Hunt For The Mystical Medals

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Many thanks to those who reviewed this fic, I really appreciated it and this gave me inspiration to work on the next chapter and here the current story arc is ongoing…and here you will see the aftermath of what happened following the previous chapters…and how this affects the side characters of Detective Conan…now that the unexpected has happen…which would puts out heroes in a pinch…

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Seeing an abandoned pushcart, Kogoro uses it to push it towards the two Pterodactyl Yummies, which momentarily distracted them, as the two Yummies simply shove it aside, but the distraction gave the three men enough time to get away, and there Ankh gave Kyuji another set of three Core Medals and told him to maximize the time, which Kyuji nodded, as he removed the three Core Medals from the Medal Driver before slotting in three new ones before scanning them with the Medal Driver.


Assuming GataKiriBa Combo, Os is getting ready, and he realized that he has one shot at this and can't afford to get hit by the two Yummies' blasts or he would be forcibly reverted back to normal, and there he uses the Batta Medal's ability to leap quite high, prompting the two Pterodactyl Yummies to give chase, slightly surprised to see that Os still has enough left to put up a fight.

"Not bad…"

"That one puts up quite a fight…"


"Too bad he will meet his end…"

"Of course. For everything comes to an end…including his life…"

"Shall we slay him?"

"Of course."

"Then let's do it."

Seizing the chance, Toudou and Gotoh took out another Cell Medal and slots it into their Birth Drivers, transforming into Kamen Riders Birth and Proto-Birth respectively, and there Os Gata-Kiri-Ba uses the power of the Kuwagata Medal which electricity blasts from the Kuwagata horns on his helmet shoots out and struck the two Pterodactyl Yummies, managing to keep them back.

Birth and Proto-Birth uses the chance to take out several Cell Medals and slots them into the Birth-Drivers, activating the Breast Cannons and powering them up, and once charged with enough power, the two Kamen Riders opened fire, hitting one of the Pterodactyl Yummies, managing to weaken it while Os kept the other busy, and there Birth and Proto-Birth kept on firing until managing to destroy the Pterodactyl Yummy.

Seeing this, Toudou told Gotoh that they should use the same tactic on the other Yummy, which the latter agreed as this is one chance they can't afford to waste.



"We just took down that Yummy! Let's use the same tactic on the other!"

"Couldn't agree more…"

"Come on…let's use this chance!"


"Okay! Let's do this!"


Shiho, Ran and Kogoro are watching and felt relieved that Os and the two Births are winning, though Ankh told them not to celebrate early as he reminded them that for some reason the Pterodactyl Yummy has the ability to nullify a Core Medal's power, and hence, Os and the two Births must make the first strike and not give the Pterodactyl Yummy the chance to strike, or else they would be the ones getting pinned.

"Be on the look out! The battle isn't over yet!"




"Until that Yummy is destroyed…Kyuji and the others are still in a pinch."




Anything Goes! by Maki Ohguro
(Opening song of Kamen Rider OOO)

You count the medals: 1, 2 and 3
Life goes on, Anything goes, Coming up OOO)

iranai motanai yume mo minai
FUREE na joutai... sore me ii kedo
(kokkara hajimaru The show we're waiting for
Count the medals: 1, 2 and 3)

unmei wa kimi hottokanai
kekkyoku wa susumu shika nai
(michi naru tenkai Give me energy
Count the medals: 1, 2 and 3)

daijoubu. ashita wa itsudatte Blank
jibun no kachi wa jibun de kimeru mono sa


Come on! Anything Goes! sono kokoro ga atsuku naru mono
mitasareru mono wo sagashite
Life goes on! honki dashite tatakau no naru
makeru ki shinai hazu!

Ch. 167: Murasaki no medaru, kyōryū, chimei-tekina konbo part 7

Meanwhile, the scene shifts at the Kougami Foundation, where Kougami and Satonaka watched the events unfold via the monitor where it is shown that a Candroid is recording the scene, and there Satonaka appeared worried upon seeing the Pterodactyl Yummies in action, as well as seeing what the two Yummies can do after displaying the ability to nullify a Core Medal's power, as well as being able to nullify a Cell Medal's power, after seeing the Pterodactyl Yummy cancelling the three Kamen Riders' transformation.

And though seeing that Toudou and Gotoh managed to take down the Pterodactyl Yummy, they are going to deal with the other Pterodactyl Yummy that is still standing, and this time the two Births need to make a precise strike at the right moment as Os would also need to make a move and prevent the remaining Pterodactyl Yummy from striking of the three Kamen Riders are to defeat it.

Kougami was observing the events and slowly deduces that this must be the power of the purple Core Medals, as it seemingly acts as an antithesis to the Core Medals, which made Satonaka stare in apprehension and asked Kougami if the purple Core Medals are really that dangerous, which Kougami just rubbed his chin while thinking.



"You can't be serious…!"


"Those kind of Core Medals really…?"


"What about Hino?"


Satonaka then asked how this would affect the chain of events given that half of the purple Core Medals are in Maki's possession while the other half of the purple Core Medals are inside Kyuji's body, which Kougami said that all they can do now is wait and see how the next events play out, though Satonaka pointed out that given that the purple Core Medals' power can nullify the powers of the Core Medals, how would this affect Kyuji, which Kougami said that things will be okay.

"Are you serious, president?"


"But what if that dinosaur-type Yummy got to Hino, Toudou and Gotoh? And what if something happens…"

"I am confident that they will overcome any adversity. Let us observe what would happen next. I am sure that the results would go in our favor."

"Really, president?"

"Yes, Satonaka."




The scene shifts back to the park where Os uses the power of the Gata-Kiri-Ba Combo and made several duplicates of himself, where eight of them held onto the remaining Pterodactyl Yummy while eight more are getting ready as the original uses the Medal Scanner to activate the Scanning Charge, just as Birth and Proto-Birth charged up their Breast Cannons to fire a full charge blast, and there Os told Birth and Proto-Birth to fire everything they got.

"Toudou! Gotoh!"



"On my mark…fire everything you got!"



"Do it!"


"Got it!"

Ran, Shiho and Kogoro watches on, and they feel that Kyuji and the others are winning, though Ankh wasn't excited as he is observing the battle and had a feeling that this would not be an easy victory, as aside from seeing a dinosaur-based Yummy for the first time, he believe that a dinosaur-based Greed is awakened, and yet it hasn't appeared, thus he sensed that this new Greed is lurking somewhere, and told the others not to celebrate yet.

Kogoro raised an eyebrow when told the reason why, and this made him realize that Ankh is right, and told the girls not to feel confident yet as they need to see if Kyuji and the others could defeat the remaining Pterodactyl Yummy.

"Girls…he is right…"



"If what Ankh say is right…this might just be the start of a new situation…"

"Daddy…are you…?"

"You're serious, Detective Mori?"




Ankh's apprehension was realized as the Pterodactyl Yummy made its move as it discharged its energy which struck Os, nullifying and cancelling his transformation and the duplicates he made were also cancelled, then grabbed Kyuji as they switched position where he is in front, causing the two Births to hold off their attacks as they cannot directly fire their Breast Cannons without risking in hitting Kyuji.

"Gotoh! Ceasefire!"


"We can't attack! That Yummy is holding Hino on the front!"

"Blast! We can't risk hitting him!"

"That Yummy is really cunning…!"

"We got to do something!"

"We'll have to modify our approach…!"


As this happens the Pterodactyl Yummy began to strangle Kyuji hard and is ready to use its beak to stab its prey's neck in preparation to kill him, causing Ran and Shiho to get worried and prompted them to charge, but Ankh and Kogoro held them back, telling them that it is dangerous to go charging in.

Birth and Proto-Birth saw this and decided to risk everything as they cannot stand by and watch Kyuji get killed, and there Birth tells Proto-Birth to fire the full-charged Breast Cannon while he would try to yank Kyuji away from the Pterodactyl Yummy, so as to give Proto-Birth the timing he needs to damage the Yummy.

"Gotoh…I'll try to pull Hino away…then you open fire!"

"Huh? But I might…"

"I'll risk it all! We got to defeat that Yummy and save Hino!"


"There's no time! It's now or never!"


"We got to do this!"


As Birth slots a Cell Medal into the Birth-Driver, he activated the Caterpillar Leg, which causes his armored feet to have tank threads and wheeled forward to try getting Kyuji away from the Pterodactyl Yummy, but then something unexpected took place as three of the five purple Core Medals mysteriously came out from Kyuji's body, exhibiting a different aura of energy and struck the Yummy, releasing Kyuji.

Then the three purple Core Medals went towards the Medal Driver, ejecting the Kuwagata, Kamakiri and Batta Medals out, then slots itself inside before the Medal Scanner moved by itself and scans the three purple Core Medals and evoking a transformation.


Kyuji unwillingly transformed into Kamen Rider Os, only this time his form is different as he has whitish armor with some purple linings in front of his armored thighs while his outer armor is quite bulky as his chest emblem, having the faces of a pterodactyl, triceratops and tyrannosaurus, was large, having armored gloves whose fingertips are sharp, having armored wing-like ornaments from his back and armored boots.

Os gained the Putotyra Combo, and there Birth and Proto-Birth stared wide-eyed in surprise as they never seen this before, and wondered if this is due to the purple Core Medals inside Os' body after seeing him transforming involuntarily, prompting them to observe first before doing anything.

There Os Putotyra Combo screamed in a feral way as he grabbed the Pterodactyl Yummy and throttled it around, punching and kicking the Yummy back and forth, causing a rather terrifying scene based on how Os in Putotyra Combo fight the Yummy, and there Kogoro asked Ankh if he has ever seen that kind of form before, which the latter deny, and said that based on how Os reacted at this time, he said that the purple Core Medals within Os is very dangerous.

"Huh? Are you saying…?"

"Yeah…am you saw it just now…"


"Those purple Core Medals are controlling Kyuji."


"Those medals…they're dangerous…"

"How…who would…"


As Ankh feared, Os fought the Yummy in such a manner that he shows with beast-like ferocity, as the Pterodactyl Yummy flew up to the sky in an effort to get some space, but the power of the Pterodactyl Medal enabled Os some flight capabilities as pterodactyl wings appeared on the sides of Os' helmet and flew up and caught up with the Yummy, and there the power of the Triceratops Medal is activated as triceratops horns appeared on Os' armored shoulders and stabbed the Yummy before hurling it towards the ground.

Upon landing, Os mindlessly punched the ground before grabbing something, which is a purple-colored battle ax which has a beast-like face, which the weapon is known as the Medagabryu, and there Os mindlessly attacked the Yummy with reckless abandon. The attack causes the Pterodactyl Yummy to BLEED Cell Medals, and there Os took one and opened the MOUTH of the Medagabryu and inserted the Cell Medal inside before closing the MOUTH, causing the Medagabryu's EYES to GLOW, and there Os performed a powerful slash attack which killed the Yummy before being reduced to a few Cell Medals.

And in a sudden turn of events, Os in Putotyra Combo turn his attention towards Birth and Proto-Birth before charging forward and attacked them, and the two realized that Os is not himself, and they are forced to evade Os as they couldn't attack directly without risking to injure Kyuji, and there Birth told Proto-Birth to fire the Breast Cannon to at least snap Os back to himself.

"Blast! Gotoh, evade as much as you can!"

"What's happening?"

"Hino is not himself!"


"Those purple Core Medals...I think they're controlling him!"

"Blast! We got to remove them!"

"I doubt that would work!"


As Proto-Birth began charging up the Breast Cannon, Os continue to swing the Medagabryu wildly as Birth tried to evade it but soon he was pinned down and Os is ready to strike, causing everyone to stare in horror, but in a miraculous turn of events, Os' transformation was involuntarily negated and Kyuji reverted back to normal before slumping to the ground, and there the rest checked on Kyuji while Ankh picks up the Kuwagata, Kamakiri and Batta Medals as he watched the unconscious Kyuji.

He is concerned about the purple Core Medals as he sensed that something is different about those medals which made him feel uneasy.

To Be Continued...

Hope you liked this chapter of the current story arc, as terror gripped in it's core as the two mysterious Yummies appeared gain the upper hand as they put our heroes in a pinch…but in an unexpected turn of events, Os mysteriously gained a new form and defeated the Pterodactyl Yummy…only to find out that it is a double-edged sword as Os would go out of control and nearly killed Gotoh before his transformation was involuntarily cancelled.

Either way, this story arc concluded, and we now move forward…


The next chapter commences a new story arc…as more revelations about the power of the purple Core Medals is slowly being revealed…and what role would they play in…especially when facing the Greed…

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