about to tell you…and please keep this between us…"

Megure listens with intent and seriousness after hearing Shinichi's story on why he has been hiding all this time and showing only in sporadic times and why he had to roam around as Conan, which he is sure that if anyone within the Black Organization finds out that he is still alive, he/she might hunt him down and force-feed him with the same poison and/or worse, might do the same to anyone he is connected to, including Ran Mori.

"I see…so that's why you showed up after the fake inspector took off with chest…but…if you said you have been regressed to a child…how does this explain your current…"


Megure stared wide-eyed as Shinichi willed himself to physically change into his "child form" then back to his "normal" form. Shinichi then explained that he gave Professor Agase his blood sample and he is able to come up wityh a formula to supposedly counteract the poison's effect, but it instead altered it, giving Shinichi the ability to switch between his and Conan's form.

"You're so lucky…so far it's Agase and me who know of this…?"

"Yes, Inspector…so please keep this a secret until the Black Organization falls…"



As this developed, the two underlings who work for Vodka are now setting their plans in motion as they secretly drugged Kyuji Hino's drink an hour ago and the 18-year old is sedated and asleep, so now they are working to get the chest to open, and there they found the medals there, all are placed in, and they began to load them inside four separate sacks, and then the other saw another chest and he opened it, which he finds what appeared to be a stone-like box.

"Hey…check this out…"

"Forget it…we're told to get the silver coins…or medals…whatever…they're worth a fortune…"

"Give me a minute, will you…?"

"Just help me load these motherf- -ker itens into the sacks…!"


As the two fake guards are loading the coin-like medals, the enigmatic right hand, Ankh, came, having managed to sneak his way in after sensing the aura of the medals. Seeing that the two guards are busy loading the coin-like medals, Ankh went to the stone-like box to get something, and the fake guard unknowingly went to the box and placed the sack on top, knocking Ankh aside, yet the monster hand was able to get something, which appeared to be a relic-like item, and then the fake guard opened the stone box, which contained several colored coin-like medals.

"Hey…check these out…colored medals! They might worth bigger!"

"Geez…what good if they're colored? Unles they're made of gold…I say we focus on these coins…"

"Come on…I'm sure Gin and Vodka would be pleased if we showed these to them…who knows…they might be interested…"

"Just drop those colored things and concentrate on these ones…okay?"

As the two fake guards bicker among themselves, Ankh recovered and realized what the two fakers are up to, and secretly went inside the stone-like box, grabbing some of the colored medals, but then he backed away as the sack of medals began to react and moved on its own, and the fake guards stared wide-eyed in surprise as the three other sacks, where they placed the medals, began to vibrate and flew out.

"Hey…what is this?"

"Do you suppose…that they're cursed…haunted…?"

"Don't scare me like that!"

"Waaahhh! Look!"

The medals began to assemble themselves into four human-like individuals and the colored medals came out of the stone-like box and merged with the four separate bodies of medals and there they began to assume individual forms and started to move towards the two guards, which the two began to cower in fear. Unknown to everyone inside, a CCTV camera saw the footage of the situation and this in turn causes the head security of the Kougami Foundation to send their own security team to head towards the museum in secret and barged in, where a squadron of armed security team, led by Shintaro Gotoh, to intercept the four awakened entities.

"This is Gotoh of the Squad Platoon…Sir Kougami, it's just like you said…the medals have awakened and assume corporeal forms…about four of them…what are your orders…?"

The scene shift to the head office of the Kougami Foundation, where its president and CEO, Kousei Kougami,is baking a cake and receives he radio call from Gotoh and then he gives him his reply.

"Eliminate them."

With the reply, Gotoh led his squadron to open fire at the four medal-formed bodies as the two fake guards began to make a run for it amid the gunfire, but then the two paused for a while to see the four medal-infused bodies to glow, each with a colored aura emanating, one in green, blue, yellow and gray, and they now assumed their visual forms, which terrified the two hired hands of Vodka.


"A feline, aquatic, a gorilla and an insect-looking monsters! We weren't told of this!"

"Forget it! Let's just get the hell out of here!"

And so the firefight began as the four of the entities began to plow their way through the squadrons, and managed to get out of the building and then dispersed into several hundred medals and went into four separate areas with the squadron in pursuit. Nearby, Megure and Shinichi heard of the noise and glanced at each other, wondering what the ruckus is about. Sensing trouble, Shinichi suggested that they head for the scene, which the senior inspector agreed to.

A few minutes later, they arrived, much to their surprises.

"Shinichi…isn't that…"

"The museum that belonged to the Kougami Foundation…and that's where the medals are stored…"


Nearby, Gin and Vodka are surprised to see the bruised goons coming back to them empty-handed, but they are now starting to take them seriously after hearing their explanation as one of the two showed to him the footage taken on his cellphone and there Gin glances at Vodka and showed to him the footage.

"You said this monster hand…it absorbs medals, right? Kind of like this?"

"Something like that…but I didn't expect to see those…"

"You two…get your bruises treated…and lie low…and wait for our call…we'll ask our superiors about this…"

Gin and Vodka left as the two goons are leaving as well, unable to get their pay after the unexpected incident at the Kougami Museum which disrupted their work to sneak out the medals and now they are clueless as to what to do next.

To Be Continued…

Hope you like the opening of this fic where Shinichi is now possessed by the monster hand and being confronted by Shinichi's parents…and with this secret exposed, the Kudo family are in a fix on how to deal with this matter…

But in the rest of this chapter shows the events that transpired six months ago and what secret lies within the medals, and now the Black Organization is starting to think twice about going after the medals after seeing the footage on the goon's cellphone…and how to deal a threat that poses more of a threat than the police or Shinichi…

Kyuji Hino is an OC which is inspired from Kyuu Renjou, the main protagonist of the manga/anime, Detective School Q…


The next chapter will show you what will happen to Shinchi Kudo and what role does the monster hand, Ankh, play in Shinichi's predicament as the four entities made of medals began to terrorize the city…


Okay…here is the list of characters of the three series involved, so you'll know…

Detective Conan

- Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa

- Juzo Megure

- Gin

- Vodka

- Bourbon

Kamen Rider OOO

- Kousei Kougami

- Erika Satonaka

- Shintaro Gotoh

- Ankh